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11 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives For Content Marketing

BuzzSumo is a renowned digital marketing tool. It can assist in the creation of great content, the analysis of content quality, and the identification of social media influencers.

As a result, the service is used for various purposes, including competition intelligence, influencer marketing, content planning, and digital PR. One can use BuzzSumo to research by inputting a keyword or domain name.

While many people praise BuzzSumo for its functionality, some argue that it is fairly costly to use. To be clear, BuzzSumo only enables 10 free monthly searches, and paid subscriptions begin at $99 per month.

If you’re one of the latter, here are 10 of the greatest free BuzzSumo options.

Best BuzzSumo Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner is an info-collecting application designed for SEO professionals and marketing firms. It’s a search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) software system for managing digital marketing, web projects, and many other internet marketing operations.

Marketing Miner is one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives; it is a sophisticated data mining tool that extracts and gathers critical data from the person’s input information. Keyword miners, domain miners, URL miners, and product miners are the four analysis tools included in the package.

Marketing Miner simplifies the process of evaluating keywords and selecting the ones that are the best standard and relevant to your industry, allowing you to optimize your SEO efforts and appear higher on search results pages.

EN: Marketing Miner intro

Google’s user engagement and CPC (cost per click) of terms, as well as carefully assessing the competition of a search query and automatically categorizing it.

SEO specialists and businesses can maintain track of their rankings and website’s performance in organic search by using Marketing Miner and several of its important features. They may also see what advertisements and other methods the rival is using.

Furthermore, this data mining tool enables customers to collect and evaluate critical data on the market performance of their products and services. It allows them to assess rates and pricing, as well as track brand mentions on the internet.

Competitor analysis, Google analytics integration, rank, and keyword tracking, keyword research and auditing tools, mobile search tracking, and link management are just a few of Marketing Miner’s capabilities to make the data mining process easier.

Users of Marketing Miner can use the four data mining tools to develop their marketing tactics and improve their SEO techniques to obtain the desired outcomes.

The keyword miner tool may provide a wide range of information, including search volume, SERP position, link prospecting, and SERP analyzer, to name a few.

For small to mid-sized organizations and enterprises, Marketing Miner offers four pricing packages: Minee, Miner, Digger, and Machine. Miner is a free plan that includes a thousand credits every month. It’s sufficient for one project with five recorded keywords.

The Miner plan is $29 per month and includes 100,000 credits, one project with 200 tracked keywords, and one with 200 tracked keywords. Digger is available for $59 per month and includes a million credits. It’s useful for up to ten projects, each with 200 recorded keywords.

The Machine plan costs $99 monthly and includes two million monthly credits. The plan covers up to 20 projects, each with 200 recorded keywords. Go to the Marketing Miner website for more information on the pricing and features included with each package.

Seo experts, salespeople, and web developers can use Marketing Miner to obtain complete and precise data for keyword analysis, SEO, and online marketing. 

Every one of the resources you’ll need to boost your SERP performance, alter your business plan, and enhance your SEO is included in the software package. It’s worth taking a look at. If you are looking for BuzzSumo alternatives, Marketing Miner is a great way to begin. 

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is one of the most used BuzzSumo alternatives. It is an internet competitive intelligence service created by the Israeli SimilarGroup that delivers visitors and marketing data for any website.

Users can get a rapid snapshot of a site’s scope, rank, and user interaction with the application. Customers look for information by typing in a single website URL or performing a group search by industry or country, which returns the top 50 internet sites.

SimilarWeb processes raw data into interesting and useful site statistics, such as sources of traffic, organic vs. sponsored search, social traffic, similar websites, and more. SimilarWeb’s default folder shows site traffic for the previous six months.

It shows the global, US, and categorization rankings, as well as audience breakdowns by country and traffic source.

SimilarWeb has a visually appealing dashboard with a plethora of information separated into eight categories: Geography, Referring Sites, Search Traffic, Social, Display Advertising, Audience, Similar Sites, and Mobile Apps. 

Best BuzzSumo Alternatives 1

SimilarWeb has a free version (sign-up required) that allows users to get a feel for the tool while having restricted access to the PRO tool’s features. 

The free account includes 5 results per measure, 1 month of data from mobile apps, and 3 months of data from online traffic.

SimilarWeb’s premium version is customizable to your targeted customers. Still, it includes unlimited results per metric, 28 months of mobile app data, up to 3 years of web traffic data, and more insights.

The alerts will be shown on your user dashboard and delivered to your e-mail address. 

You can create alerts to display metrics such as variations in desktop visits, worldwide rank, referral traffic, and keyword patterns from inside the website reports.

Users who do not have a subscription can receive a full PDF report via email (you cannot download it simply from the website). 

The data is a screen capture of the website report. You may also get the code for the expected monthly visitors and the traffic sources graph, which you can use to embed on your site.

SimilarWeb has taken a huge move into the mobile sector, as one would expect from a leading internet brand. 

Their application provides in-depth mobile app assessments that provide useful information about your app and allow you to compare it to other apps in the same sector or category.

Some mobile capabilities are in beta or just available for Android apps; however, the theory is clear: mobile traffic is comparable to (or even greater in some cases) PC traffic and should be evaluated and measured.

SimilarWeb gathers information from two sources: a user panel and a web crawler. According to SimilarWeb, they have the largest web measuring panel in the world, with a strong presence in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia-Pacific. 

Users who have downloaded their free browser plugins, add-ons, and apps and opted-in anonymously have their clickstream data gathered. 

The SimilarWeb widgets (Website Visits, Traffic Sources) and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox allow users to check basic site stats while they’re on the move.

Users who install the extension are automatically added to SimilarWeb’s user panel; their online activity is monitored, and their browsing data is shared with other users who use SimilarGroup’s plugins, like the SimilarSites toolbar and extensions.

Every subtopic has information on the data, and each subject has a clickable info button. Each topic provides useful links; also, the add competitor option provides auto-completion (referrals, google SERP, competitor websites Etc.). The tool is also quite quick.

The user interface is fantastic and provides a thorough and informative overview compared to other BuzzSumo Alternatives.

Traffic figures are only available for whole months; setting specified date ranges is impractical (in the free version). This is a  disadvantage of SimilarWeb compared to some other BuzzSumo alternatives

SimilarWeb can provide competitive data about your sector and primary competition if you own a  website or are an internet marketing expert. It allows you to see what the competition is up to, compare their results, and gain a sense of your industry. 

You should give particular attention to all data estimations offered by SimilarWeb when measuring campaigns and taking advertising decisions that depend on traffic quantity and growth rate, and assess whether or not they make sense when compared to precise figures from Google Analytics, for instance.

Regarding population geo profile, the platform may be the ideal option if you want to track traffic from all over the globe. 

Being one of the preferred BuzzSumo alternatives, SimilarWeb provides a near accurate estimate once it comes to determining the percentage breakdown of traffic flow sources flowing to the investigated site.

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a tool that analyzes the hype surrounding a product. If one is looking for an influencer on social media influencers for internet advertising, this is one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives.

HypeAuditor, in particular, will assist you in distinguishing between genuine and false influencers. As a result, every dollar spent in your campaign will benefit your brand. HypeAuditor has over 23 million influencers in its database.

11 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives For Content Marketing

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers make up the majority of those on this medium. Like BuzzSumo, it doesn’t have nearly as many Facebook influencers.

To determine the best influencers, over 35 metrics are used to evaluate them. The AI system makes it simple to identify fake influencers.

HypeAuditor digs deep to provide you with all of the information you’ll require about any influencer. You’ll learn about their age, gender, where they live, and how to contact them. In the same way, you can learn about their target audience’s characteristics.

Best BuzzSumo Alternatives 3

One can also receive competitor insight with HypeAuditor. The system enables a market research tool that allows you to check industry trends and monitor your competitors’  business initiatives.

You can utilize the HypeAuditor system to track influencers’ activities after they’ve been hired.

HypeAuditor Cost:-

HypeAuditor is a free program that may be downloaded. You can follow mentions on social networking sites and see top influencer profiles with the free account. One can engage with about 150 influencers and handle up to ten projects with this tool.

The free version enables your team to work by providing access to information, discovery, campaigns, and other features. However, using any paid plan, these restrictions can be eliminated.

  • $99/month for Pro Add-Ons
  • $399/month for the Basic Plan
  • Custom pricing is available with the Enterprise Plan.

4. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel describes this tool as a free SEO tool that can assist increase visitors. It’s an excellent BuzzSumo substitute for content planning and competitor research. Many tools are available on the medium for locating and optimizing effective keywords for any content.

It’s simple to find out what one’s competitors are up to using Ubersuggest. By just looking at their website, you can assess their marketing plan.

The top contents and publications performing on SERPs can be found by analyzing keywords. Ubersuggest provides advanced keyword recommendations to help you make your unique content.

The Ubersuggest tool reveals your competitor’s greatest backlinks if you’re concerned about SEO. maUsing the A/B testing calculator is one of the advantages of this program over many other BuzzSumo alternatives. 

This enables you to compare and contrast websites and marketing initiatives to determine which ones are the most effective.

For tracking, Ubersuggest is a great substitute for BuzzSumo. You may use it to keep track of daily updates in your standings in over 20 different areas, on desktop or mobile. Furthermore, a Chrome Extension is available for the medium.

Ubersuggest Cost:-

Ubersuggest seems to be more of a free service than a paid service. Unlike BuzzSumo, one can use additional features without paying a subscription. People and businesses who wish to accomplish more might opt for the software’s premium plans.

BuzzSumo’s premium plans are significantly less expensive. You have the option of paying a monthly fee or purchasing the product for a one-time fee. These are some of the plans.

Ubersuggest Subscription:-

  • $12/month for an individual plan
  • $20 a month for a business plan
  • $40 per month for the Enterprise/Agency plan

Plan for a lifetime

  • Individual Plan — A one-time payment of $120 is required
  • $200 one-time payment for a business plan
  • $400 one-time payment for Enterprise/Agency Plan

5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a one-stop shop for all of your SEO requirements. If SEO is what you’re looking for, it’s one of the foremost BuzzSumo alternatives. Rank Tracker is the most important of its four SEO tools.

For targeted keywords and content generation, the Rank Tracker can be used. The Rank Tracker, similar to BuzzSumo, helps track keywords and sites for changes in their rankings.

11 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives For Content Marketing

A feature of SEO PowerSuite that BuzzSumo lacks is its Website Auditor. BuzzSumo can examine websites; however, the Website Auditor digs deeper to see if they’re SEO-friendly. If current optimization is lacking, you’ll receive suggestions for improvement.

Backlink assessment and research are done with the SEO SpyGlass tool. One can discover which backlinks benefit the competition’s rankings and replicate them. LinkAssistant is a tool that aids in the creation and management of links.

While BuzzSumo may be accessed online, SEO PowerSuite requires software installation. Every one of the tools has its software application, which may be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

SEO PowerSuite Cost

SEO PowerSuite’s 4 tools are all available for free. BuzzSumo allows you to run 10 free searches each month; however, SEO PowerSuite has no such restrictions. Multiple web pages and keywords can be analyzed.

Professional SEO results are also included with the free version. You can’t plan tasks, see your ranking history, or follow competitors directly with the free version. Any of the following premium services can be used to eliminate these restrictions.

  • $299/year for the Professional Plan
  • $699 per year for Enterprise Plan

6. Vestorly

Vestorly is a statistical analysis and strategic platform among BuzzSumo alternatives. You may use this platform to locate, filter, and tailor content to provide your audience with the greatest experience possible. Vestorly employs AI, thus, it’s a sophisticated platform, but it’s also quite simple.

You must select search criteria to utilize Vestorly. The program will scour the internet for information that matches your requirements. After that, you may sort all of the stuff you’ve found, so you’ll be keeping only what’s important.

The final material is tailored and published following your schedule after your audience participation. As the AI grows smarter, the process continues, and the more the software is used, the more tailored material you’ll receive.

BuzzSumo and Vestorly all use APIs. You may link the Vestorly resource management system to other sophisticated search engines or incorporate it using your platform with the API.

Vestorly isn’t for one looking for BuzzSumo alternatives that keep track of your competition or locate influencers. The tool is solely for content discovery and analysis.

Vestorly Cost:-

You may discover and analyze materials online using the free Vestorly profile. You can conduct as many searches as you like, and you can use the clever sorting, searching, and filtering features.

Users equally get 500 personalized articles and 5 content suggestions based on their past engagements. You may also expand the functionality of your basic version by integrating marketing content and content administration system services.

If one ever requires additional functionality, you can upgrade to one of the below-paid plans.

  • Standard Plan —  $59 per month invoiced monthly or $49 per month billed annually
  • Professional Plan — $599 per month for monthly billing or $499 per month for yearly billing

7. Influence.co

If you’re looking for social media influencers and don’t want to use BuzzSumo, Influence.co is among the best BuzzSumo alternatives. The program is solely dedicated to finding niche influencers.

Influence.co, has over 100,000 influencer accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest are where you’ll discover most of the influencers. Influencers on blogs are also a thing.

It’s simple to find influencers compare to other BuzzSumo alternatives. Just choose a niche or sector to work in. While the best influencers would be at the summit, influencers are rated according to the amount of content on their profiles.

Influence.co enables you to search not only by niche but also through the audience, publication rates, audience engagement, and past businesses they’ve worked with to guarantee you find the ideal influencer.

Users don’t have to move to other online platforms to chat with the relevant influencers once they’ve found them. With the built-in messaging kit, you may start a chat right away.

One can also use the built-in reporting kit to keep track of what your hired influencers are up to. This tool tells you whether or not a particular influencer has published, the number of posts they’ve made, what media files their posts have, the number of engagements, likes, and replies they’ve had, and more.

Influence Cost:-

BuzzSumo’s influencer searching is free; however, you may only conduct ten searches each month. But by using a free Influence.co account, you can conduct limitless influencer searches every month.

The free version allows you to create 3 influencer profiles, but each query returns up to 50 results. One can also have monthly discussions with up to 25 influencers. The following plans are available for using the pro account.

  • $349 per year for a Personal Pro Account
  • Custom Pricing for Business Pro Accounts

8. Zigstat

SEMRush’s Zigstat is a free online SEO analyzer. It’s an easy-to-use platform with a lot of features.

Zigstat was created to assist people in enhancing their online presence. Zigstat is one of the most appealing BuzzSumo alternatives for competitor analysis and keyword research.

Zigstat has two major features for content optimization: a backlink detector and a keyword checker. You may analyze any domain by just entering it, and the program works quickly. In just 5 seconds, you have your answer.

If one uses Zigstat to examine a competitor’s web address, he would see their top 25 keywords, as well as their activity, query intensity, and SERP position. 

You’ll be able to find the right keywords for the product roadmap this way. The keyword and traffic volume will pique your curiosity if you’re keen on advertising.

Backlinks are not much different. You receive info on competitors’ best backlinks, including the contained link’s URL, attributes, link category, and quantity of backlinks.

Zigstat even converts the IP, DNS, and Whois data of your rival’s website. This information will assist you in figuring out where your rivals are based and how for how many years they’ve been in operation.

You can utilize upwards of 20 more services on the system, most of which are not offered on BuzzSumo. The Modify Article feature, for example, allows you to rewrite text to make it distinctive. Another useful tool is the Keyword Density tool, which ensures you aren’t misusing keywords in your text.

Zigstat Cost:-

For targeted keywords and competitor insight, Zigstat is top among the free BuzzSumo alternatives. You don’t have to pay to use it, and you don’t even have to create an account.

9. GetKeywords

GetKeywords allows you to conduct local keyword analysis and intent research for your work. It’s one of the top BuzzSumo competitors since it concentrates on intent and usage patterns, which are important factors for search engines.

GetKeywords is a one-of-a-kind service. The platform uses machine intelligence to find keywords that are relevant to particular reasons. It’s up to the user to decide what you want to accomplish with your keyword analysis. 

GetKeywords Introduction

You can define your intent as an inquiry, eCommerce, or locating video files, for example. Instead of using keywords, you can use domains to conduct your research.

The software has a huge database with keyword info from more than 100,000 places. The information is updated frequently and is accessible in over 45 languages.

GetKeywords is simple because it presents all essential metrics in a single dashboard. This covers both queries and keyword ideas, as well as SERP rankings and other information. Metrics such as top regions and device type might help you better comprehend your audience.

This BuzzSumo alternative is excellent for competition intelligence because it allows you to discover and understand where the competitors’ traffic comes from.

It is used in over 152 countries and is pretty popular. Over 200 million domains have been tracked by users thus far.

GetKeywords Cost:-

This BuzzSumo substitute provides a free unlimited plan. It’s quite different from BuzzSumo, which restricts you to ten monthly searches; the free subscription allows you to conduct limitless keyword searches.

You can also conduct competitive research and receive up to 2500 keyword recommendations monthly.

If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription, you have three alternatives to choose from:

  • When invoiced annually, the Startup Plan costs $24 per month.
  • When invoiced annually, the Growth Plan costs $29 per month.
  • When invoiced annually, the Executive Plan costs $49 per month.

10. Right Relevance

Right Relevance is the last on our list of best  BuzzSumo alternatives. Right Relevance may be used for two main purposes: content finding and influencer identification. BuzzSumo’s key elements are both of these.

Using your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, you can effortlessly join  Right Relevance. You may use the tools to research by searching for any field you’re interested in. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can link your Twitter page to obtain helpful suggestions.

Right Relevance’s database has approximately 40,000 organized subjects, each having an endless number of online articles.

Users can filter content results by location, relevancy, and date uploaded while searching for a category. For the latest post, you can choose from those published that day or the previous week.

Right Relevance, similar to BuzzSumo, allows you to filter articles by media content. One can also use the subject rank to sort the results. 

One can also go through two or more categories at the same time. Users can save stuff to their feeds and the material they like for future reference.

Finding influencers isn’t all that different. For any researched topic, you may find people or organization influencers and rank their posts by Topic Score. You may connect to the influencer’s social media profiles straight from  Right Relevance’s portal and stay updated.

Right Relevance Cost:-

Right Relevance is completely free to use. Even if you don’t have an account, you can use their web platform to look for material and locate influencers.

Payment may be required solely if one uses Right Relevance as a third-party medium.

  • Right Relevance costs $9.99 to run on Hootsuite.
  • Right Relevance costs $9.99 to run on Hootsuite.


What is BuzzSumo used for?

BuzzSumo is a platform used by hundreds of content marketers constantly searching for trending and engaging pieces of content to create something unique.

However, you can check out different content that is currently viral and booming on social media with the highest number of likes, comments, shares, and engagement so that you can create something similar.

Does BuzzSumo have a free version?

Yes, you can try out BuzzSumo with the help of their free version. However, the features are limited here and are only available for a short period, after which you have to subscribe to the paid plan to continue with all its features.

You get 30 days for the free plan or 100 limited searches, whichever is exhausted first. 

Is BuzzSumo a SEO tool?

Yes, you can say BuzzSumo is an SEO tool that content marketers and other individuals use to research new ideas.

You can use features such as Keyword Research, competitor analysis, monitoring trends, and other aspects that play a major role in improving the SEO of content pieces or websites in general. 

Is Google Trends good for SEO? 

Google Trends is another SEO tool that acts as a great BuzzSumo alternative. It is free to use by anyone, and you can easily make the best use of it to work on the SEO for your content.

You can use this tool to research keywords, create content calendars, search trending content, create a marketing campaign, etc. 

How do you use Buzzsumo to find influencers?

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool that not only allows you to research keywords but can also find influencers as well that are trending on social media. You can start by researching a topic you are interested in through the Content Analyzer.

Now, look for the content with the most shares and reach on a particular platform, such as Instagram. You can check out the influencer that has posted that content. 

What is better than BuzzSumo?

If you are not too impressed by BuzzSumo, you can simply choose other alternatives that might be perfect for you in multiple aspects. The most popular Seo tools are Ahrefs, Mention, Google Trends, etc. 


Every online marketing campaign includes content research and analysis. For this reason,  freemium tools such as BuzzSumo and its alternatives exist.

If you find BuzzSumo to be too pricey, you may go for one of the less expensive alternatives that come with additional tools and is free to use.

Of course, my list is not in any particular order so that you can pick and choose according to your individual preferences. I would also be interested in knowing what makes an alternative preferable for you.