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Bulk SMS marketing is proving boon for your business

Over the last decade, people have switched from using laptops and computers and landed into using mobile phones. Hence massive transformation is observed in various marketing strategies. The variation in trend has led to the adoption of new strategic solutions to promote the business.

Typically, short message service, SMS, was utilized for chat purposes only. There were assumptions that the bulk SMS technique would die soon. However, it is alive and keeps the ball rolling till today. Mobile phones generate a whole lot of traffic.

Among different marketing strategies, Bulk SMS Marketing is gaining importance in business promotion and expansion. It is an emerging communication tool to connect with your customer in a personalized style.

If you are looking to grow your business, Bulk SMS is a novel marketing technique that can significantly benefit you. Before you integrate the SMS marketing method in your business, you must understand the basics of Bulk SMS marketing. Below are the few questions which will hit your mind

What is Bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS marketing is proving boon for your business

SMS marketing is an integral part of mobile marketing. Many businessmen have scaled up their business by utilising the power of bulk SMS to reach their valuable clients. Mostly it is observed that people are comfortable using their smartphones as their primary shopping device. All the ecommerce options have the application built on mobile phones.

Henceforth, businesses must consider mobile marketing as a crucial part of their digital marketing strategies.  Bulk messaging is nothing but the distribution of huge numbers of SMS messages on mobile phone terminals.

It is used by media companies, big organisations, and financial service providers to reach their customers for promoting the products. The Bulk SMS service is also used to protect their customers  against the fraud activity done in the name of the brand. There are also other applications for bulk SMS, including school notification systems, community alerts and many more.

How can you get the bulk SMS service?

There are so many providers available in the market like TouchSMS Online SMS Provider, which help integrate the natural and yet powerful Bulk SMS feature into your business. These services are independent, self-managed, where you can easily upload and maintain the contact list of your valuable customers. It also enables you to draft the media-rich text message to send to your customers collectively.

How can you send free SMS to business?

Integrating SMS marketing solutions into business by this countless software and apps like TouchSMS Online SMS Provider is available at your disposal. It is a matter of just a few steps, and you are all ready for sending bulk messages.

  • Draft your message to send via these applications
  • Chooses and add the recipient’s list from your contact list
  • In the message box, put your message that you want to convey to your customers.
  • Review your message and press the send button.

That’s it. Isn’t it simple? Now for these steps to execute, you would need a service.

What are the additional features and support?

You can achieve an exclusive mobile number i.e., virtual mobile number, to send and receive the message. You can link your account to these virtual numbers to make a campaign, add keywords. It also enables you to gather customer feedback through a unique automated response system.

Moreover, there are controlling but straightforward APIs which run in the background of such applications. These APIs help to determine and report the varied range of opportunities based on your native environment.

Not just this, apps like TouchSMS Online SMS Provider provides EmailSMS. EmailSMS lets you send SMS as quickly and easily. It is possible because EmailSMS combines the feature of Email, which gives you the knowledge of your email platform with the easiness of SMS.

You must be surprised to know that these services provide various online business-friendly platform integrations like MYOB, Xero, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, WooCommerce, or through Zapier.

Attachments enabled SMS

Usually, the SMS has a word limit of 160 characters. However, the Bulk SMS services do not limit you to the word count of 160 characters as you can send files in your SMS to get the focus of your clients. You can post the data, attachments like images, videos, pdfs or excel, spreadsheets, links in your promotional messages, which aids in providing relevant information to grab their attention. 

Auto-reply integration 

The bulk SMS feature does not just enable you to reach your customer. It also helps the customer to contact you instantly. It also allows the customers the auto-reply option by merely texting a simple or keyword. Isn’t this feature amazing? It is one of the best features for two-way customer communications to build a personalized connection with your customer.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

Mostly these innovative, comprehensive Bulk SMS service platforms are free to use. To begin, you have to register for an account to purchase the virtual number, configure EMailSMS to the SMS, browse integration directory. Bulk SMS service providers also attract businessmen to use their service by offering SMS credits. Both promotional and transactional messages use the SMS credits

Key Takeaways

Bulk SMS marketing helps you maximize return on investment with multiple user-friendly, business marketing features. The providers of the Bulk SMS marketing platform have partnered with giant telecom companies directly for the seamless experience.

Bulk SMS is powered by robust technology to compete with other marketing strategies available in the market. Beware of the fake providers who often promise to serve you by delivering false reports and communication features at an insanely low price.

Many Businessmen binged on bulk SMS options to create or increase the visibility of their brand. If you have not started this service yet, it is high time to participate in Bulk SMS service. Utilize the features of Bulk SMS service to spread promotional messages of your business.

Not just promotional messages, send the multimedia messages to publicize a new product, offers, and discounts on the running products to attract your customers in a few minutes