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Cake Web Browser – It’s Time to Replace Your Mobile Browser

Since its release in 2016, the cake web browser has gone through a series of updates all in a bid to provide a better user experience. It has gotten lots of downloads and thumbs up but here is my candid opinion on the cake web browser.

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The search experience

Cake is not trying to force down a particular web browser down your throat. It works with various search engines to give you the best search experience. It also gives you the opportunity to select the particular search engine that is most suitable for you. I like the fact that this freedom is given to users.

cake web browser

Once you have selected your most preferred search engine, you can then begin to browse through. There is also a difference with the way search results are being displayed. Unlike the regular browsers that display results as a long list of various sites, cake web browser displays theirs as a tile where you have to swipe through to view results.

This is different as it lets you see a tidbit of information on each tile even before opening it but there is a downside. This makes the loading time for each search really slow.

If you do not have the patience to wait for every page on each tile to load, then stick to your regular browsers.

Ad blocker

One thing I like about this browser is that they take ad blocking as serious as it should be. While installing the browser, you will be asked to enable ad blocking before installation is complete. This automatically takes off the hassles of trying to prevent or cancel irritating pop ups while browsing.

Amazing or not so amazing features?

Cake Web Browser

Cake web browser has some features that in my honest opinion are basic. Enabling privacy mode, sharing a page easily to friends via email or whatsapp, having information placed in segments to make you find your specific interest easily, these features can also be found in other browsers, nonetheless, this browser took these basic features, fixed it into an amazing interface to make surfing the web a whole lot easier.

Cake Web Browser - It's Time to Replace Your Mobile Browser


In as much as the web browser is trying to re-invent browsing with its innovative development, there are certain hurdles that need to be fixed;

  • The swiping through of search results: Sometimes the result to what I am searching for might be way down the list of tiles; this automatically means more time trying to find an answer. The beauty of browsing the web is to find results in the shortest time possible. The cake web browser gives result but it takes a longer time for result to load and final result to be fetched.
  • Sometimes while browsing, the same page might come up twice on your search result. This would then mean your phone loading a particular page twice. This might not pose as a problem but it is necessary to have this bug fixed to avoid excessive loading while browsing and repeated information.

Overall, the cake web browser is very good, a new innovative way of surfing the web with a whole new interface which I must say is my endearing point while using the browser.

Download Cake Web Browser on Android or IOS.