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17 Best Bitlocker Alternatives For Device Encryption

You are going to be exploring the several Bitlocker alternatives software that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. They are free, easy to use with similar features. 

The Bitlocker is a popular Microsoft in-house encryption tool that provides encryption for full disk by using AES encryption algorithm. 

It runs on Windows OS but unfortunately, it is not provided for Microsoft home users. The BitLocker is only available in the Pro version and any Windows above 10.

Well, this isn’t a cause to worry about since there are lots of similar BitLocker alternatives used for disk encryptions.

I will go through some of these alternatives available in the market for disk protection.

Best Bitlocker Alternatives: Our Top Pick👌👌

This list is in no particular order and contains alternatives that I have tested and trust to give some value to you. The final choice you make would depend on your personal preferences.

Here is my list on Bitlocker Alternatives:-

1. VeraCrypt

This is a free Bitlocker alternative if you are in the market for a free tool similar to the Bitlocker tool.

The VeraCrypt tool offers a lot of features to users and a full disk/partial encryption is a part of these features. This tool helps with the creation of a virtual encrypted disk. It has advanced features that let you use the user’s hidden OS encryption. 

Simply put, the VeraCrypt software lets you encrypt whole disks, files, removable media, logical volumes, and partitions.

Best Bitlocker Alternatives

The software is available on Mac OS, Windows, FreeBSD operating systems, and Linux. It is a completely open-source tool that is readily available and user-friendly. 

The VeraCrypt is a supporter of the famous AES one which is an encryption algorithm. It also makes use of several well-known algorithms such as Camellia and Twofish, SHA-256, and RIPEMD-160. These algorithms are options for hash algorithms.

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2. Windows Device Encryption

The Windows 10 Home version of Windows Device Encryption does not give access to the Bitlocker but does give protection to your device.

Some Windows version supports the Device Encryption but to make it work, you will have to enable it on your Windows by activating the TPM, UEF on the PC so that stand by mode is active and ready to function. 

If you are not sure that your device may not support this software, try to enable the encryption mode by going to ‘Settings’, and check for ‘Update and Security.

If the software is supported by your device, you will see an option at the bottom of the left pane that indicates that the software can work on your device.

If this is the case, click on the option and choose the ‘Turn on’ button. After following this process, your system would have been encrypted. 

3. DiskCryptor

The DiskCryptor is another user-friendly and easy-to-use BitLocker alternatives. Its performance on your device is smooth without interfering with the functions of other apps or software on your system. It gives you full disk encryption to partitions and software RAID. 

The DiskCryptor software makes use of several algorithms for encryption. Algorithms such as the AES, Twofish, Serpent, AES-Twofish, and many others.

Best Bitlocker Alternatives 1

It is supported on the Windows 10operating system, and it gives you the option of choice. To choose from the encryption algorithm, mount and unmount option.

For you to track encryption progress, check underneath the ‘Action’ tab. There you will find a recording of your encryption process.

4. GNU Privacy Guard

This BitLocker alternative is open-source encryption software that works on Windows 10,  Debian, Android, and OS X systems. It makes use of a command-line interface and has a huge range of software encryption algorithms that include the following;

  • compression (ZIP, ZLIB, BZIP2)
  • public-key cryptography (RSA EIGamal, DSA)
  • cryptographic hash functions (RIPEMD, SHA)
  • symmetrical key algorithms (Blowfish, AES, IDEA, and many others)

The GNU encryption software gives complete disk protection and at the same time protects individual and partition files just like every other encryption software.

The GPG key expires after a certain period of time but this expiration feature can be turned off and changed to a totally different number depending on your convenience.

The GNU Privacy Guard or the GNUPG is easy and convenient to use. It provides maximum protection to your device with only a command-line limitation.

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To maximize your use of this software, I recommend the prior experience with using the command-line interface. 

5. AxCrypt

This AxCrypt BitLocker alternative provides you with file-based encryption by encrypting every file in need of protection.

It comes with a free and as well as a paid version. For the free version, it provides you with about 128 bits of encryption while the paid gives you 256 bits of encryption. 

How to Use AxCrypt

This software is supported on Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS, and macOS operating systems. With this software, you can remove an encrypted file even when it has not been installed in your system.

All you need is the password to use AxCrypt uninstalled. This is amongst the best BitLocker alternatives you should consider using.

6. Cryptomator: Put a lock on your cloud

The Cryptormator is an open-source encryption tool that can be used on Windows 10, 8,7, and Mac OS operating systems. 

It provides you with client-side encryption alongside transparent encryption that has no backdoors. With the Cryptomator, file-based encryption can be done through the help of the AES algorithm. 

It guarantees the protection of any file filled with data that is stored on a server or cloud storage.

Best Bitlocker Alternatives 2

Cryptomator helps you with the name of files encryption and directories. These directories are personified and become useless for other people to use.

Even though the Crptomator is one of the best options you can opt for to protect your data, it has a limitation. 

It may be complicated at times to delete a Cryptomator file. A solution has not been proffered for this limitation but is rest assured that ongoing research and work is being done by developers to fix this problem.

7. CipherShed

CipherShed is free software specifically for encryption. It provides files and drives protection on your system. It has similar features with another software called TrueCrypt.

It gives you a transparent kind of encryption with an easy-to-use interface. Any file that you encrypt with this software can be stored in any location of your choice and can be accessed when you have a need to.

17 Best Bitlocker Alternatives For Device Encryption

Aside from the easy storage method, the files can be easily transferred without fear of losing part of the stored data.

The CipherShed is supported on Windows and Mac OS operating systems and files can be transferred from one of the operating systems to the other without difficulties. This is a budget-friendly tool, so you should go ahead and try this BitLocker alternative.

8. AES Crypt

This software is supported on Windows 32 and 42 bits. It can also be used on Mac OS, Linux, and Android systems.

The AES Crypt is great for protecting your files as it uses 256 bits encryption and the AES encryption algorithm.

It is user-friendly and would be a recommendation regardless of the user’s experience to encryption tools. To protect a file on your system, right-click on the file, select the encrypt option and provide a password.

By doing this, your file is protected. Follow the same process to get the original information.

One great feature of the AES Crypt software is that no extension is added to the file name. Every single thing remains the same as it was before encrypting the file. 

Compared to other encryption software, the AES Crypt may be slower. Encryption passwords should be kept safe as you will need them for files you want to encrypt.

9. Sophos Safeguard

The Sophos Safeguard has a 30 days free usage policy and afterward, you begin payment as you use the software. Sophos Safeguard uses not only its own encryption methods on its interface but also adopts BitLocker and MAC encryption methods too.

It is possible to connect to a server via HTTPS. HTTPS software gives external users access to servers and you can get to see the real stored files and open them.

Sophos Safeguard has key group features that let a group of users have permission to use some important files.

Best Bitlocker Alternatives 5

It helps you detect threats that are harmful to your system. Once the threat is found, each one of the encryption keys gets automatically deleted from the ‘Keyring’ until the threat is fixed.

This software is a reliable source of protection for your files and system. It gives offers you encryption options for both whole disks and partitions.

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10. Jetico BestCrypt Volume Encryption

This is one of the best-paid BitLocker alternatives there is if you normally use a paid encryption tool to protect your computer.

It totally cares for a Windows data encryption part of your system by offering maximum security while at the same supporting all other algorithms like the AES, Serpent, and Twofish.

The Jetico BestCrypt permits users to have access to the encrypted states of full disks and partitions from a single screen. 

17 Best Bitlocker Alternatives For Device Encryption

The software is able to have control over all the Jetico BestCrypt volume from one login process but with the assistance of two-factor authentication. It also has preboot authentication if you are interested in using it.

It gives you the optimum protection you may desire with a price tag. Well, nothing good comes easily. It can be used on Mac. Linux, and a Windows operating system with ease.

11. FileVault

FileVault software’s encryption is very secure for all types of files. It runs on all Apple devices and is user-friendly. 

You do not necessarily need to have prior knowledge on how to use it because its user interface is easy to navigate through. 

Best Bitlocker Alternatives 7

You can encrypt your file, folder, image, document, or whatever it is you want to encrypt. Its high-level security protection will keep your documents safe using this software in the simplest ways without complications.

Sometimes, FileVault may affect the function of other applications on the system where it is installed. This is a well-documented limitation of this BitLocker alternatives. 

The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 15, FileVault (MacMost #2502)

12. Symantec Encryption

Symantec Encryption is the combination of a strong full-disk and removable media encryption that has centralized management that guards your sensitive information ensuring regular compliance.

This software provides users with the best security encryption. It does this by encrypting each file by compartments. It also supports endpoint encryption to laptops and desktops which uses several types of removable media such as external hard drives, USB, and CD, etc. 

With Symantec, you can access your encrypted files on any Windows and Mac operating system even if the software has not been installed on the system. 

13. ESET Endpoint Encryption

ESET Endpoint Encryption is a well-structured security app that gives optimum protection for your files either when at rest or in transit. 

All of its editions offer file encryption, folder encryption, and email encryption, and is able to compress archives, encrypt virtual disks, add a shredder for desktop to secure file deletion. 

It has an exceptional intuition for user experience making it easy to navigate through its interface. 

The ESET Endpoint Encryption is a simple to use powerful data encryption tool that provides you with full disk encryption and encryption for every other file you want to be protected. 

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Its unique key system encryption shows that protection is highly secure and practical. You don’t even need to have a password whenever you want to share encrypted media.

This is one of the most amazing BitLocker alternatives you should give a try if you are searching for a great and powerful encryption tool for your system. 

14. Kaspersky Endpoint Security

This Bitlocker alternative is especially for businesses. It provides a flexible security option for a mixed kind of environment. It incorporates fully joint building blocks in order to automatically automate threat defense and systems hardening.

This is one security tool that is recognized and awarded to be one of the security apps that is powered by next-generation technology to protect every Windows endpoint which includes the data they carry. 

Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides businesses with the security privilege they need to protect their data that is stored either on a network or in the cloud from cyber attacks. 

This tool has a free business trial that a user can use as a stepping stone to getting familiar with the interface. Although it has a user-friendly interface where you can easily navigate, access data and files.

You should give the Kaspersky Endpoint Security a trial and let it perform the magic it does by providing you with one of the most advanced security encryption you can find.

15. Dell Data Protection

Dell Data Protection is a series of applications that lets you find data security risks that are on your desktops, laptops, and external media storage. It does this by encrypting sensitive information, enforcing control policies, and authentication.

This security tool has easy compliance management with a quick recovery system. With it, system disk and port encryption can be in a single solution without having to worry about lost data. 

It offers you the protection and security you need by supporting Microsoft’s built-in full encryption policies that you know as BitLocker. It gives you complete encryption volume and several ways to secure your operating system from cyber attacks. 

16. Dm-crypt

Dm-crypt is an encrypting subsystem that is visible in versions 2.6 and later of the Linux kernel, as well as in DragonFly BSD. It utilizes cryptographic methods from the kernel’s Crypto API and is a component of the DM (device-mapper) architecture.

It is different from Cryptoloop, in the sense that it was built to prevent watermarking attacks by supporting sophisticated modes of operation like LRW, XTS, and ESSIV.  Dm-crypt solves some of Cryptoloop’s dependability issues.

Dm-crypt is a device-mapper target that may be used in conjunction with other device mappers. As a result, it may encrypt whole drives (including portable media), software RAID volumes, partitions, data, and logical volumes. It displays as a block device that can act as an LVM physical volume, or backup file system.

With regards to the root file system, several Linux versions enable the usage of dm-crypt. Prior to the usual boot process, these distributions utilize initrd to ask the user to provide a password at the console or insert a smart card.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to use any of the Bitlocker alternatives you should definitely decide on one of the lots mentioned above. Even if you do not want to pay for the software, there are several free versions that your computer may support in the BitLocker market. 

Depending on your choice of encryption, you may decide to use and choose from some good and powerful software that is at your disposal.

In the comment section of this post, let us know the BitLocker alternatives you find most interesting.