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Ways Your Business Can Benefit Using Social Media Analytics Software From Companies Like NetBase


As a business owner, you need to constantly be looking for ways to improve your business. A lot of branding and advertising is done through social media these days. In order to beat out the competition, your social media efforts need to be great. To get the most out of your efforts, you need to track your social media marketing results. This can be done using companies like NetBase which offer social media analytics software and other services.

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Who Is NetBase?

Netbase is a social media analytics company that specializes in helping businesses track their social media marketing efforts. The data compiled will help a business make better marketing decisions. It can also be used to create more effective marketing campaigns based on the results offered from your social media analytics data. NetBase can work with you to process all of your social media posts to help you find actionable business insights for customer service relations, marketing research, PR, sales and product innovation.

Top Benefits Of Using Social Media Analytics

  • Engage Audience Better- A majority of businesses have difficulties trying to keep up with the vast amount of activity happening through social media. All of the activity as a whole can have a great impact on your brand. Most businesses respond to emails and direct questions posted to their online accounts.

There are many other conversations, however, which may be happening that a business is not aware of because it gets lost in the vast amount of social media posts. Using social media analytics will help a business quickly and efficiently insert themselves into these conversations to benefit the customers and offer helpful suggestions.

  • Improve Customer Relations- Customer relations is where social media monitoring can effectively overlap the management of your business’ reputation. Most companies already know how important it is to monitor top review sites such as Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. It is crucial to respond to both positive and negative feedback left on sites like these because they are extremely influential for new and returning customers.

Top social media sites can also be areas where you need to respond to feedback. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy to find feedback when it is left. This is where social media analytics comes to the rescue. It can monitor anything being said about your company so that you may respond quickly and appropriately.

  • Monitor Competition- In order to become and stay successful as a business, it is important to stay ahead of your competition. An added benefit that many businesses don’t use with social media analytics is the ability to track their competition. The competition can help you find out more about your audience and identify better strategies to use in your marketing efforts.

You can use the data to observe how your competitor’s customers are responding to their posts. Smaller companies can use the ability to “spy” on larger companies to see what works and what doesn’t in their industry. A business can track which sites they use and how many followers they have. This will offer an indication of whether your company could find success on the same types of platforms.

  • Engage With Loyal Customers- In this day and age, a business can greatly benefit from identifying and engaging with loyal customers and brand influencers that are helping to support the company. The social media analytics software has a tool company’s can utilize to keep track of their most valuable brand advocates and customers. This will allow a business to stay informed and build better relationships with their best customers. Some of your top customers can help with your social media campaigns by offering to review a new product or service you offer to their followers.


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