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11 Best Binaural Beats Apps To Get Your Zen On 

The binaural beat is a very special kind of sound wave therapy, which gives different frequency signals to the right and left parts of the ear. And, the brain receives them as a very effective and single tone for functioning.

Binaural beats therapy can be proved very effective in the treatment of office stress, and other anxiety-induced problems. Thanks to this technique, you can enjoy it as a self-help treatment, and has been recommended by doctors and psychiatrists along with other traditional modes of treatment.  

You don’t need to have stress or anxiety to experience the magic of binaural beats, as, these special sounds are very good at producing a sense of calming even when you are not stressed.

How do you enjoy these unique beats? Of course, there are several platforms through which you can explore a myriad of binaural beats. But why would you spend your quality time, when you can simply enjoy them right on your smartphone?  

Different types of binaural beats apps are available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store and can be more than enough for you to have an alchemy experience, and get rid of those anxious thoughts in a completely different way.

To make things even simpler for you, I have honestly reviewed 11 remarkable binaural beats applications. Let’s know about them in detail! 

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Best Binaural Beats Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™

Different states of mind are linked with specific frequencies of a brainwave. These special frequencies can directly be induced in the brain simply by listening to two completely different, but soothing tones in each ear.

Once the brain processes these stones, they are perceived as a very unique, inaudible beat matching, that directly targets the brainwave frequency. As you continuously listen, your brain waves fall into synchronization with the frequency. 

Best Binaural Beats Apps

BrainWave is on top of my list of the best binaural beats apps, and deservingly so! The app is featured with as many as 35 sophisticated binaural brainwave entertainment programs for anxiety relief, power nap, meditation, relaxation, focus, and more!

The app is full of highly effective binaural beats including nature sounds, ambient music, multi-stage binaural programs, confidence, motivation, positive mood, energy, focus, and a lot more!  

You can start your day on a positive note with the app. How about enjoying your morning coffee with very soft and sophisticated alpha and beta waves? Isn’t it amazing to energize yourself add the lunchtime with the coming beta and Gama waves?🤔

The app is also featured morning meditation powered by alpha and Theta for a focussed, and centered mind. What more? High beta and gamma waves are there in the app to take your focus to a completely different level!

In a nutshell, it’s absolutely safe that BrainWave is the ultimate binaural beats app underlined with some of the most fascinating attributes. 

Features of BrainWave:-

  • One of the best brain view entertainment apps for over a decade 
  • 35 high-quality, multi-stage binaural programs 
  • Sophisticated ambient music and nature sounds 
  • Multiple modes to enjoy even in the background 
  • A powerful app for improving focus, relaxation, sleep, and meditation 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. Atmosphere – Binaural beats apps with Relaxing Sounds

The Atmosphere will always find a reputable place, whenever we will talk about the best binaural beats or even some of the top sleeping or calming apps!

The app gives you an absolutely different experience, and helps you to reduce anxiety, sleep better, relax your mind, and stay on top of your day!

With a wide range of sounds to select from, the app is more than just a perfect way to declutter your mind and induce positive thinking.  

Best Binaural Beats Apps 1

The Atmosphere is just the app you need to relax with the help of sounds recorded from completely different environments. And, starting with the app is as simple as taking a nap! Simply download the app, open it, and explore a myriad of beautifully created sounds!

The app even allows you to create your own, favorite combination to improve your sleep, relieve stress, practice meditation, and finally beat the anxiety.

With the help of isochronic tones and binaural beats, the app swiftly stimulates your mind, enhances creativity, as well as reduces anxiety.  

If you are suffering from insomnia, this app can be your best buddy along with the conventional treatment, and induce a long-lasting sleep free of unnecessary thoughts.

Thanks to a very useful timer, you don’t have to overthink about your phone’s battery, as the timer close is the app itself after a certain time. Creating and mixing the sounds of your choice in any environment is another amazing aspect of the app I have liked a lot! 

Features of Atmosphere:-

  • A background timer for effective battery optimization 
  • Allows you to customize the sounds the way you want  
  • A beautiful combination of artificial and natural sounds  
  • Multiple nature sounds to calm your kids down  
  • Powered by isochronic tones as well as binaural beats 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

3. Binaural Beats – Binaural beats apps To Do Study

If you want some focus music while studying or doing some other, important work, this app can serve the purpose very well! The app featured a wide range of study music for learning and studying, brain wave, and alpha waves that played binaural beats.

The app is also packed with a binaural beat generator, through which you can easily generate different types of brain waves, that can stimulate your meditation, relaxation, and concentration.

Best Binaural Beats Apps 2

Create your own, customizable alpha, beta, delta, Theta, or gamma brain waves to focus, study, and learn. Improving your concentration becomes very easy with the app thanks to its fairly simple features.  

If you want to improve your overall experience, you can also try changing the focus music. No need to take your phone again and again, as the focus music playlist gives you a calming experience even in the background.

If you want music to stop at a certain time, you can use the schedule timer for an automatic stop. To make things even more interesting, the app is more than usable even without an internet connection!  

Features of Binaural Beats – study music:-

  • A wide range of music for concentration, reading, and studying 
  • Beautiful, clean, and simple user interface 
  • Allows you to play music in the background 
  • Schedule timer for automatic stop 
  • Play binaural beats even without the internet 

Devices – Android and iOS 

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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4. Binaural Beats: Brain Waves -Therapy, Meditation

A very simple, elegant binaural beats app designed to help you relax your mind, body, and soul. Binaural beats are known to induce pretty similar mental calmness associated with old-school methods of meditation.

Binaural beats can even give better and quicker results. They can improve overall focus and concentration, lower stress, foster positive moods, increase relaxation, help manage pain, promote creativity, and more.  

This app is featured with dozens of excellently created binaural beats. All you have to do just to find a comfortable place, is get yourself away from distractions, tune into these sophisticated beats, and feel the rhythm entertained throughout your brain.

Best Binaural Beats Apps 3

The app also gives you the freedom of experimenting with different lengths of time, so that you can have a personalized and customizable binaural experience.  

Try closing your eyes, turn up the volume in your headphones, add immerse yourself in a wonderful experience. There are different types of pre-sets including anxiety reduction, pain reduction, focus and attention, sleep, faster learning, meditation, and a lot more.

Binaural beats are combined with top-quality isochronic tones, known for inducing relaxing ambient music and soothing nature sounds. Try the app for free, and take your rind to an altogether different ride of binaural beats.  

Binaural Beats: Brain Waves -Therapy, Meditation.

Features of Binaural Beats: Brain Waves -Therapy, Meditation:-

  • One of the simplest binaural beats apps
  • More than 500 programs are available  
  • Different types of waves are listed to explore  
  • Multiple presets across unique genres  
  • Packed with powerful spiritual and healing benefits  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. Binaural Beats Meditation Studio & Brainwave Mind 

Enjoy more than 10 hours of binaural beats, brain wave phases, and a lot more with a very simple, tiny, yet highly effective binaural beats application.

The app also gives you a mix and layer of more than 150 relaxing melodies, sound effects, and looping meditation. Thanks to a built-in timer, building healthy daily practice becomes so easy with the app. No other app gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but this one does!  

Dozens of mindfulness sound spaces, 25 guided meditations, 25 meditation sounds, and much more are available for free! The premium version of the app is featured with some other, additional perks.

11 Best Binaural Beats Apps To Get Your Zen On 

In addition to 100 plus guided meditations, the premium version is also packed with 8 beginner meditations, 20 hours of soundscapes, meditation music, and a Zen background.

10 hours of meditation chants, bells, and chimes are also there in the app for you. And guess what?  

You can also try out as many as 39 highly effective hypnosis audio programs for love, success, life, happiness, etc. If you are new to meditation or binaural beats, or even to hypnosis, the app also teaches you everything through a step-by-step guide.

If you are not yet satisfied with these amazing features, how about trying out some extraordinary spiritual readings? 

Features of Binaural Beats Meditation Studio & Brainwave Mind:-

  • 250 guided, ambient, and nature meditations 
  • 180 hours of amazing mind content 
  • Meditation, brainwave training, binaural beats 
  • Create your own mix based on your preferences 
  • Save your favorites and listen offline 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

6. BrainAural – Binaural beats apps To Get your Zen on

Here is another, one of the most unique, highly professional binaural beats apps designed exclusively to improve your overall focus, support lucid dreaming, relax, and more.

The application can be more than helpful for you to put your mind into different states by stimulating the right and left auditory cortex with differential frequencies.

It produces 2 differently pitching sounds in each ear and magically creates a pulsating sensation in the brain, which encourages soothing brain waves of similar frequency.  

BRAINAURAL Binaural Beats brain therapy

This accurate pulse frequency can improve overall focus, support sleep, and also promote relaxation. To get the best results from the app, you should use your headphones, as the effect needs different frequencies played in each ear.

With the app, you get a professional, highly effective audio therapy tool right in your pocket! There is also a built-in screensaver in the app to avoid potential screen damage. 

Features of BrainAural: Get your Zen on:-

  • Various extraordinary programs to improve your focus  
  • Binaural sounds positively stimulate your brain  
  • Professional audio therapy tool  
  • Therapies for almost all moods and occasions  
  • A very simple, clean, and enhanced user interface  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

7. Brainwaves – Binaural Beats

Brainwaves — Binaural Beats can be your go-to application if you are finding it difficult with your overall focus, and calmness, add meditation.

The app has been loved by more than 50 million people from across the world, and I have found too many reasons for this extraordinary popularity.

Whether you are struggling with your periods of sleep, overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, are you are a new parent or facing issues while taking care of your baby, this app can be your best buddy!  

Best Binaural Beats Apps 5

The brain waves app is more than suitable for all walks of life, including, office goers, students, newly became parents, people who want to improve their focus, want to practice meditation, trying to improve the quality of sleep, and, people who are easily susceptible to noise pollution, etc.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is, or what is disturbing your focus, this app has got more than just something for you! It is featured with 600 plus specialized frequencies and brain waves themed with meditation music, nature sounds, white noise, water sound, solfeggio frequencies, music therapy, and a lot more!

Features of Brainwaves — Binaural Beats:-

  • Helps you to relax with different types of soothing sounds  
  • Effective at enhancing your brainpower 
  • Binaural sleep sounds to improve overall sleep quality 
  • Multiple Solfeggio frequencies to explore  
  • Healing frequencies to practice meditation   

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

8. Binaural Beats HiFi 

Focus, relax, and meditate with high fidelity binaural beats, exclusively designed for different types of wave frequencies. Use your headphones, try any beat in the app, and feel the difference straight away!

Boosting your concentration, and rapidly reducing your level of stress will become more than just possible with binaural beats HiFi!

11 Best Binaural Beats Apps To Get Your Zen On 

You may find compressed audio in similar apps, but this one is only packed with binaural beat tones in uncompressed and high-fidelity audio for the ultimate binaural experience!  

Delta wave in the app can help you in the process of healing add detachment, and can also improve the overall sleep quality. Theta wave is there for memory enhancement, intuition, and meditation.

Mastering visualization, relaxation, and creativity will be more than practicable with alpha waves. Beta waves are designed to elevate alertness, cognition, and concentration.

On the other hand, gamma waves can effectively expand consciousness, take your focus to a peak level, and do a wonderful job in improving insights.  

To make things even more interesting, you can also activate a soft, relaxing rainfall sound effect to surprise yourself with even better results. And most importantly, this app is available free of cost, with no ads whatsoever! 

Features of Binaural Beats HiFi:-

  • High-fidelity binaural beats with matching frequencies 
  • Helps you to improve your focus, memory, and meditation 
  • Soft relaxing rainfall sound effects for an even better experience 
  • Different types of waves with uncompressed audio 
  • Completely free without annoying ads 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

9. Binaural Beats Therapy 

Sophistication is most probably the right word to perfectly describe this app! A very simple, clean, and easy-to-use binaural beats app, binaural beats therapy got you covered if you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and unable to focus on different important aspects of your life.

If you are not sure how you can get the best out of binaural beats, this app might be more than helpful for you!

You get a wide range of presets with the app, including anxiety reduction, pain reduction, faster learning, creativity development, focus and attention, better sleep, and many more!  

11 Best Binaural Beats Apps To Get Your Zen On 

Irrespective of what you expect from binaural beats, this app is going to make things very easy for you! The most important point about the app is, it is an open-source platform, and, if you want, you can play your part by improving the translation, design, and development.

So, if you are looking for a platform where you can help others with different types of binaural beats and other tunes, this app should be on your radar for sure!

Available free of cost, binaural beats therapy can finally be your ultimate solution for problems like anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and other lifestyle conditions. 

Features of Binaural Beats Therapy:-

  • Very simple, clean, and easy user interface 
  • An array of binaural beats is easily available 
  • Multiple presets including sleep, focus, meditation, faster learning, and more 
  • An excellent application to improve concentration 
  • Sounds based on proven therapies

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

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10. Sleep Beats: Binaural Beat Generator and Brainwave

How about creating your own, original, customizable binaural beats? There are not so many binaural beats apps allowing users to create their own versions of sounds, but this app does!

You can easily generate your own binaural beats with the app, and even layer them with your own music! You can also select from already available white noise and ambient music.

Best Binaural Beats Apps 8

Binaural beats in the app are perfect for concentration and studying, and can also be very effective at helping you to transition into a sleep state. Hence, you can finally get over your long-lasting sleep problems.  

In addition, the beautifully designed brainwave entertainment in the app can drastically improve your focus while studying or doing some important work. The beats in the app can be the perfect remedy for tinnitus and even noise pollution!

With the combination of 13 frequencies, you are allowed to alter the waves in the app and get an exclusive experience of astral projection. This app can be your perfect body if you are struggling to improve your meditation practice.

All in all, a complete app for those, who want a bit of customization and personalization while enjoying the binaural beats. 

Features of Sleep Beats: Binaural Beat Generator and Brainwave:-

  • Enables you to generate your own, customizable binaural beats 
  • Select from multiple preset beats or save your own 
  • Choose from different types of day and night themes 
  • Smooth transition between two beats over the time 
  • Save battery by selecting when the app turns off automatically 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

11. Binaural Beats: Sleep, Therapy & Meditation

Last, but definitely not least is the “Binaural Beats: Sleep, Therapy & Meditation” app. This app can help you to boost your overall life including work, study, and sleep with the help of multiple binaural beats, brain waves, and isochronic tones.

You have the freedom of experimenting with different types of beads with the app. Binaural beats in the delta range in the app help you in relaxation and deep sleep.

11 Best Binaural Beats Apps To Get Your Zen On 

On the other hand, the theta range is directly linked to relaxation, REM sleep, meditative and creative states, and anxiety reduction. You don’t only get an excellent range of binaural beats, but you also learn about them in detail.

If you want to gather some information about different types of calming beats and waves, you can explore a massive range of informational content as well! With a yoga instrumental music downloader, you are also allowed to download different types of yoga music too.

Want to get rid of those disturbing dreams while sleeping? How about trying various types of isochronic tones right from your smartphone’s screen? Watching the latest videos related to binaural beats and other types of music also gets simple and full of fun with the app.  

Features of Binaural Beats: Sleep, Therapy & Meditation:-

  • Very simple, clean, glitch-free user interface  
  • Teaches you different aspects of binaural beats  
  • Full of informational content related to brain waves and other beats  
  • Audio guide for learning meditation effectively  
  • Yoga instrumental music downloader

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 5,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

📗FAQ on Binaural Beats Apps

Which is the best app for binaural beats?

BrainWave, Atmosphere, and Binaural Beats Meditation Studio & Brainwave Mind are among the best binaural beats applications, and offers a wide range of features like nature meditations, ambient noise, brainwave training, and more.

What are the dangers of binaural beats?

There are no known side effects of binaural beats, but you have to make sure the sound level, especially that of your headphones is not very high. Prolonged exposure to sounds of more than 85 decibels can cause loss of hearing with time. Otherwise, there is no specific harm from binaural beats.

Does listening to binaural beats actually work?

Yes, they definitely work as they are only an illusion if you say it in a logical term. When you are engaged in listening binaural beats, you enjoy two pure tones separated into each ear. The mismatch in frequency is the most important aspect of binaural beats, and it feels soothing to your brain.

Can binaural beats damage your brain?

No, there is no evidence of any kind of damage to the brain buy binaural beats. However, you must avoid the high level of noise irrespective of what you are listening, and how soothing it is.

What does 432hz do to the brain?

The frequency plays an important role in meditation and ensuring that the brain is well in tune for the general health of a person. According to various studies, the 432hz frequency produces different types of calming effects, and you can reduce your anxiety and stress simply by listening to the low frequencies.

What does listening to 528hz do?

528Hz frequency is somehow connected to the overall concentration of reactive oxidative species in the human brain. According to a report, prolonged exposure to this sound wave reduces the anxiety related behaviors in rats for a surprising amount of time.

Do binaural beats work without headphones?

No, binaural beats don’t work if you don’t use your headphones. The binaural beats technology relies heavily on delivering two slightly different tones to each ear in order to the third distinct tone your brain perceives. And, for that you must have headphones on for best results.

Which frequency is best for brain?

6 Hz is the most suitable frequency for human brain, and is known for enhancing all areas of your brain within 10 minutes. 8 Hz and 25 Hz are not linked with any kind of clear response, while 40 Hz improve the overall response from frontal lobe. These responses from the frequencies can be very useful at different types of studies related to human brain.

Can binaural beats heal you?

While there are no scientifically proved effects of binaural beats on overall health, it is strongly believed to treat various mental disorders including, anxiety and stress. Potential health benefits of binaural beats may vary according to different individuals as well.

Conclusion on binaural beats apps

These are some of the best binaural beats apps I have come across, and I can tell you with some confidence that, these apps are worth trying at least once!

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or stress or dealing with sleep disorders, or you simply want to calm yourself down after a hectic schedule, you can tune in to any of these apps! I can assure you that you won’t feel disappointed!

Do let me know which one got you excited the most! Hopefully, you will feel the magic of binaural beats in a completely different way!