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How to Block Annoying Website Web Push Notifications


It’s not just emails and messages that distract you with annoying alerts – now websites demand your undivided attention by sending Web Push Notifications, whether you’re
currently on that site or not.

If you’ve had enough of these unwarranted site notifications breaking your online flow, here’s how to block website notifications requesting desktop access and quieten any PC browser once and for all.

Here is the Step-by-Step Process to Block Website Notifications in Any Browser

1. Block website notifications in Google Chrome

In Chrome, open the three-dot menu button and choose Settings. Scroll down the page and click Advanced to reveal additional options.

Under ‘Privacy and security’, click into Content Settings to show settings for managing pop-ups, cookies and more.

block website notifications

Open Notifications and set the switch for ‘Ask before sending’ to Blocked.

block website notifications

Whitelist or blacklist individual sites by clicking the three vertical dots beside existing sites and choosing Allow or Block.

Or press the main Add button, then manually type the address. Click Add to save

block website notifications

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2. Firefox

In Firefox, type about:config in the address bar and click ‘I accept the risk!’ to proceed.

Scroll down to find dom.webnotifications.enabled and dom.push.enabled. You need to double-click both these settings – the Value changes from ‘true’ (on) to ‘false’ (off).

block website notifications

3. Opera

Click the ‘O’ logo for Opera’s Settings. Click Websites and scroll to Notifications. To block all notifications, tick ‘Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications’.

For specific websites, click ‘Manage exceptions’ and add websites. Use the drop-down menu to Allow or Block.

block website notifications

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4. Edge

You can’t block all Edge notifications – when ‘Let [site] show notifications?’ pops up, select No. If you’ve let a site send notifications, you can switch it off:

click Edge’s three-dot menu, select Settings, ‘Advanced settings’, then Manage. Click each listed site to toggle permissions on or off.

block website notifications 5

Another way to block Edge notifications on a site-by-site basis is to wait until you receive a notification from a site on your approved list.

Open the Action Centre, right-click the notification and choose ‘Turn off notifications for this site’ to stop site-specific notifications in their tracks.

block website notifications


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