Home Digital Marketing Buying a new business? Here’s how location matters more than you think.

Buying a new business? Here’s how location matters more than you think.


Assuming that you’ve figured out the kind of business that is best suitable for you, now is the time to focus on the choice of location. When buying a new business, location holds greater importance than you might realize.

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A lot of factors come into the picture when the location of a business is analyzed, and you need to be sure that it’s the right choice for your new venture.

It’s not just the price of the business that is affected by the area in which it’s located. There are also many other factors that are affected by location, which will be described below.

  • Consideration of area’s rules and tax laws:

The choice of location brings with it specific rules and regulations that any business entity is bound to follow in order to operate in that particular area.

For instance, if you’re interested in acquiring an existing business for sale in Michigan, you’ll be better off knowing about the taxes you’ll have to pay in Michigan.

This not only provides you with a clear idea of the total amount that needs to be paid to the government but also determines whether that location is rightly suited for you.

Your attorney will be able to let you know what the laws are regarding the taxes and buying a business in any particular part of the world. You should have a formal discussion regarding all the legal documents that need to be considered before you even start looking for businesses for sale.

  • Identify the market competition:

When it comes to operating a business, competition is not always a painful thing to deal with. In certain cases, market competition might be the thing your business needs desperately.

The location of the business you’re looking to buy should be selected in such a way that the proximity of any market competition is suitable for its operations once the ownership changes.

If you’re going to buy a dealership-type business, like those dealing with car and property sales, having competitive businesses nearby is of the utmost advantage.

This is because customers would be able to compare the prices offered by different dealers, and having them all located nearby makes this comparison easy and less time-consuming.

  • Dig out the growth opportunities for the business you’re buying:

To run a successful business, possible growth opportunities should not be ignored. Your team must be able to figure out in which areas the business can possibly be expanded once you buy it from the present owner.

Traditionally, business owners would be most likely to approach you with a comprehensive list of such expansion opportunities while presenting you with the sale offer.

However, do not forget to question why these opportunities were not taken advantage of while the seller was running the business. You’ll be able to assess whether these suggestions hold any true potential or are just a bunch of crazy ideas.

  • Would you be able to find the required talent in that area?

Okay, so now you’ve figured out what location you should chose for the best market conditions and suitable tax slabs. But there’s yet another factor decided by the business’s location – the skill base in that area.

Apart from the current employees, you must ensure that you’d be able to find the right set of people within a reasonable proximity to the business.


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