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Build AYI Google Voice Home with Raspberry Pi Under 35$


GOOGLE HOME is just superior smart home speakers you can buy. Beside with Amazon’s Echo, Home will be a better solution out with Apple’s upcoming product called HomePod and this will release on this year. Even at $130, that is way costly than other products Google Home is out of reach of many people who actually might want to try it out or set up the home automation with it.

Although the junks of wires and cardboard will not magically be a separate box, all you have to offer is your hand, a micro SD card and a screwdriver. Fortunately, unlike many of these hobbyist kits, there is no soldering requirement. Google said the assembly should take about 90 minutes.

Originally, this kit appeared as part of the official Raspberry Pi Magazine MagPi. Because of its tremendous success, Google posted it to everyone who did not get it when it first released. Believe me; Question 57, along with the AIY Suite, is available worldwide, and I cannot find either personally or online Just because it’s just vanished from there.

Of course, since this is based on the Raspberry Pi development board running open source software, you can also use Amazon’s Alexa Assistant to use this suite. There are numerous tutorials outlining how the Alexa API works with any device. I already know that the dual microphone array included in the AIY Voice Kit complements any speech-driven project.

Of course, the cartons you create do not have the same seamless experience as a store-bought device. But once you have purchased this kit, you have the hardware and can use it for your needs. Even Google also encourages venture makers to reassemble their kit in a unique way. After all, this is the real way of doing things.

What you need?

Buy AIY Google KIT from below stores





Included in the kit:

  • Voice HAT accessory board
  • Voice HAT microphone board
  • MagPi AIY Project book
  • Plastic standoffs
  • 3” speaker (wires attached)
  • Arcade-style push button
  • 4-wire button cable
  • 5-wire daughter board cable
  • External cardboard box
  • Internal cardboard frame
  • Lamp
  • Micro-switch
  • Lamp holder

Buy Not Included Necessary Hardware

  • Raspberry Pi Board
  • microSD Card
  • Screwdriver (or this one!)
  • Scotch Tape

Assemble the hardware

Make Installation

Install Rasbian in Raspberry pi if you are beginner I will suggest you to follow my this tutorial How to install Rasbian so then you can install Rasbian easily

Make Project

GCP uses projects to organize things. Create one for your voice recognizer box with this menu.

Follow the tutorial as I mention below

Turn on the following:

  • Web and app activity
  • Device information
  • Voice and audio activity

Download Source Code

This project source is available on GitHub by google: https://github.com/google/aiyprojects-raspbian/tree/voicekit. Note it is released under the “voicekit” branch when they launch the kit again for raspberry pi.

Using your device

Run demo apps that showcase voice recognition with different commands and Google Assistant with different capabilities such as raspberry pi 3,2 and raspberry pi zero. That would be used as templates to create your own apps.


For the device to begin acting as your Google Assistant much like Google Home, start the assistant library demo app which is included in github repository by double-clicking “Start dev terminal” on the Desktop and entering:


The assistant library app has hotword detection built-in. To start a conversation with the Google Assistant, say “Okay, Google” or “Hey Google”. When you are done, press Ctrl-C to end the application.py


Double-click “Start dev terminal” on the Desktop and enter:


Unlike the assistant library demo, this demo does not support hotword detection. To ask Google Assistant a question, press the arcade button and speak. When you are done, either press the arcade button and say “goodbye”, or simply press Ctrl-C to end the application.

Here is the Very First Test video


Hope my article “Build AYI Google Voice Home with Raspberry Pi Under 35$” helps you to Build AYI Google Voice Home with Raspberry Pi. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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