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Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times – Detailed Guide

The great thing about Pokemon is, they are of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Mostly every Pokemon in the Pokemon world has some sort of superpower that helps them do a whole lot of crazy stuff. There are over one hundred bird pokemon or flying type pokemon in the immensely populated pokemon world.

Each bird pokemon that’s there in the world won’t leave any chance to surprise the fans with their abilities and moves.

For the people who’re not Pokemon fans, these bird-like Pokemon are so adorable, and there are high chances you’ll become a Pokemon fan. Trainers, on the other hand, will feel delighted to have a handful of these flying Pokemon. 

The size of a bird-like Pokemon shouldn’t matter as the smallest looking one may be fiercely powerful. Irrespective of the size, a Pokemon in the bird category may take out a Pokemon 10x its size. Not just great abilities, most birds category Pokemon also have a great temperament and strong sense of loyalty.

In a dual Pokemon match, bird-like Pokemon would make for a perfect teammate with a ground-type Pokemon. Proper use of both the Pokemon’s abilities in a dual match may give a lot of damage to the opponents.

The duo can distract, mislead, and surprise the opponents at any point of the match and entirely change things. 

Bird-like Pokemon not just fly; they also throw fire at their opponents to grill them. Some of the bird-like Pokemon also use their wings to blow high-speed winds.

The high-speed winds not only unsettle the opponents, but these winds may also have a cooling effect to freeze their opponents.

The franchise also made some Pokemon that give electric attacks on the next level with the bird-like Pokemon. Yes, some flying Pokemon may also attack their opponents with a shock wave from the skies. Zapdos is one such flying bird in the Pokemon world that rules thundershocks.

Having Zapdos on the team would be great for any trainer as this Pokemon can’t be caught easily. Moreover, the real world has birds like an ostrich that run fast but can’t fly.

The Pokemon world also has some Pokemon birds that may not fly but can do a lot of other things.

The trainers who are just starting their Pokemon journey have great chances to find their first Pokemon from the bird category-only. Since there are over one hundred Pokemon in this category, most of them are quite common. Catching a Pokemon from this category shouldn’t be a challenge for beginners.

The impressive thing about these bird-like Pokemon is, they are easy-going when the trust is there between the trainer and the Pokemon. 

Top Bird Pokemon Of All Times

1. Mandibuzz 

A flying-type dark Pokemon, Mandibuzz is more than one meter tall and weighs around forty kilograms. Mandibuzz is an evolutionary form of Vullaby, another dark Pokemon from the flying-type category. Mandibuzz looks like a vulture, and rightly so, it’s from the species of bone vultures.

Top Bird Pokemon Of All Times

Mandibuzz is known to have two extraordinary abilities called Big Pecks and Overcoat and a hidden ability of weak armor. Big peck’s ability demoralizes the opponents by decreasing the effect of their attacks on Mandibuzz.

Moreover, Mandibuzz can’t be unsettled with sand and various powders that some Pokemon use to poison their opponents. 

While many birds make their nests using sticks or straws, Mandibuzz makes its nest using bones. Yes, Mandibuzz is habitual of collecting bones from everywhere they roam. The love of Mandibuzz for bones is such that the Pokemon also uses various bones to decorate itself. 

Being a fly-type Pokemon, Mandibuzz shows excellent strength against the ground and psychic Pokemon. The resistance of Mandibuzz against the ground and psychic attacks makes them pretty great for gym battles. However, trainers need to be careful when the opponent is using rock or fairy type Pokemon.

A well-trained Mandibuzz can do a variety of attacks on their opponents in a battle. Gust, Brave Bird, and Dark Pulse are some of the most potent attacks of a Mandibuzz. A Mandibuzz performs these attacks with excellent efficiency, power, and accuracy. 

Pros of Mandibuzz:-

  • Mandibuzz is a pretty strong Pokemon because its hit points are very high.
  • The big pecks ability of the Mandibuzz ensures their attacks hit the opponents hard. The big pecks ability minimizes the opponent’s ability to defend itself from attacks.
  • The defense of Mandibuzz is quite strong and can stand against some of the harshest attacks. 
  • The overcoat ability protects Mandibuzz from various sand, hail, and powder attacks.
  • Mandibuzz is irresistible against the ground and psychic Pokemon. 
  • Mandibuzz flies high in circles to spot a weak prey and attack it elegantly to take their prey home.

Cons of Mandibuzz:-

  • Mandibuzz struggles hard against Pokemon from the fairy, electric, ice, or rock category.
  • Mandibuzz doesn’t evolve in any other Pokemon.
  • The special attack of a Mandibuzz is not very strong and doesn’t damage the opponents. 
  • Mandibuzz often uses unfair tactics to get the upper hand over their opponents. There are high chances they may become predictable, and the opponent may do something astonishing to beat them.

2. Spearow 

Spearows are a common flying type Pokemon that is both small and light in weight. This tiny bird Pokemon weighs only two kilograms and is only one foot tall. A Spearow tends to evolve in a better Pokemon called Fearow. 

Top Bird Pokemon Of All Times 1

A Spearow’s abilities include the Keen eye and a hidden ability, better known as a sniper. The keen eye ability is quite helpful for a Spearow when they are hunting for food or attacking prey. The sniper ability of a Spearow also increases the power of its selected moves significantly.

Spearows are smart Pokemon that cares not only for their trainer but also for their fellow group members. In case of an emergency, spearows communicate with each other through their cries. One may hear a Spearow crying from a long-distance measuring over half a mile.

Unlike many other bird-like Pokemon, a Spearow grows at a much faster rate. A quick growth rate ensures that Spearow evolves earlier than most other Pokemon. An interesting fact about Spearow is, they are quite possessive about the place or territory where they live.

A furious Spearow would do anything to protect their territory and keep invaders away. Irrespective of how strong an invader Pokemon is, Spearow would fight them, no matter what. 

Pros of a Spearow:-

  • After a point in time, A Spearow undergoes evolution and becomes a Fearow.
  • Spearow becomes a great friend, and they are loyal to their trainers. One wouldn’t usually see a Spearow being rude to their trainer.
  • Though a Spearow may not fly too high, it can always fly at a significant speed. 
  • The keen eye ability of a Spearow allows them to hit the target spot on without missing the target. Any attack of an opponent can’t make a Spearow miss their targets. 
  • The sniper ability allows the Spearow to hit their targets with immense power when using some specific attacks.
  • Spearow’s toxic attack on its targets is deadly as it poisons the Pokemon, making it unable to fight.
  • Though a Spearow may look rebellious, they are easy to catch and train.
  • Trainers can rely on a Spearow when fighting against a grass, ground, bug, or ghost-type Pokemon.

Cons of a Spearow:-

  • A Spearow can’t fly too high in the sky as its wings aren’t very strong. 
  • The defense of a Spearow is quite weak, and they can’t withstand immensely powerful attacks. 
  • An electric, ice, or rock type Pokemon would be too much to handle for a Spearow. 
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3. Wingull 

A water type flying Pokemon, Wingull evolves into a Pelipper after reaching a specific level. The Pokemon belongs to the category of Seagulls, and it also has a keen eye ability. A Wingull weighs around twenty lbs, and its height scales two feet above the ground.

Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times - Detailed Guide

Where can a trainer find this adorable flying water-type Pokemon? Finding a Wingull may be quite challenging for trainers because Wingulls make their nest on high cliffs. What makes Wingull a great Pokemon to find is its hydration ability. 

The hydration ability allows Wingulls to heal their status condition in rainwater. The catch is, Wingulls need to get wet in the rain to cure their status condition. The light bones of the Wingull allow it to fly faster and higher in the skies and over the ocean.

Ground-type Pokemon can’t harm a Wingull because its wings allow it to fly very high in the sky. Wingull’s ability to fly high makes the attacks of a ground Pokemon less effective. However, because the body of a Wingull is lightweight, it can’t stand a lot of damage.

Once a Wingull reaches the twenty-fifth level, they tend to evolve and become Pelipper. Moreover, a Wingull doesn’t take a lot of time to evolve because they have an excellent growing speed. 

Pros of Wingull:-

  • Wingull, a bird Pokemon, undergoes evolution to become Pelliper.
  • Wingull is quite strong against the grass and psychic type pokemon. 
  • Despite living at high cliffs, a wingull is quite friendly and will quickly gel up with their trainer. 
  • The speed of a Wingull is very quick, and it can exhaust any Pokemon quite more prominent than its size. Moreover, its speed also lets Wingull avoid attacks of the opponents. 
  • Wing and water pulse are two of the most potent attacks of a Wingull. Wingull makes these attacks with one-hundred percent accuracy. 
  • A Wingull doesn’t stay injured for too long when it rains. The Rain dash or hydration ability lets the wingull heal from the rain.

Cons of Wingull:-

  • A wingull is weak against both electric and rock type Pokemon. Pokemon of these categories should be able to win against Wingull.
  • The special attack of a Wingull isn’t powerful enough to knock the opponent down.
  • Even the defense of a Wingull isn’t impressive either. A Wingull’s defense may not stand a chance against brutal attacks.
  • A wingull can’t beat Pokemon like Zekrom and Raikou.

4. Hoothoot

Hoothoot is a normal flying-type Pokemon that undergoes evolution to become a Noctowl. A Hoothoot stands two feet and four inches tall, weighing only twenty-one kilograms. Like most bird Pokemon, a hoothoot also has a keen eye ability called their hidden ability. 

Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times - Detailed Guide

Along with their hidden ability, a Hoothoot also has the abilities of a keen eye and Insomnia. Keen eye ensures that a Hoothoot never misses their target while hunting for food or fighting a match.

The insomnia ability of a Hoothoot ensures that the Pokemon with sing abilities can’t put them to sleep. 

The base friendship bar of Hoothoot marks seventy points, reflecting the friendliness of the Pokemon. Once a Hoothoot starts trusting a trainer, no force can part them apart.

However, despite being quite friendly, a Hoothoot is hard to catch because they don’t easily surrender to trainers catching them.

The foot movement of a Hoothoot is so fast. The opponents of a Hoothoot can’t see which foot a Hoothoot is standing upon during the fight. There’s an organ of a Hoothoot that provides them a sense to trace the earth’s rotation. 

The habit of a Hoothoot to hoot regularly at a specific time comes from the organ that lets them know the time. Some trainers often use this habit of their Hoothoot as their clock and track the time.

The natural nature of a Hoothoot is calm. Some believe their calm nature is maybe due to their organ that keeps them connected with the earth.

There are multiple moves that Hoothoot relies on to make their opponents weak. HootHoot uses multiple attacks like Reflect, Roost, and Air splash on their opponents and these attacks are quite powerful.

Pros of a Hoothoot:-

  • A Hoothoot evolves into a slightly better flying-type Pokemon called Noctowl.
  • The special defense of a Hoothoot is quite powerful, and opponents can’t easily put them down.
  • A Hoothoot keeps track of time, and they have a habit of hooting regularly at the same time.
  • The ground and ghost-type Pokemon can’t damage a Hoothoot as it is immune against their attacks.

Cons of a Hoothoot:-

  • A trainer trying to catch a Hoothoot would have to make a lot of effort. Hoothoots have a catch rate of only thirty-three percent. 
  • The attack of a Hoothoot isn’t very powerful. 
  • The overall speed of a Hoothoot isn’t very quick, and there are Pokemon faster than them.
  • A Hoothoot struggles hard in a match against the rock, electric, or Ice-type Pokemon.
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5. Natu 

The next bird Pokemon on our list is a beautiful tiny bird, Natu. A psychic flying-type Pokemon, Natu stands eight inches tall and weighs only two kilograms.

This little bird, Natu, is fond of climbing trees and trunks to eat various sprouts, and it climbs quite quickly.

Top Bird Pokemon Of All Times 4

The early bird and the synchronize are the two abilities of a Natu. Natu uses these abilities to tackle its opponents and defend itself from their attacks. The early bird doesn’t let Natu sleep and keeps it up all the time, even when attacked by sleep attacks.

Though the wings of a Natu are in the developing phase, it jumps well to reach its targets and attack them. Their excellent jumping capabilities allow them to go to higher branches for their food. Their attentive eyes also help them lock their targets and catch them effortlessly.

Despite having an excellent capability to climb high branches of trees for food, Natu tries hard to find their food on the ground. The Pokemon climbs trees whenever it is looking to grab some sprouts on the tree branches. One of the primary sources of nutrition for a Natu is a cactus plant.

While trying to eat from a cactus, a Natu cheekily avoids all the dangers that a Cactus may cause them. Their jumping ability not only protects them from a cactus but also makes them immune to Ground-type Pokemon.

Pros of Natu:-

  • Sleep attacks aren’t useful on a Natu. A Natu is quite impressive against any Pokemon that relies on the sleep attack to finish a match.
  • A fully developed Natu evolves in a Xatu, another bird Pokemon that’s both psychic and flying-type.
  • The special attack and the movement speed of a Natu are impressive, and they can do quite good damage.
  • Once a Natu starts trusting a trainer, they become great friends, and they are loyal towards their trainer.
  • A Natu is a great observer, and they are always attentive in a battle. Their undivided attention to opponents makes them a tough competitor.

Cons of Natu:-

  • A Natu finds it hard to fight against Ghost, dark, electric, ice, and the rock-type Pokemon. Any Pokemon from these categories has the upper hand on Natu in a match.
  • A Natu can’t fly because of their underdeveloped wings. 
  • Catching a Natu isn’t an easy task; the Pokemon makes all the efforts it can to avoid being caught. 
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6. Dodrio 

Dodrio is my favorite bird Pokemon on this list because of its looks and abilities. The Dodrio made their first appearance in the first generation, and they would evolve into a Doduo. A Dodrio weighs around eighty-five kilograms and stands at a great height of five feet and eleven inches.

Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times - Detailed Guide

Runaway and the early bird are the two primary abilities of a Dodrio, and they use their speed to their advantage. The runaway ability allows Dodrio to escape from dangerous fights when they are trying to protect themselves.

However, the Dodrio Pokemon can’t use their runaway ability when fighting for their trainer in a gym.

A Dodrio has three heads, and it uses all its brains to lure its opponents into their traps. The interesting fact about a Dodrio is, a Dodrio won’t sleep with all its eyes closed. While sleeping, Dodrio keeps two heads at rest, and the other stays awake to avoid possible risks.

The three heads of Dodrio make them highly attentive. Whenever a Dodrio senses danger, they begin looking out in different directions. Whenever a Dodrio looks in different directions with undivided attention, the dumbest thing would be approaching them.

Pros of Dodrio:-

  • A Dodrio is a friendly Pokemon, and it won’t necessarily attack anyone who tries to approach them. Moreover, like most bird Pokemon, Dodrios are very loyal to their trainers. 
  • The defense of a Dodrio isn’t weak, so they make for a great partner to rely on in a gym match. 
  • Dodrio approaches their prey with great speed, minimizing the prey’s chances of escaping their attacks.
  • Once a Dodrio is fully grown, it undergoes evolution and becomes a Doduo. Doduo is a stronger Pokemon with the most abilities of a Dodrio.
  • Dodrio is a wise Pokemon, and it plans its moves and plans to confuse the targets. The planning often goes in their favor but overthinking at times works against them.
  • Grass, Bug, Ghost, and Ground-type Pokemon would struggle hard to beat a Dodrio. Attacks of a ghost and ground-type Pokemon are not effective on Dodrio.
  • The Brave bird attack of a Dodrio is the most lethal attack that it does on its opponents. 

Cons of Dodrio:-

  • Though a Dodrio is quite friendly and there are high chances for a trainer to catch them, Dodrios are hard to find.
  • Ice, Rock, and Electric Pokemon can do a lot of damage to a Dodrio. It’s sporadic for a Dodrio to win matches against Pokemon of these categories.

7. Pidove 

Pidove is another bird Pokemon that belongs to a tiny pigeon category and undergoes evolution to become a Tranquill. A Pidove is about twelve inches tall and weighs slightly more than two kilograms. Big Pecks and Super Luck are two special abilities of a Pidove. 

Top Bird Pokemon Of All Times 6

The hidden ability of a Pidove is rivalry, and it makes the Pokemon quite a catch for trainers to fight essential battles.

A Pidove isn’t shy to be around people, so they often tend to follow anyone who gives them food. Though a Pidove isn’t a legendary Pokemon, it has some awe-inspiring moves and capabilities. 

Pidoves are social Pokemon, and they can’t keep themselves and stay away from people. One may find Pidoves in crowded places, and it’s easy to make friends with them. After attaining the twenty-first level, they’ll be ready to evolve.

The growth rate of a Pidove isn’t too fast, so; trainers will have ample time to spend with this tiny Pokemon. Unlike most Pokemon, trainers can also transfer their Pidove from a Pokemon center.

Pros of Pidove:-

  • A Pidove is quite friendly, but if provoked, they may attack anyone annoying them.
  • The attacks of a Pidove are their most substantial aspect and its moves can be quite deadly for their opponents.
  • A Pidove always follows what its trainers command to do, with no objections whatsoever but, trainers need to use simple language. 
  • Ghost-type Pokemon will face difficulties to damage a Pidove as their attacks will go in vain.
  • Even the strongest of the ground-type Pokemon may not be able to knock a Pidove off. 
  • The stamina of a Pidove is quite surprising for their size, and they can fight long battles with ease.
  • Aerial ace and quick attack are the two most deadly moves of a Pidove. Opponent Pokemon need to vary these moves of a Pidove.
  • The rivalry ability allows Pidove to give more damage to opponents of the same gender.

Cons of Pidove:-

  • A Pidove is not strong enough to fight against Ice, Electric, and Rock-type Pokemon.
  • The defense of a Pidove isn’t strong enough to withstand strong blows from the opponents.
  • A Pidove tends to forget the commands of their master, and this trait often becomes a reason for them to get damaged.
  • Complex or too frequent commands of a trainer may pressurize the Pidove and lead them to become unresponsive. 

8. Skarmory 

Skarmory is a steel type flying bird Pokemon which was introduced in the second generation. Skarmory is quite huge in size and stands about five feet and one inch tall.

Since Skarmory belongs to the steel-category, it’s quite heavy with a weight of fifty kilograms.

Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times - Detailed Guide

The defense of a Skarmory is its most vital aspect. The opponent needs to do a lot of work to break through Skarmory’s defense. A Skarmory has two abilities, known as the sturdy and keen eye.

The sturdy ability of a Skarmory allows them to withstand multiple blows and limit the impact of moves like a one-hit knockout. On the other hand, the keen eye allows a Skarmory to hit targets with great accuracy, minimizing the chances of their attack failing. 

A Skarmory gets into tough battles to protect their territory and keep it under their control. Their feather cuts hard because it’s sharper than swords and it’s famous amongst many. The wings might appear quite heavy at first, but they are lightly made, allowing the Skarmory to fly high and fast.

Pros of Skarmory:-

  • Skarmory turns into a friend with trainers and others without requiring them to make a lot of effort. A skarmory is quite friendly and temperamentally calm Pokemon.
  • While defending, a Skarmory is quite strong because they use strong defensive tactics. 
  • The sharp bladelike wings of a Skarmory helps it in battles to scratch and cut the opponent. 
  • The armor-like body of a Skarmory and its light wings enable the Pokemon to fly faster than a bullet. A Skarmory is capable of flying at the speed of one hundred ninety miles per hour.
  • When the bladelike wings of a Skarmory get damaged, they heal naturally and get renewed once a year.
  • Pokemon from about ten categories don’t stand a chance to win battles against a Skarmory. A Skarmory is resistant to attacks from Normal, Steel, Dragon, Poison, Bug, and the ground-type Pokemon.

Cons of Skarmory:-

  • Skarmory struggles to beat fire and electric-type Pokemon as it’s quite weak against them.
  • A skarmory ages slowly and takes longer than expected to reach the next levels. 
  • The special attack of a Skarmory isn’t that impressive, and it doesn’t do a significant amount of damage.
  • The steel body of a Skarmory is prone to rust and, in rainy weather, a Skarmory can’t fight battles. Moreover, during rains, Skarmory stays in its nest to protect its body.

9. Moltres 

Moltres is a legendary bird Pokemon to have featured in our list, and rightly so, a Moltres is rare. The weight of a Moltres is about sixty kilograms, and it is about six feet and seven inches tall. A Moltres is known to belong to the flame category, and its special ability is Pressure.

There are tales in the Pokemon world about the helping nature of this legendary bird. Some say that it helps lost creatures and men find their way in the mountains. Moreover, when a Moltres visits cold places, it becomes the reason for the early arrival of the spring. 

The body of a Moltres also works as a defense for this legendary Pokemon. Any opponent who comes in physical contact with this firebird will get burnt to touch the Moltres. These burns hurt and impact the opponent’s hit points, making it weak in the match.

A Moltres isn’t quite an easy catch, and there are bleak chances for any trainer to get hold of this legend. Moreover, it is said that a trainer rarely gets an opportunity to catch a Moltres. 

Pros of Moltres:-

  • A Moltres is quite a powerful bird Pokemon, and it reflects in its special attack. The opponents who receive the brutal special attack of a moltres don’t stand a chance to win the match. 
  • A moltres not only controls the fire, but it also heals itself using the same fire. Whenever injured, Moltres tends to dip into the molten magma to recover from injuries. 
  • The flames on the body of a Moltres ensure that opponents get a burn on their body. The fire burns the opponent who tries to attack Moltres by making contact with its body.
  • Sky Attack and the Burner are two explosive moves of a Moltres. Both these moves are made with brute power and great accuracy.
  • The Pressure ability of a Moltres allows the legendary bird Pokemon to make its opponent use double PP. 

Cons of Moltres:-

  • Moltres, a legendary bird Pokemon is incapable of undergoing evolution and changing their being. 
  • Moltres becomes significantly weak against the rock, electric, and water-type Pokemon.
  • A Moltres isn’t a friendly Pokemon at all. If someone tries to annoy this legend to appear friendly to them, they may witness the fury of a Moltres.
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10. Staraptor

A normal flying-type bird Pokemon, Staraptor first appeared in Generation four, and it would evolve into a Staravia. Staraptor is a light Pokemon, weighing less than thirty kilograms and measuring over three feet and eleven inches.

Top 11 Bird Pokemon Of All Times - Detailed Guide

Intimidate Is the only primary ability of Staraptor Pokemon, while reckless is its hidden ability. The natural behavior of a Staraptor is quite friendly, but it’s never a good idea to annoy a calm creature.

Moreover, a Staraptor is quite experienced, so any trainer would be grateful to have this bird Pokemon on their team. Moreover, their impressive speed makes them a tough competitor for many Pokemon who struggle with speed.

The muscles and the body of a Staraptor are strong. Its great build helps the Staraptor hunt for food quickly, also making it resistant to strong attacks. However, a Staraptor is mostly unable to beat Pokemon like the Zekrom and Rampardos.

One wouldn’t see a Staraptor getting scared of Pokemon bigger than its size. Instead, Staraptors are known to be brave, and they often take fights with enemies much more potent than them. Despite being rebellious, a trainer has great chances to add a Staraptor to its team.

The impressive catch rate of this bird Pokemon is one of the main reasons why they are so common to find. And since the population of Staraptor is equally divided into males and females, they reproduce well. Moreover, a Staraptor has great stamina, making them a reliable Pokemon to fight tough competitors.

Pros of Staraptor:-

  • A Staraptor is a friendly Pokemon, and they listen to their trainer carefully and follow most of their commands.
  • The attack of a Staraptor is merciless, and it aims to destroy the opponents. 
  • The strong legs of a Staraptor allow them to catch and hold their food while flying. 
  • The Grass, Bug, and Ghost-type Pokemon have no brute effect of their attacks on a Staraptor. 

Cons of Staraptor:-

  • The special attack of the Staraptor isn’t quite significant and doesn’t do much damage compared to its regular attacks.
  • A Staraptor is prone to lose matches against Pokemon from the ice, rock, and electric category. A Staraptor is weak to tackle ice, rock, or electric attacks.


The Pokemon world has some of the finest legendary Bird Pokemon that trainers may try to add to their team. One can also add multiple bird-like Pokemon from various other categories like electric, normal, dragon, and water-type to their team.

There are so many Pokemon in various shapes and sizes of a bird. The chances are that one may get confused about which Pokemon to add and which not to in their team.