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Buy app installs android ranks will depend on

Creating and promoting android apps became a profitable niche that attracts large number of people willing to succeed in. Considering this fact, relying on just a high quality and good design of your app often result in a low probability to get high ranks at Google Play or any other app store.

According to keyapp.top expertise, 47 percents of experts do not use all the possibilities to promote their apps. Thus, much of organic traffic just passes through them. We describe how to get high rank and not to lose organic traffic. 

Keyword promotion, with what to start?

Usually android apps that occupy the highest positions in their categories need approximately 20 – 30 installs per day. For newly created app this amount seems extremely impossible to get.

Fortunately, there is another easier and cheaper way to promote apps. This promotion is based on keywords. Using this strategy correctly will allow you to get high ranking for particular keywords that are the most relevant for your app.

Keyword installs are performed by incentives who search your app by the particular word or phrase, find it and then download.

After this they keep it for some time, during what search robots notice this install and at the end your ranking start growing. So, let’s have a look at how you can improve ranking by incentive (motivated) installs. 

At the beginning you need to understand what keywords are mostly used by users to find your app. In case if your app is not absolutely new, go to your Search Console and through acquisition repost find words and phrases with the highest conversion into installs. Exactly these words will be your keywords for further promotion. 

When the list of keywords is ready it is time to group them and after this analyze their position. If you face any difficulties during checking positions by keywords, you always can do it for free at keyapp.top. 

The last step is to pick particular amount of keywords to promote. At this stage the most common mistake is to put all efforts into promoting only one the most ranked keyword. More rational strategy consists of promoting few keywords at same time. Below we will have a look at how buy app installs can help to get high ranking by keywords. 

Number of installs to get success

As we already have said above that keyword promotion does not need thousands of installs per day. Furthermore, a sharp increase in number of installs may be considered by Google Play robots as suspicious activity. As a result, ranking position of your app would be same or even it will make your app out for this particular phrase. 

Our practice showed that it is better to start with 10-15 downloads daily and keep this up until you reach 20-30 positions. Starting from that time you should increase numbers of installs up to 1,5 times more per day.

What is the difference between these positions? Why to start increasing only from 20th? The explanation is simple. When you already get to 20th your app became visible for organic users, that means you will get first non-incentive installs. So, increasing number of installs at that moment will give you solid growth in ranks up to 1-3 positions. 

One more thing that we would like to point out is that being at 2-3 positions you should better keep it, instead of rushing to first one. All these 3 ranks are constantly changing, depending on what app catch more attention by users.

So your app certainly will also move into 1st place. But if you go on using incentive installs to reach the top of the search, it might be risky for app overall index.             

How does buy app installs works? 

Buy app installs android ranks will depend on

There is various discussion about how and by whom motivated installs are performed. We would like to ensure you that most of incentive installs are from real people. As it is much cheaper and more convenient to provide incentive traffic with a help of real employees rather than use any additional huge service to supply other kinds of installs.  

We use our platform to provide incentive installs. As soon as we get new order, it is placed in our system where users can see and perform it. And when uniqueness of these installs will be checked our employees will get their payment. 

 Usually these downloads are without in-app activity: app is downloaded, opened and kept on phone for 3-4 days. Within that time any market algorithm is able to count this install and therefore change your ranking for the better. 

If you want to make sure that all these installs were unique, you always can ask for the list of devices IDs through which incentive installs were made. 

Importance of ASO for high ranks

Optimization of app store will attract more organic traffic, so if you want to get high ranks and keep it for long you need to ASO your app. Let’s see how it works.

The ASO consists of 4 components: keyword analysis, app’s description, attractive icon, good screenshots. The first what people will see while searching for new app is icon. So needless to say that if you what to overcome opponents your icon should be as much attractive as possible. 

The market algorithm is mostly based on text quality. Therefore you have to write in the most relevant keywords into titles, subtitles, and description of the application. Another important part is that you should not just use them randomly but create an amusing description of all options your app can provide. 

If you have too many words and phrases at your keyword core, you can expand their presence on the app page, adding them to captures and reviews. Colorful and eye-catching screenshots with keywords on them will for sure draw a lot of attention. 

Is your application ready for promotion with incentive downloads? Contact keyapp.top experts and buy app installs Android app needs for better positions.