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Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls


Are you happy with the level of engagement on your website? While your SEO campaign may be generating large volumes of traffic for your website, if you aren’t engaging them or being able to generate leads you aren’t doing enough. Today it isn’t just enough to have a website and believe it would work wonders for your brand recognition.

Every business worth its salt has a website these days and if you are looking to use your online presence to grow your market you need to start engaging your audience. You need to work towards turning your casual visitors into regular users. If you are looking for a sure-shot way of doing it integrating polls on your website would be the smartest thing to do.

Polls are interactive and hence they are engaging. The moment a user comes to your landing page and sees a poll they would want to take part in it. Time spent on average webpage is only few second and that’s all the time you have to facilitate an interaction between your brand and a user. Also the time spent has come down over the last many years. In a mobile-first era where bulk of your traffic comes from the small screen users creating lengthy content doesn’t work anymore. You need to grab eyeballs as soon as they land on your page and this is where polls work better than static content on your website.

Launch a Poll using Poll Maker
Since you have never run a poll on your website you might consider it an overwhelming challenge. After all creating dynamic content used to be a tough ask in the past. But poll makers have simplified the task in recent times. If you have few minutes to spare and have a question in mind you will be able to create and launch a poll in as much time as you take to read this post. You don’t need to worry about designing a poll or coding it as the poll maker would take care of these tasks. All it takes is few easy steps to create a poll for your website and here they are –

  • Choose a template for your poll from the pre-built templates
  • Set the question for your poll in the poll creation form
  • Generate code for the poll to be published on the website
  • Publish the code on your website and the poll is live

How Polls Boost Engagement on Your Website

They Are Interactive
As we have mentioned earlier polls are interactive and hence they attract users more compared to other forms of content on your website. The fact that you can have the poll running across all your landing pages adds to the advantage as whenever a user lands on your page they would find something engaging.

They Attract Regular Users
Polls are one of the best ways to attract regular users to your website. If the content on your website isn’t updated on a regular basis polls can still offer something fresh and new to your returning users.

They Boost Traffic
User engagement on a website is one of the signals that are being used by Google to rank websites. Since polls help in improving engagement on your website you will also gain in terms of SEO score and you will enjoy improve rankings and more traffic on your website.

To conclude polls have proved to be one of the best tools to engage users on your website. They are extremely easy to employ using poll maker and once you add polls you’d see the results immediately on your website.

Joana Upton is a veteran in digital marketing, writes the interactive content. She has spent the last two decades of her life in managing campaigns for her clients and experimenting with new strategies. She has experimented with polls, quizzes, and surveys in the last few years for her campaign and seen great success with them. Using these as a part of tailored marketing strategy she has been able to attract more brand interactions and helped her clients with increasing brand recognition. She is a regular blogger who keeps writing about the new trends in digital marketing.


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