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9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders

In today’s busy lifestyle, where to sit idle for a few minutes is considered a luxury, it is nearly impossible for people to remember the due dates for their bills and then pay them.

But, forgetting the dates when a certain bill is due will most definitely lead to late payment fees and not only this but other consequences such as a household without electricity, or a mobile phone without connection.

This is where bill reminder apps come in, these apps help you to save the dates for your bill payments and set reminders for when a payment needs to be made.

Not only this but certain bill reminder apps also help you to maintain, monitor, and track your spending on a weekly or yearly basis. 

So here we have a list of some of the best bill reminder apps for our readers to go through and know about the variety of options they can choose from according to the compatibility of their phone and their convenience. Without any further delay let’s get straight into our list of bill reminder apps. 

Best Bill Reminder Apps: Our Top Pick đź‘Śđź‘Ś

1. Spending Tracker

First up in our list of bill reminder apps is Spending Tracker. Offered by MH Riley Ltd. updated on the 17th of June 2021, this app is extremely user-friendly, the best feature being the instant entry of expenses, which makes it quick and super time efficient.

Spending Tracker App Demo (Android)

The app is compatible with both Android as well as iOS platforms making it accessible to users with a variety of devices.


1. A fascinating feature of the app is its budget mode, by switching to this mode you can set a daily, weekly, or monthly budget and then try spending by that budget to monitor and reduce expenditure. 

2. Any unwanted record of bills can be easily deleted and new bills can be added at any time the user feels like. 

3. Every unpaid bill has an option of the mark as paid right next to it, this way whenever a payment is made it can be marked, hence the chances to have confusion are minimized. 

4. Multiple accounts can be created such as personal and business accounts and the expenses could be separately logged for each account. 

5. The aesthetics of the app are pretty amazing as well, the app creates visually pleasing charts of income and expenditure. 

6. The app automatically syncs all your data to other Android you have linked, thus helping to keep a constant backup of the data. The data can also be backed up to Dropbox. 

7. These bills, income, and expenditure are also displayed as widgets, this makes them nearly impossible to miss or ignore.

8. There is an interesting feature known as the summary mode in which the entire summary of spending of the user is displayed. It shows the current balance in the user’s account along with all the expenditures and also shows the total income and earnings. 

9. This app has a rating of 4.6 stars on the play store and requires an Android 5.0 or above to be downloaded and run. 

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2. Money Lover: Money Manager 

Offered by Finsify, the Money Lover app makes it next to our list of bill reminder apps, updated on the 10th of June 2021.

Best Bill Reminder Apps

This app needs an Android 5.0 or above to be downloaded and to function and has a 4.5-star rating on the play store. Money Lover is available for both Android as well as iOS systems. 


1. This app makes money management incredibly easy and non-complicated, it helps the users to choose and save bills according to categories such as food, shopping, fuel, etc, and then save a date against the chosen category. 

2. This app produces a detailed financial report which helps you track your expenses category-wise, therefore, helps to keep spending habits in check. 

3. The budgeting feature of this app acts as a mobile financial assistant and sends notifications and alerts if you are about to reach close to the spending limit which you have set for the month. 

4. It has an astounding feature known as the goal wallet, this acts like a place where you can put your money and save it. It helps to track your saving progress and hence helps to inculcate a saving habit in you.

5. Not only this, but the app also generates constant reminders for credit card bills, so that your credit score never takes a dip. 

6. The app keeps a detailed and well-organized list of all your previous transactions, so you have easy access to all the payments you’ve ever made using this app. 

Money Lover: #1 Expense Tracker and Budget Planner App on Android & iOS

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3. Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app

Next in the list of bill reminder apps is this unique app known as Monefy which comes with a feature of money tracking, so every time you make a payment, all you have to do is feed it in the app and the app will take care of the rest for you.

Best Bill Reminder Apps 1

This way you do not have to remember every penny you spend. The process of feeding these expenses is as simple and hassle-free as it can be, all you have to do is just put in the amount and that is it. 


1. It produces simple and easy-to-understand comparisons of your income to your expenditure, thereby, helping to boost savings by tracking down expenditure.

2. All the financial accounts can be seen at once and the hassle to log in to different apps to keep a track of bills vanishes away.  

3. It can be synced using either google drive or Dropbox. 

4. The app is perfect to manage recurring payments and tracking payments in multiple currencies. 

5. The app creates a separate list of the dates on which the bills are paid

6. This app comes with an inbuilt calculator and this way you do not have to exit the app every time you have to calculate an expense.

7. Another feature of the app which makes it one of the best bill reminder apps is that it is password protected and therefore your personal financial information remains safe and secure.  

8. The latest update of the app came into the market on the 15th of June 2021, the app is available on the Android as well as iOS platforms and has a rating of 4.5 stars on the play store. 

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4. TimelyBills: Bills Organizer and Budget Planner

TimelyBills is one of the most complete bills reminder and money management apps. It has more than 1M+ downloads and 29K reviews with a 4.6 rating on the google play store, moreover, they recently launched their iOS and Web platform as well.   


1. Smart Bill Organizer & Reminder:- The most important feature of this app is providing bill reminders. It helps to track all your bills on the go from credit card and utility bills, to rent payments, etc.

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders

Get your bill payment alerts and reminders, so you pay on time and never spend extra on late fees. As well as, it also helps to plan for future bill payments with a preview of upcoming and overdue bill payments.

2. Budget Planner:- TimelyBills budget planner helps users to create different types of budgets like bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or category level monthly budgets.

It helps to control day-to-day spending across categories like shopping, groceries, housing, and more, and lets you know how you are saving month on month. 

3. Spending Tracker:- It helps to track and manage all your daily expenses on the go. It allows users to create different custom categories and control day-to-day spending across all these categories. It gives overspending alerts when the expenses go beyond the spending plan.

4. Accounting:- TimelyBills allows to manage all different account types like Savings, Checking, Credit cards, and Investments etc all in one place, which helps everyone to see their consolidated view of assets and liabilities.

For US users, it also let user connect accounts to their bank and automatically fetch associated transactions and balances in real-time.

5. Goal Tracking:- TimelyBills helps in tracking financial goals like debt payoff, retirement planning, buy home, etc and it assists users to be more confident about achieving their financial goals, and set their path to a debt-free life, as well as preparing one for emergencies. 

6. Family Budgeting: Apart from individual budget planning, it also provides a way to do budgeting with family members and makes everyone more accountable for family financial health.

7. Google / Outlook Integrated calendar:- It allows to connect bill reminders with Google and outlook calendar in just a few simple steps and leaves no possibility for forgetting any bills.  

8. Private Mode:- TimelyBills has various options for data security and privacy. In that direction, it allows users to run the whole app functionality in private mode, where no data is shared outside the app, nor on TimelyBills servers. 

9. Automatic Google Drive Backup: TimelyBills allows users to take automatic backup of their data on their personal google drive for future reference or in case they wanna switch devices in the future.

10. Personalized Insights & Reports:- This app shows personalized and 360 views of your money and spending habits, easy-to-understand graphs, categorized reports, charts, and more.

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5. Wallet: Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker

Offered by BudgetBakers.com, this app falls next in the list of bill reminder apps, it is designed in a unique way for it to act as your personalized finance assistant or manager. 

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders


1. It is developed to help users create sustainable spending plans for the future. 

2. This distinctive app has a feature of bank synchronization.

3. The app helps you keep a track of your daily expenditure and therefore, lets you construct a plan on how to save maximum. The app breaks down your goals into smaller, more achievable goals.

4. In today’s fast-moving world people hardly have any time to create spreadsheets or grab notebooks and pens for every small expenditure, Wallet app makes it so much easier to keep a track of expenses on your phone itself. 

5. The basic aim of this app is to give the user a clear view of his/her financial situation and therefore, to help them create long-term goals on how to manage their finances. 

6. Updated on the 18th of June 2021, this app provides its users with multiple currency support. The app has a rating of 4.7 stars on the play store and is very popular among users.

7. It can be run on Android and iOS devices 

Bank Connections Wallet by BudgetBakers

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6. Mint: Track Expenses & Save

Next in the list of bill reminder apps, we have Mint, the basic aim of this app is to help the user create a budget and stick to it, it provides a personalized insight into the income and expenditure pattern of the user. 

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders


1. This app saves the bill payment dates along with the amount to be paid. The purpose of this app is to help you save more and thereby develop sustainable spending habits.

2. It acts as a money manager for its users by tracking every penny spent and earned. 

3. Not only all this but you can also save details of your credit card payments, loan premiums, etc on this app. 

4. It has specially designed alerts to help you improve your spending habits. The bill alerts make sure that you are never late to pay a bill and thus never have to pay any sort of late fees. 

5. It provides the user with tips and money management advice and hence makes the money-saving goals of the user more tangible and achievable. 

6. Updated on the 1st of July 2021, the size of this app is 106M and can be downloaded and run on Android 5.0 and above. Offered by Intuit Inc. this app has an amazing rating of 4.5 stars on the play store, it can be used on both Android as well as iOS devices. 

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7. Mobills Budget Planner and Track your Finances

The motto of this app is to provide you with financial peace of mind and take off a load of stressing over bills and expenditures from your hands.

Best Bill Reminder Apps 4

The app is packed with fascinating features and has a rating of 4.6 stars on the app store, which is what persuaded us to include it in our list of bill reminder apps for our readers to learn about and use. 


1. The most important feature of this app is that it helps the users to create a customized monthly budget, which leads them on a way to gain complete control of their finances.

2. It acts as a one-stop platform to fulfill all your finance management needs, you can create budgets, track your expenditure and meet all your financial goals using this one app. 

3. Planning and careful consideration are important in all walks of life be it day-to-day decisions or those related to money, your hard-earned money must be taken good care of and thus this app helps you construct a plan to spend that money wisely and helps you allocate your money into categories. 

4. When using any of the bill reminder apps the basic goal of the users is to stay out of debt and avoid any late payment charges and this app does exactly that for its users, when using Mobills you get constant reminders of when and what amount you need to pay. 

5. The app is super easy to use and is completely hassle-free, so much so that even a person who has difficulty using technology can easily operate it. Mobills produces simple and easy-to-understand graphs, reports, and charts so that tracking your expenses seems much less cumbersome than it is.

6. It keeps a track of credit card bills and also saves the credit card limits, it has an in-built reminder to help you pay your credit card bills. 

7. This is a revolutionary app that can eliminate the use of spreadsheets for budgeting purposes.

8. The app can be used both online as well as offline with its unique cloud synchronization feature.

9. It makes a list of all the expenses along with the geolocation at which the money was spent, the location tags work only after seeking permission from the user.

10. The spreadsheets from excel can also be imported into the app. Updated on the 30th of June 2021 this app is offered by Mobills Inc. and is installed by more than 5,000,000 users.

11. The app is available for both Android as well as iOS users to download and use. 

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8. Home Budget Manager

Offered by SIRI, the Home Budget Manager makes it next to our list of bill reminder apps, updated on the 28th of November 2020, this app has a rating of 4.3 stars on the play store. 

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders


1. The app provides an integrated view of all accounts, budgets, and finances, it saves the date of payment of bills along with the amount of the bill. 

2. The goal of downloading this app is to stay up to date on all bill payments and to spend strictly according to the budget and thereby save your hard-earned money. 

3. The app provides a view of the total sum available in all accounts, and also a separate view of the available amount in each account.

4. It keeps track of every single payment made from any of the linked accounts. Recurring bills can be saved as such, the app helps you save your income and expenditure according to categories, therefore, whenever you wish to refer to a particular expense you can just search for it under that particular category.  

5. You can sync unlimited accounts to this app and its efficiency wouldn’t decrease one bit. 

6. It uses Dropbox synchronization, so you can store your data on multiple devices. You can make a transfer between your accounts using this app.

7.  It supports more than one-sixty currency symbols. 

8. The widgets display your monthly budgets and any upcoming bills. The categories of income, expenditure, and bills can be edited at any time, moreover, there is an option to add pictures to them. 

9. Another benefit of using this app is that it is extremely safe to use, thanks to its password protection. 

10. There is a month-wise display of what you’ve earned and how much of it you have spent.

11. It also displays a statistical view of income and expenditure between different dates, these statistics help to keep a check on the number of times each category is used over a particular period of time. 

12. The transactions could be duplicated or moved from one account to another, another specialty of the statistics is that you can choose to view them either for all the synced accounts or just for one particular account.

13. The app possesses an in-built calculator so that you do not have to worry about opening up a calculator separately while managing finances. 

14. The data can be exported to .CSV and. Xls. The app keeps creating automatic backups so that you never have to worry about losing your data. 

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9. Easy Bills Reminder

Offered by AA3 Apps, Easy Bills Reminder falls next in our list of bill reminder apps, updated on the 16th of April 2020, this app has a rating of 4.5 stars on the play store, it is available to download and use for both Android as well as iOS systems. 

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps To Get Bill Reminders


1. This app is designed in a way that it sends daily bill payment reminders to its users, the alerts for bill payment will be sent every day until the user either dismisses them or marks the bill as paid.

2. The app allows its users to adjust the aesthetics by letting them choose between the dark and light modes of display. 

3. Any previously made payments can be tracked as the app keeps a record of the payment history. 

4. It also lets the user make either partial or full payments, depending on the user’s convenience.

5. Backups are created to google drive and also local backups can be made. 

6. The user interface is extremely simple and can be operated by anyone.

7. Easy Bills Reminder also provides multiple language support, these languages include English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, and German. All these features are available on the free version of the app.

8. However, if you choose to purchase the premium version you can enjoy even more features and benefits, including the removal of ads from the app. In this version of the app, the users are provided with a monthly chart of receivable and payable amounts. 

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10. Due – Bill Reminder

Next on the list of bill reminder apps is Due-Bill Reminder, a captivation app developed by two 10th grade students from Vidyashilp Academy, namely Rohit Manoj Kanagal and Chandrachud Malali Gowda. 


1. Due happens to be one of the most popular bill reminder apps available in the market. It has an extremely simple user interface, this app helps you to save your bills under different categories. 

2. The best feature of this app is that it syncs all bills with the google calendar, thereby, sending timely notifications and alerts.

3. Monthly as well as annual subscriptions can be added to save time and make life easier. 

4. You can set a reminder time for the app to send you a notification to pay a particular bill.

5. The app doesn’t need to be opened for it to remind you to pay a bill. It is extremely easy to add new bills and delete any obsolete ones using this app. 

6. The app holds a rating of 4 stars on the play store and requires an Android 4.1 or above to be installed and used. 

7. Offered by R and C Tech this app is safe and secure to use and helps avoid any overdue by providing constant reminders. 

8. The app is compatible with both Android as well as iOS platforms hence makes it easier for users to get their hands on it irrespective of the device they use. 

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Closing Statement-bill reminder apps

So this was our list of bill reminder apps for our readers to view and to then make the best possible decision on which app to use.

Handling our finances can often be difficult and cumbersome, but these apps make it so much easier, therefore in the fast-paced and chaotic life, we lead today these apps could minimize financial pressure and thus relieve a lot of stress.