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Bulk SMS services for various Advertising channel


Want to create advertising message in bulk so that it got read by your users in minutes? Today, there are lots of leading SMS advertising channel that offer two-way SMS communication from the internet through enabling computer. It not only reaches borders but also helps in connecting mobile networks worldwide. Apifonica is one among them. It helps small companies to engage well and retain the customer with text and voice messages that got delivered through different channels.

Top values-

  1. Integrity– the company is honest, accountable and fair in interactions
  2. Tenacity-it perseveres across difficulties and ensures better time is ahead
  3. Openness- it is open to a wide range of opinions and ideas. The actions are completely transparent.
  4. Responsiveness-it is not only respectful but also reliable thus help businesses and customers
  5. Freedom– it responds quickly to your need and works to shape the future.

The company offers a standard platform that would allow the client to steadily deploy SMS services. It might include SMS information services, SMS voting, SMS competitions, SMS for the relationship between customers and SMS campaigns.


SMS is the most awesome thing one can get with guaranteed read in the info-overloaded world. Here is the reason why to pick it-

Good infrastructure– it proffers company-owned nodes of communication, in-house team of developers and has own channels.

Favorable rates– it allows you to go as low as €0.002/minute, €0.9/number and €0.01/SMS

Comprehensive support– the team is always ready to offer support and help the clients.


  • Offer two-way SMS pathway- it motivates the user to interact with the business through either by competition or by running polls by SMS. Thus, it receives as well as a monitor send automatic responses and customer texts with an API
  • Quick Setup- it allows setting up of bulk text broadcast easily and fast using SMS API
  • Personalization– based on previous buying demographics, location and behavior it offers a personalized version to the recipients
  • Global SMS coverage- it allows you to reach worldwide customers regardless of their resident
  • Long messages– you can send bulk SMS long messages in 1530 characters
  • It is changing the medium through which businesses communicate and help-
  • Retail- it allows the retailer to reach customers with in-store events, promotions, and discounts. The SMS service will help to drive conversion and stay visible with the customers
  • Faith-based– it increases donations, distributes critical info, grows membership base. SMS services will help the client stay in touch and keep the team focused on goals
  • Food and hospitality- it allows the food-lover, travelers reach messages for events and promote the business. SMS marketing service will help the client please customer that help in driving business

You too can join happy customer using the SMS marketing services to stay connected with the worldwide audience. It offers 98% unbeatable open rates, 5 min time to uncover messages, and 75% receiving of SMS offers.

How it can help your business?

  • Promote– the SMS will make sure it offers a connection with customers that would drive higher sales
  • Notify- it allows you to connect with thousands of contacts using reminders and mass texting alerts
  • Coordinate– it will make the process much smoother using auto-response, SMS alerts, and logistical info.
  • Easily insert files with SMS attachments- your business can convey additional info in SMS by insertion of files, images, and other things as well. It thus saves effort and time in hosting, uploading and generating file URLs.
  • Generate short links- space can be saved in SMS by shortening URL .
  • through URL shortened in-built. It enables advanced tracking so as to send links to recipients and help to trace of mobile number.
  • Creating mobile-optimized pages– it allows you to design pages in minutes. Thus this can be used to put info that can’t be conveyed in the videos, link, images, and site.

How does the SMS channel work?

  • Build subscriber list- it at first collect phone number from the client and allow them to agree on text messages from your company
  • Reach– it newscast messages in abundance through SMS to subscribers at a specific time
  • Track- the customer will receive detailed info on a text message that got sent. It thus measures the performance of SMS campaigns

Benefits of it-

There are a number of benefits of it, but the most common ones are highlighted below-

  • High open rates- yes, SMS messages are frequently read and has a high read rate compared to other promotional mediums. It thus makes sure delivery of high efficient bulk SMS through the campaign.
  • Increased sales- the existing customer got marketed through SMS marketing. The new client can be easily gained through the reselling and is 5-7 times easier. This automatically increases sales conversion rates.
  • Instant deliverability– it allows you to influence bulk SMS and get advertising message read within 15 minutes
  • Cost-effective- at a cost-effective price, you can achieve your goals by delivering bulk text messages delivered in mass. It is affordable in comparison to conventional advertising channels
  • Wide audience reach- the mobile that is SMS-enabled will be able to receive bulk messages irrespective of mobile internet connectivity.
  • High engagement– it allows you to reach the audience directly on mobile phone and personal communication device thus breaking cluttering of messages.

How you can put it to use?

Given below is a list of a category that can put up the SMS service to their business-

  • Repair workshops- repair workshop can use it to remind the existing customer about checkups, test drives, special offer, oil/tire changes
  • Web services- the customer care cost gets lowered through notifying the customer by bulk SMS
  • Insurance company– it prevents the client by making aware of offers through automated bulk notifications
  • Movie theatres– you can send booking confirmation, payment receipts, local opening updates, and exclusive offers to the audience.
  • Tour operators– through bulk SMS loss by selling last-minute offer can be avoided

No matter whether you have a supermarket, hypermarket chain, wellness, fitness center you can now reach your potential audience through the introduction of bulk SMS services. The price related to connection, phone number and rates can be viewed on the official site.

Send your OTP message to the client through SMS gateway service now.



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