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Best WordPress Themes for an Educational Blog


Do you know the name of the best WordPress education theme? With the advancement of technology and the internet, a lot of new blogs and websites have been developed for students and teachers. Their content is always up to the mark, informative and engaging. But if the website is not designed properly, the number of visitors cannot be increased at any cost.

Here we have a comprehensive list of best themes for your paid or free WordPress blog.

  1. Divi

Unlike an ordinary WordPress education pluginor theme, Divi has a lot to offer to you in terms of quality, consistency, and reliability. This theme is easy to install and comes with all fundamental tools you may need for your professional website. It can be downloaded from the internet, and allow you to craft worthwhile pages free of cost. Unfortunately, the theme is available in only a few languages and is not suitable for news outlets. Plus, the templates Divi offer are limited in number, but the overall reviews of this theme are still satisfactory. Some of its versions are responsive, while the others are irresponsive.

  1. Jevelin

For your WordPress education website or blog, Javelin is a reliable, sleek, responsive and robust theme. It is a multipurpose product suitable for both basic and advanced sites and blogs. Javelin comes in both free and paid versions. The free version has a limited number of features, while its paid version can unlock plenty of premium quality templates, icons, and options for you. Besides these benefits, the major disadvantage of Jevelin is that it is packed with sophisticated shortcodes, which may cause problems for blog owners during the installation. In addition, the theme has a few colors to choose from and sometimes ruins the entire look of your site if you add a lot of slideshows.

  1. CheerUp

For all types of educational blogs and writing websites like customessayorder.com, CheerUp is a responsive, clean and marvelous theme. It is famous among magazine owners and is easy to install. The theme is packed with numerous icons, widgets, and features. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of font sizes and colors. It’s safe to say that CheerUp has a fresh, new design, but many of its widgets look odd and are out of context, especially when you use this theme on food, fashion or tech blog. Overall, this theme is trusted by plenty of people due to its typographical kit that helps you speak of your mind with great clarity and eloquence.

  1. Soledad

For any free WordPress blogor website, Soledad is the right kind of WordPress theme. It is visually stunning, has a user-friendly interface, and comes with plenty of widgets and icons. Soledad is capable of giving a lively look to your ordinary website. You can choose from its different versions and pay the fee accordingly, which is something from $60 to $200, depending on the theme you choose. The only disadvantage of this theme is that it provides webmasters with a limited number of options to control or edit their websites. It means once your site is built, you cannot change its look, fonts, and colors again and again.

  1. Typology

You do not need to do any WordPress course to know about Typology. It is a simple and easy to use a theme that helps you edit your content and give it an appealing look. This theme is perfect for those who want to add lots of photos to their sites. You can give your articles bigger and better look by inserting as many photos as possible, thanks to this theme for making adjustments automatically. Unfortunately, it is not customizable and may make your homepage look odd. Plus, Typology comes with only a few layouts and may not be suitable for extensively large websites.

  1. Gillion

For all educational websites for students, Gillion is a minimalist and amazing theme. It is easy to install and can be customized according to your desires. The theme possesses great features and allows you to edit the content of your entire website effortlessly. When it comes to talking about the disadvantages of this theme, we’d like to say that it is quite expensive and may not suit people looking to establish private blogs or websites. Plus, Gillion offers a limited number of layouts and its settings are difficult to understand by an ordinary person.

  1. MagPlus

MagPlus is one of the most creative, responsive themes for your blog WordPress. It is compatible with almost all websites, and some of its prominent features are great customization, plenty of fonts and colors to choose from, excellent visual representation, dozens of sliders and over 14 templates. However, the theme’s cost may not fit your budget, which is something around $500. Plus, it comes with only a few header styles and sometimes increases the bounce rate of your site.

  1. Morning Time

Morning Time is best known for its refreshing and well-versed look. This theme is suitable for both blogs and professional websites. Given that it comes in both free and paid versions, you can view its demo video to be assured of the quality before making the right decision. The disadvantage of this theme is that it can extensively increase the loading speed of your site, which will eventually reduce its number of visitors. Plus, the design is simpler than any other WordPress theme available on the internet.


We must admit that the internet has loads of themes – both paid and free – but many of them are good for nothing. It is up to you whether you want to buy a premium quality theme or are looking for a free version. But let me here tell you that the theme you choose will help you generate lots of revenues from Google AdSense if your site contains informative content, and its theme and widgets are user-friendly.


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