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11 Top Book Review Sites To Discover Books You Will Love


When you enjoy reading books but are hesitant to purchase one since you have no way of knowing how the book will turn out, good or bad? 

Thinking about this makes it very difficult for us to pick between books because we don’t want to be disappointed if the book we choose doesn’t measure up to our expectations. 

Because we don’t want to buy a book blindly, we should look at the reviews it has received from people who have already read it. A book review is an excellent way to check out a book before purchasing it from a store.

The more and better the reviews, the more likely we are to buy it because we know we will love reading it after hearing from so many others who have!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 finest book review sites that will provide you with a valuable book review.

Best Book Review Sites – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Goodreads

Goodreads, which has been leading Book Review Sites for enthusiasts who want to read books and want to check out other known and sounded novels, is clearly first on our list of top ten book review sites.

People who want to read a new genre book after reading one usually go to Goodreads, which offers a wide range of reviews for millions of books, along with their finest quotes.

On this website, you’ll discover a limitless number of book lists created by users to explore, and Goodreads also publishes its favorite and greatest list of books from a variety of categories so that readers have a variety of options when it comes to what they read.

Best Book Review Sites

This website also allows you to participate in book discussions and reading groups with other Goodreads users, allowing for more perspectives to be expressed globally through its platform.

If you have read a book, you may score it here based on your own experience with it. It also includes question and answer sessions with writers to allow for a more in-depth discussion of the book.

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2. LibraryThing

How can we talk about book review sites without mentioning a book club? Isn’t it remarkable that LibraryThing is regarded as one of the world’s largest book clubs?🧐

It has made a reputation for itself among the book reader community, with over 2.3 million users, and is classified as a part-cataloging and part-social networking site.

It has given readers the right to have and offer an honest evaluation of the books they have read so that others may have a better sense of what they are reading.

Best Book Review Sites 1

If you want to join this website, all you have to do is sign up; it’s completely free! You may quickly add up to 200 books that interest you to your personal library, and if you want to share your list with friends and family, you can do so.

When it comes to book reviews, it’s definitely a site to bookmark because there are user-generated ratings, reviews, and tags for each book. All of these might help you get a good idea of how a book and its tale are.

3. Book Riot

Book Riot is yet another of the best book review sites that produce articles on a variety of topics, the majority of which discuss and focus on the greatest books available in a certain genre so that others may read them and decide which one they want to read.

The reviews might include everything from the finest writing books to the best video games based on novels. Their goal is to write about books since they are as varied and full of opinions as book genres and reader preferences, which are both flexible and attractive.

11 Top Book Review Sites To Discover Books You Will Love

As a result, they tend to focus on book conversations that include readers and publishers, so that anybody who wants to be a part of the Book Riot community may profit from these articles and debates. 

If you have a passion for books and literature, this site is highly recommended and worth bookmarking or adding to your list of best book review websites.

4. Bookish

If you’re a member of a book club and alternately attend meetups, you should read and learn from Bookish before your next meetup, and tell others about it so that you can all prepare well.

Bookish is a website that can assist you in getting ready for your next meeting. With the aid of all of the accessible discussion guides, book quizzes, and even book games on our website.

Best Book Review Sites 3

Aside from that, you might wonder what else this website has to offer. It also includes food and drinks recommendations, as well as music choices for you.

This site may be compared to additional book club meetings, where you can learn about other viewpoints on a book and gain a new perspective on how individuals who have read it feel.

It also offers a wealth of editorial material in the shape of author interviews, opinion articles, book suggestions, reading challenges, and giveaways, all of which can be found on one website. Isn’t that incredible?

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5. Booklist

Booklist is a print magazine with an online gateway where you may spend your leisure time reading about various topics every other day.

All of the evaluations or reviews on the website are written and published by trustworthy professionals from the American Library Association, who ensure that anything you read is informative and worthy of your time.

11 Top Book Review Sites To Discover Books You Will Love

If you have a book in mind and want to learn more about it, this website can help you out. You may browse fragments of reviews for many books from various genres on the website.

But, you know, not everything is free, right? You must subscribe to their plan if you want to read the entire article or review it. Their yearly plan, which allows you to read and see articles all year, costs roughly $169.50.

6. Fantasy Book Review

This book review site is for you if you enjoy the world of fantasy and desire to be a part of it in real life while dreaming about it most of the time.

As the name implies, Fantasy Book Review (Visit Here) is a website that evaluates books that are based on fantasy, so if you are a lover of fantasy works, this website should be among your favorites.

When it comes to fantasy literature, it is also dependent on the reader’s age, as children’s imaginations differ from adult fantasies. As a result, this website offers reviews for both children’s and adult books.

Every month, they have a book of the month, which is picked from all of the books that have been reviewed. It also features a rating system for books that span from zero to 10 stars.

It also keeps its list of must-read books for each year up to date on the internet. You’ll find fantasy novels that are must-reads that vary from recent to very old, most likely starting from the 1980s.

7. LoveReading

LoveReading has established itself as a top book suggestion website in the United Kingdom, offering customers a diverse choice of reviews of various genre novels.

This website, which is popular in the United Kingdom, has also been proven to be useful for individuals in the United States.

Their mission is straightforward. All they want is to share their passion for books with people who feel the same way, who enjoy reading a good book as much as they do.

11 Top Book Review Sites To Discover Books You Will Love

They assist their users by providing them with necessary guidance and information so that they may choose a book that they would like to read. Fiction and nonfiction pieces are split into two primary categories or genres on the site.

In both genres, the website publishes a variety of content that focuses on the relevant books in those genres, such as weekly staff picks, books of the month, debuts of the month, ebooks of the month, or even nationwide bestsellers, to keep you informed about the books that are coming out or have gained widespread acclaim.

As a result, each book on the list is accompanied by a detailed evaluation so that you may decide whether or not to read it. One benefit? It’s all completely free!

Also, be sure to check out the LoveReading Books part of the website, which can help you locate themed reading lists like World War One Literature or even the Green Reads.

8. Kirkus

Kirkus can be considered vintage if that’s the right term. Kirkus, on the other hand, has been around since the 1930s and has produced some fantastic book reviews for its customers to learn from.

Kirkus is one of the most established book review sites. It offers you information and listings such as the bestselling novels of the week, as well as a detailed evaluation of each book. 

Best Book Review Sites 6

This website also has some beautifully crafted “best of” lists, such as the best of fictitious novels, and provides individual book reviews for a variety of books in many categories and genres.

Also, if you want to find out whose book was the best-seller last week or anything else, simply go to the Kirkus prize area, where you’ll discover all of the previous winners along with a thorough and in-depth evaluation of their book.

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9. Reddit: r/books

Reddit is a well-known website where you may get a lot of answers to a variety of issues that you may have on a daily basis. It also includes a subreddit dedicated to all book reviews and listings of what to read next or what the best-rated books of the week are.

You might wonder what exactly a subreddit entails. Weekly planned discussions discussing a specific topic or genre may be found on Subreddit.

Best Book Review Sites 7

Aside from that, anyone who is a Reddit user may provide their thoughts or insights on the books that are recommended, so that others can learn what to read and what not to read.

The goal of having a subreddit is straightforward. They want to encourage people to have in-depth discussions about everything related to the books, including the authors who wrote them and the genres in which they are published, while also answering questions about publishing in a safe and supportive environment where people can freely express their opinions and perspectives.

Every day, several threads are created with topics such as favorite books on public service or must-read beach reads, and so on, to encourage readers to explore new books in a creative way.

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10. YouTube

Now, you might be thinking, “YouTube and book review?” on the first try. That’s correct, although if YouTube isn’t the first website that springs to mind when you think of book reviews, it may be a valuable resource when looking for them

YouTube is a video-sharing and social media network where anyone may make an account on YouTube and begin recording and posting videos in a variety of genres, ranging from how-to style videos to even book reviews.

Best Book Review Sites 8

YouTube is one of the most popular websites, with thousands of video channels made by users on a wide range of topics, including some you would not have considered. 

One of these is a book review channel that many people have created, where they review books on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis and offer an in-depth analysis of what they liked and didn’t like about the book, as well as an overall rating of how much they would suggest it to you to read.

If you go to YouTube to look for a certain book review, you will discover several video channels that have done so.

Better Than Food: Book Reviews, Little Book Owl, PolandBananasBooks, and other video channels may be of assistance in determining which book to read next or add to your list.

How To Create A Book Review Website

When you plan on creating a book review website, these are the steps that you need to consider:

Step 1: Concept

When preparing to construct a book review website, the first thing you should think about is how you want your site to appear and what you want it to feature.

This covers the kind of book genres you want to feature on your website, where you’ll be writing book reviews. Now, we would advise you to avoid searching by genre because many sites do so, and choosing a site that is unique to a genre might become a competition.

You should also consider how long or in-depth you want your book reviews to be, as well as whether or not you want to incorporate audio podcasts or videos. You’ll also need a solid book review crew that are pros and know what they’re doing if you want to create nice reviews.

Step 2: Monetization Methods

After you’ve figured out what and how you want your website to look, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll make money from the book reviews you’ll be publishing. Adding adverts to your website is, in fact, the oldest method of making money.

To ensure that your website receives a large amount of traffic, you may employ the services of ad networks such as Google AdSense, which allows you to earn money for each click or impression.

Also, if your website becomes famous among third-party firms, you may have them directly work with you by renting advertising space on your site, which isn’t bad, isn’t it?

Another thing to consider is that some authors who aren’t well-known enough and want to increase their readership may pay you to write book reviews on your site so that their work is seen by more people.

Step 3: Features

Now that you’re familiar with the concept and monetization methods, the following step is to choose which features your book review website will require.

Search System: A search system will assist readers in locating a review of a book they are interested in learning about or reading.

Admin Panel: Your website must have an admin panel or content management team that will keep your website up to date and administer all types of services on their own, such as adding material.

Reviews and Rating: Review and rating: Because the website’s name implies that it will be a book review website, there will be reviews published by either writers or users, if they choose to do so.

However, the ratings and reviews that people offer to the books will make your website more trustworthy, allowing other readers to make informed decisions about what to read and what not to read.

Genres: You may categorize books by the genres they belong to, or by subgenres in general. Even if you only review one genre, there will be plenty of subgenres to include on your website.

A fiction genre, for example, may have sub genres such as military, political, or romantic.

Other key elements you may include on your website are book recommendations, or lists of top books weekly, or book of the year, and so on, to keep your audience interested and open to a broad choice of books to pick from.

Step 4: Website architecture

This section describes how you want your book review website’s page structure and software to be. With all of the components, such as the log in screen and user interface, in place, this helps to showcase your website in a more professional and clean manner.

Step 5: Website Development

It may appear simple to create a book review website, but it is not. And, with so many websites on the internet, you’d like yours to stand out, but that’s impossible to achieve on your own.

So, with the aid of custom development, we advocate constructing a sophisticated yet distinctive website that will make things simpler for you and offer you all you want in your website while also assisting your target audience.

A contract with the development business is normally required, as is a prototype, which entails the designers and analysts creating a client frame of how your website would seem when someone searches for it.

In addition, the designers construct a website mockup that depicts how the user interface may seem. The developers then use their coding to bring the entire website to life.

Step 6: Cost

If you opt to have your review site built by a custom development company, you should be aware that they will charge you for it, and it will not be free. So, if you’re on a budget, you may consider creating your own websites using WordPress or other similar platforms.

Step 7: Marketing Your Book Review Website

If you want to establish a meaningful and user-friendly book review website, you’ll need to invest both time and effort. So, depending on your budget, we propose that you pick several options for advertising your website to attract traffic and make it known and profitable.

This might entail increasing organic visitors via website optimization. To ensure this, you must study all of the target audiences’ inquiries and, as a result, assist in the creation of an SEO score that will optimize your content and disseminate it to people.

Also, if you are particularly active on social media, you may devote some time and effort to promoting your book review website using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, which can assist you in attracting traffic.

You may also advertise your website to promote it. With the aid of various advertising networks, you may attract a large number of people to your site that is interested in books, which is a fantastic offer!


A book is believed to be a person’s closest friend since it never betrays them, but the question is if the story will be in their favor. Choosing a book is vital, but understanding what the story is about is even more crucial because you can’t judge a book by its cover!

To assist you with book reviews of all genres, we have selected the top 10 best book review sites above. These sites will let you read book reviews of books that interest you so that you can decide which ones to add to your list and which ones to leave off!