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Top 5 Best Bookmark Manager Tools To Manage Your Bookmarks


If you’re still keeping all your bookmarks in your browser’s built-in manager, you’re missing out on a wealth of extras. We test six Bookmark Manager advanced tools that share your bookmarks across all your browsers and devices.

Best Bookmark Manager Tools

1. Raindrop.io

In an ideal world, your browser bookmarks should be easily accessible wherever you
are. Raindrop.io certainly succeeds in delivering this wish, via a web-based interface you can access in any browser, and add-ons available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, as well as apps for Android and iOS.

Bookmark Manager

There’s a   paid-for option that includes a few more tools and features, but we were
very happy with the free one, which is generously equipped with all the essential tools and leaves only power features for the $3 (around £2.30) per month upgrade.

Bookmark Manager

Both free and paid-for versions require that you create an account and sign in. If you don’t want to start from scratch, the software can import (and export) existing bookmarks
from your browser.

When you click the browser icon to create a new bookmark, it opens a small window below, where you can choose a folder to store the bookmark and add tags to further classify and organize it.

Bookmark Manager

You can also save images: just click and drag the picture you want to save to the
right of your browser window, then drop it on the cloud icon when it appears

There’s a slight complication in that images that link to other pages will save as a bookmark instead, so it’s worth noting whether your mouse pointer turns into a pointing finger when you hover over the image you’re hoping to save.

Bookmark Manager

The web interface lets you view your bookmarks in a variety of ways, from simple lists to dynamic-looking cards and ‘mood board’ views. You can filter and rank the bookmarks by various different means, which makes it a breeze to browse through your saved sites.

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2. Lasso 

When you add a bookmark to Lasso, you get a lengthy form to fill in. This collects some information from the site itself but also gives you several further fields to fill in, including tags, location, and expiry date.

If you can be bothered to add this information as your bookmark, Lasso becomes a very
powerful tool.

For example, there’s a map view, so you can see your bookmarks by location, which is great if you’re saving places to go and visit on your travels, for example.

Bookmark Manager

There’s also a ‘compare view’, which creates a table of your bookmarks;a list view that’s more compact but still provides oodles of information about each bookmark; or the standard card view, which presents the page as a series of images with information below, as if you were laying out a pack of Top Trumps.

3. GGather

GGather has an understated interface which, like our other award-winners, uns on the web with a browser add-on that provides speedy bookmarking.

When you’re on a page you want to keep, click the browser button to bring up a small form with the name and address of the site pre-filled. You can rate the site out of five, add some notes and use tags, which help to categorize the site and find it again later.

Saved sites are available to view via the web interface, which provides a list of all the pages you’ve bookmarked.

You can refine the list by searching, and use tags to bundle your bookmarks under a particular theme or heading, without having to hide them in a folder.

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4. Dropmark

Dropmark lets you create attractive-looking collections of bookmarks, pulling in screenshots of the page you’re on and arranging them in a grid. However, while this
looks good and is easy to use, the free version has a lot of restrictions and limits.

Bookmark Manager

This is fair enough in a product that’s trying to sell a paid-for version, but we didn’t
feel that the free version was as good as our award-winners.

Bookmark Manager and Viewer

If you’re generally happy with Chrome’s existing bookmark tool, but wish it could do a bit more, Bookmark Manager and Viewer build on the browser’s basics while neatly integrating with your existing bookmarks.

A new star button next to the address bar gives you access to your bookmarks along with
a collection of tools for editing them and a handy search option.



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