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Browse securely using ProtonVPN: Best New VPN


Other than Tor, one of the best ways to protect your privacy online is by using
a VPN (Virtual Private Network). ProtonVPN, from the company behind the privacy-focused ProtonMail, is free and designed with security as its main focus. To ensure your browsing can’t be compromised, ProtonVPN secures your connection with the highest strength encryption, and doesn’t record anything you do, so there are no logs or tracking to worry about.

 Like most free VPN tools, ProtonVPN has some restrictions to be aware of: it limits the number of countries you can pretend to be browsing from to just three, throttles your connection speed and only allows you to run it on one device. If you require more privacy and security features, you can upgrade to one of the paid-for plans.

The Basic version costs $4 (around £3)a month and ups ProtonVPN’s speed. It also gives you access to all countries and can be run on two devices. The Plus version costs $8 (£6)
a month, can be run on five devices and offers some powerful privacy features
including Secure Core, which redirects your traffic through privacy-friendly countries such as Switzerland and Iceland.

It also lets you route all your traffic through the Tor anonymity network with a single click. You get a seven-day trial of this version with the free download.

If you’re not that worried about security, the free version of ProtonVPN will no doubt suit your needs adequately, although due to demand free users are requested to sign up to
the waiting list to be notified when a download slot becomes available.

How to use ProtonVPN:-

Navigate to https://protonvpn.com/ and download the Client to your PC, select Free if you want to use free. here you need to signup with protonmail account or create a new one.

1.ProtonVPN displays a list of servers in different countries that you can connect to, as well as a map with the servers, plotted on it. Select a server on the map to view it. The majority of servers aren’t available to free users and will be marked as Upgrade Required.

2 Find a server to connect to. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see a Connect button.  Click this to make the connection (it will take a little while). If you don’t care where in the world you’re shown as browsing from, you can just click the Quick Connect button at
the top.

Once connected (it may take several attempts), you’ll be able to see where you’re connected to and monitor your session traffic, including the download and upload speeds. The current IP address will be shown at the top.

When you’re ready to end your VPN connection, just click the Disconnect button.

You can easily check your anonymity level by navigating to https://whoer.net

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Hope my article “Browse securely using ProtonVPN: Best New VPN” helps you to browse securely with protonVPN. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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