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Bizi is One of The Best Personal Secretary Apps for Google Play


Business apps are a tough subject. There are a variety of variables to consider. That may include team size, business size, how well the app scales to demand, and tons of other stuff. Some apps are great for huge teams while others do better for business people individually. Some businesses are always in the market for better stuff while others opt to maketheir own solutions. However, the good answer machines and personal secretary apps are rare, especially for Android. That is why today we will speak about Bizi.

Perfect Personal Secretary App

Today we gladly want to introduce a quite interesting “do not disturb” & phone silencing smart application that will help you to focus and do your working tasks properly without unwanted interruptions. Namely, we talk about the Bizi, a smart personal secretary app that will manage various do not disturb cases, an autoresponder and answering machine that will inform the ones calling you about your activity.

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Bizi Features

This amazing secretary app contains various “do not disturb” scenarios but you can create your own SMS message scenarios and Bizi Secretary will send it to callers that were not answered, letting them know why. It’s quite easy to use like with one click activation, with the widget. Another interesting feature is the Black and White List with which you can ser only certain whitelist contacts to ring on certain occasions.

Available in multiple languages

The Bizi App is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, and Portuguese. It’s also free to download on Play Store, so don’t miss it and get it immediately on your Android device.

Google Play Download Link: Bizi – Personal Secretary App


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