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Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac | Review

Millions prefer Bitdefender when it comes to antivirus software and desktop security solution. The IT company offers advanced malware protection and tons of additional internet security protections, all inside its intuitive user interface.

I have been using this security solution on my Mac machine and testing it for the last three months. This antivirus solution has performed up to my expectations and has identified nearly 1000 malware files and that too without slowing down my computer. And to my surprise, Bitdefender’s web protection was able to detect more phishing websites than inbuilt protections from Firefox and Chrome.

Let’s go through this review and understand what makes this the best antivirus for Mac.

Why Antivirus for Mac?

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac | Review

Mac is advertised as the most secure software in the world but it is far away from the truth. Mac & iOS is the most affected software and it is surrounded by wide range of threats, which Apple does not talk about it. You can take the “Silver Sparrow” virus that has impacted more than 30,000 Mac computers around the world. Fortunately, the “Silver Sparrow” is a blank malware, so it won’t harm the software and machine itself.

We cannot leave everything up to Apple because they don’t warn the machine owners and release software update later on, which most administrators skip it.

There is a lack of transparency with Apple, and many people don’t believe that Mac is affected by threats.

The Romanian-based company packaged a complete security solution without a negative impact on your Mac’s performance. Let us look at some of the offerings to figure out whether the this security  solution is worth your money or not.

Antivirus Virus System

Every security solution started as an anti-virus system, and this company is an old player from the early 2000s. The Romanian-based company started long back, and they have been protecting corporations, home users, and small office owners for a long time. Fortunately, you have a powerful security system that will keep an eye on suspicious activity throughout the session. You don’t have to worry about visiting a website and letting the site inject malware into a Mac machine. Overall, this anti-virus system monitoring shields work flawlessly as an integrated protection system.

Safe Files System

Add folders to your watch list, and the software will guard them against ransomware and other possible malware. You don’t have to worry about leaving the important files and folders in the Mac when the security tool is active and keeping an eye on the session activity.

Time Machine Protection

Let us assume that you have allowed malware to enter the machine unknowingly, and then it destroys all data in the machine. You can create a backup with Time Machine Protection, and it will help you to restore erased, deleted, or corrupted data. The TMP feature will protect the backups from all threats at the same time, so no one can lay a digital print on them. Time Machine Protection gives users an edge against any malware that tries to encrypt files or destroy the backups.

Multi-threat Protection

Multi-threat protection is the most important aspect that I expect from an all-rounder security solution. This security software for Mac can defend the machine from adware, malware, ransomware, spyware, virus (generic & advanced), and more. This Antivirus for Mac detects and removes this adware, malicious programs, unwanted toolbars, and another browser add-on that might be annoying you. There is no doubt that this security app got you covered in every department, so you don’t have to blindly put faith in Apple.

Cross Platform Support

The Romanian-based cybersecurity company developed multiple applications, and they support cross-platforms. You can protect Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and browsers with this security app. This security solution detects and removes malware targeting macOS and threats for Windows, so you are aware of the fact that the files you are sending are not compromised. Readers have to choose the number of users while purchasing the license, and that’s how you can add the premium edition on multiple devices.

Hardware Resources & Performance

Apple optimized macOS software for performance and stability, but non-market programs can impact the overall hardware resources and performance. The developers have worked towards building an optimized program, which utilizes less than 400 MB RAM (background) and utilizes less than 1% CPU for the background operations. We implore the 2GB RAM Mac readers to upgrade the RAM to 4GB for cutting-edge performance.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender headquarters is located in Bucharest, which is protected by European Data Laws. There is no risk of illegal data sharing practices, and your data is protected from corporate and government surveillance. Millions of Mac are compromised each year, and Apple does not inform the users and ask the machine owners to update the software. You should not wait for Apple to release an update because it takes time for the team to release a patch, meanwhile, your anti-virus system will protect you instead.