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How to Build a Security camera with Raspberry Pi


In this article, I will make a Raspberry Pi security camera using a standard Pi camera. This is a very cost-effective way to get your security camera up and running, which you can view and enable on the web so it’s dynamically activated! So let’s see.

Local government CCTV is terrible; it is all over the world. But I prefer to watch in private hands – use Pi to make your own HD system, and you should be under 35$/10$.

I did how to build raspberry pi security camera with a camera using Motion eye in this article I am using a 1080p A4 technology USB camera, where you can plug in multiple raspberry pi cameras, But I recommend maximum 2 or 3 for whatever camera you want.

Also, consider that this does not include how to access surveillance cameras in the office or elsewhere (can only be accessed through your network), which will focus on how to use Raspberry Pi Multiple Cameras Setting Up Home Surveillance and Animation A simple step-by-step process.

So for the software, we will use Motion Eye

What is Motion Eye?

Motion Eye is the front end of the Linux motion video monitor so then we can easily set up the camera in Linux motion eye. This article takes you through the necessary steps to install and configure Motion Eye on the Raspberry PI. You will build an intelligent video surveillance system based on affordable components and open source software.

Hardware Requirement

  • Micro USB power supply (5V, 1A)
  • Micro SD memory card (at least 4GB) Buy Here
  • USB webcam or CSI camera board
  • USB WiFi adapter (optionally, if an ethernet connection is not available)

Download the latest version of the Motion pi operating system. Once the operating system of motion eye is on the SD card, launch your raspberry pie.

Download & Format the SD Card

  • Download the Motion Pie operating system SD Card Image from the Motion Pie GitHub repository.
  • You will need a formatting tool for formatting the sd card. Click on SD Association’s websiteand download SD Formatter 4.0 for either Windows or Mac.
  • Please follow the instructions to install the formatting software, insert your micro SD card into the computer or laptop’s SD card reader for formatting and check the drive letter which can be located in E, F, G, e.g. F:/
  • In SD Formatter, select the drive letter for your SD card (eg. F:/) and format

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Install the Motion Pie Image into the micro SD Card

  • Please Download the Win32DiskImager.
  • Now Extract from unzip the Motion eye .img file so you can install it onto the raspberry Pi safely.
  • Select the Motion Pi img file and the drive letter your SD card is assigned (Eg. F:/)
  • Then click on confirm you have select the correct details and click on Write.
  • Once done you can safely remove your SD card from the computer.

Booting Raspberry pi

  • Now we’re ready for booting of raspberry pi, so just insert the SD Card loaded with motion eye image, an Ethernet LAN Port . We will need to communicate to the Pi over the network rather than directly.
  • So now just go ahead and make the raspberry pi boot up and then we can move onto it setup correctly.

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Setting up the Raspberry Pi Security Camera

  • Once the Raspberry Pi has booted you will need to do the following steps which are written below:
    First, we have to found out the  IP or hostname so we’re able to connect to the Pi.
  • If you’re using Windows, simply go to network on the right-hand side in the File Explorer.
  • You should see a computer names something like MP-E28D9CE5
  • Go to your internet browser and add this URL to your browser bar eg. http://MP-E28D9CE5 and after it you should now have the Motion Pi interface up for viewing all the steps.

Alternatively, you can find out the IP address of the Raspberry Pi by going to your router. So all the routers are different from each other I will not go into how this is done. Please get the information from your manufacturer’s manual

  • For login into the raspberry pi as the admin go to key symbol in the upper left corner on the screen. The username will be admin and the password should be blank, this can be changed later.
  • So here you Can Add the camera in Motion Eye

  • So here you can access all the setting for the camera stream here. If you’re interested in altering these settings keep reading as I explain them as much as possible below.

That is it Enjoy
Also if you face any problem do let me know!

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Hope my article “How to Build a Security camera with Raspberry Pi” helps you to How to Build a Security camera with Raspberry Pi. if you have any query, feel free to comment.