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5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play


The world of gaming is filled with some of the best games that you can imagine. Some of the most popular games today are over 15 years old, which speaks volumes when it comes to the quality of the good story.

With new amazing games coming out basically every month, it’s easy to forget some of the classics, the gems that introduced most of us to the world of gaming.

In order to not let that happen, I’ve prepared a list of 5 classic games that you should definitely check out.

All of them are great games, and the video game industry wouldn’t have been able to become what it is without them. With that in mind, let’s begin.

1. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play

Morrowind is probably one of the most important games when it comes to this industry. Definitely one of the most important when it comes to RPG games, which is one of the more popular subgenres right now.

It’s not the first one to feature an open world or even role-playing. However, it did bring a new way of playing these games, by emphasizing more on the side quests and exploration, and less on the main questline.

In fact, after completing your first task upon starting the game and reporting to a superior officer, he actually encourages you to go out and explore and return when you gather some experience.

This was the first time that the game left you without a quest, and told you to just go and do whatever you want.

There are tons of side quests, different factions, interesting characters, skills and play styles for you to explore and adapt to.

And of course, the land of Morrowind is extremely alien and unusual due to giant mushrooms, dangerous swamps, and a ton of amazing, fictional wildlife. It is probably one of the best games of all time, and definitely a classic.

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2. Hitman 2: Blood Money

5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play

Many of you are probably already more than familiar with the Hitman series. Throughout many different installments, you take on a role of Agent 47, a highly-trained, deadly clone assassin with a bald head, and a bar-code on the back of his head.

He’s a master of disguise and a creative assassin that’s able to adapt and find the best ways to eliminate his targets. Blood Money brought a lot of new factors to this already incredible game.

For example, this is the first game where you actually got the ability to hide bodies, make kills look like accidents, and alike. This inspired players to think outside of the box, and finish their assignments without firing a single bullet.

This method of playing the games was even more encouraged in the later installments, but they were not a part of any of the previous Hitman games.

I could talk about this game for hours, but what’s important is to say that Blood Money gave this franchise a more modern approach.

It has inspired gamers to be creative about completing their tasks, instead of just walking in, guns blazing. Definitely a game worth playing, even today.

3. Diablo II

5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play

Diablo II definitely deserves its place among the classics. This is an action role-playing game, but with a much darker fantasy world, and a lot of horror elements.

The goal of the game is to uncover the truth about Diablo, who managed to possess the hero of the previous game, Diablo I. The story is divided into four different acts, with each of them being set in different surroundings.

The players are given a certain amount of quests in each act that are connected to the main story. However, they can also go on their own and explore extra caves and dungeons, which allow them to gather experience and build up their character.

When it comes to the character, you get to choose one of the several classes, each with different powers and skills. You unlock these powers by gathering experience, which in turn comes from fighting and slaying demons and other monsters.

The game has its own story, its own lore, and many secrets that need uncovering, as well as tons of enemies that need defeating.

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4. Mortal Kombat

5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play

As you might have guessed from the title, this is a fighting game series and one that features a lot of fantasy, as well as horror elements. Mortal Kombat has traveled a long way from an arcade game, and it has developed an entire culture around itself. It inspired comics, films, and many, many games on pretty much every platform that exists.

The game takes place in a universe which consists of eighteen realms, each home to strong and dangerous fighters. Naturally, with that much power within, each of the realms has only one goal, and that is to conquer the other realms.

They can only do this through a tournament that features fights to the death, as decreed by the Elder Gods, the creators of the realms.

After that, most of it is just fighting, with each character having their own set of powers and abilities. The games from these series are very fun to play, and the fatalities are something that you should see for yourself.

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5. Doom 3

5 Biggest Video Game Classics That Everyone Should Play

Doom 3 is a survival horror first-person shooter, which has also inspired a lot of sequels, spin-offs, movies, and more. The popularity of this game is amazing, and a lot of us remember it quite fondly, even to this day.

The game is story-driven, with the main goal being to survive tons of enemies, and beating each level on the way. You figure out the plot and your mission by reading e-mails, notes, and talking to NPC’s whom you meet throughout the game.

There are many different weapons, some of which are quite impressive, and all of them are there to help you kill off zombies, demons, and all kinds of different Hell-spawns.

The game is relatively linear, and the thing you’ll end up doing most of the time is figuring out what is going on, and shooting everything in sight.

Also, all of this is happening on Mars, so there’s that. It’s a fun game that will definitely keep you on your toes, and provide you with multiple hours of intense gameplay, so make sure to check it out.