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9 The Best Calibre Alternatives For E-Book Management

You do not have to be a voracious reader to know calibre. Calibre is an open-source e-book library management solution designed by users. You can find several languages that were developed on the concept of the logical book. 

That refers to a single entry into your library that can correspond to actual ebook files that come in many formats. The application can sort the books in your library according to the date added, title, author, date published, ratings, size, and series. 

You can find several metadata, including tags and personal comments. The book can be obtained easily with this information. The application can also help you find books and material on the internet based on the title or author and the ISBN information.

The calibre reader windows 10 data viewer software lets you notice the digital books in EPUB style. You can also find a few handpicked listings of some of the calibre audiences and preferred features, along with the site web links. 

Not to mention, calibre does the following:-

  • It can sync your e-book reader. 
  • It can effortlessly download news from the internet.
  • The downloaded news is converted to ebook form. 
  • The tool provides an e-book viewer to enable you to display major e-book formats. 

The features of library management are broadly described as below –

  • They can be used for ebook conversion. 
  • They can sync to e-book reader devices.
  • They can be used to download news from the web and convert it to e-book form. 
  • They can be used as a built-in e-book viewer. 
  • They can be a content server for online access to your book collection. 

Best Calibre Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

But it is not necessary that you may want to use calibre. You may prefer using other options, too, like Delicious Library & Amazon Kindle. That is why we have compiled a list of the best calibre alternatives. 

1. Delicious Library

Delicious Library is first up for discussion. It is an e-book library management application designed to utilize on your MacBook. The library management app is slightly different from calibre as it can manage everything present in your home. 

Best Calibre Alternatives
Catalog everything

You can store volumes of your life’s material safely there. They could include movies, apps, albums, and cloud-based e-books. This app is available for $35, which is quite reasonable considering that you can do a ton of work with it. 

You can also subscribe to iTunes music, TV shows, movies, and audiobooks. The e-book library app makes adding books the same as writing something on your built-in iSight camera. Using Smart Shelves, you can design dynamic shelves with a set of criteria.

Users can enter the app using the sample library, highlighting the versatility of the app. They can also utilize a new library. The application also comes with limited import options. It automatically opens earlier libraries that you visited and culls items manually. 

Unfortunately, the app does not subscribe to your iTunes podcasts and iTunes U lectures if you use them. Hopefully, this will be solved the next time. Users have commended that you can enter books via a Webcam shot.

You can also collect paper books as well. It also recognizes ISBN codes and enables you to catalog things like tools, photos, books, video games, and electronics, among all the stuff that is present. 

It helps you to also archive all your book collections. You can view them if you want with your iTunes. You can also use the published library, place your commodities on sale, and know the worth of your products.

This is one of the ideal calibre alternatives as you can create a comprehensive integration of your ratings, e-book inventory, wish list, and friends. Besides, you can also share your library with most others and get recommendations based on your collector profile.


  • You can add everything that you want. 
  • Users can archive their book collections.
  • It is easy to scan barcodes using a built-in iSight camera.
  • The tool comes with calendar loan tracking.
  • The e-book library management application comes with a stunning UI. 


  • It is not easy to retrieve cover art that comes in higher resolution.

Delicious Library is one of the best calibre alternatives as it helps you to add everything from albums to apparel. You can also scan barcodes using the iSight camera that comes in-built. With exciting features like calendar loan tracking and delectable UI, it is flexible and is elegant. 

2. Alfa eBooks Manager

Alfa eBooks Manager allows you to place your e-books in an organized manner. Besides, the print material can be put into a single e-library format. Additionally, users can scan their computers to add covers, and book files, parse metadata, tags, and custom fields, and update book data.

Readers can also scan e-books from the internet and view books in 3D form. This is extremely handy when you own colossal baggage of e-books. You would want to ensure that it gets placed systematically so it can be found seamlessly. 

Home Library Software - Alfa Ebooks Manager

This is one of the ideal calibre alternatives as it has a comprehensive database program with several features for having a library. Few of the exciting features come limited to the paid version of the application, while others may not work. 

Instantly you can see that the tool comes with a few sample books that are already inside it. Users can then make their renderings of the cover and get it displayed. You will be delighted to see that the bookshelf is quite realistic. 

The library explorer offers decent choices of viewing books by genre, author, language, publisher, tag, location, and other features that you want. You will also note that adding a new book is quite simple. 

You can search for the author’s photos and covers of the book using images from Google. However, this feature is only provided in the premium plan of the e-book library management application.

Users will also want to know that the same feature automatically gets details of the book from Amazon. When you want to add the images manually, nothing happens. This was quite disappointing to say. 

This aspect of it was its major drawback. We liked the graphic display as it provides you with the ability to view the visuals eloquently. It also comes with opulent documentation present on the website. 

That is because it is quite intuitive. This was an exceptional program when you think it works like it is supposed to. It comes in a zip file that you need to install a desktop icon. This part of it needs to be added and uninstalled cleanly.

It lets you update book data from Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Amazon. The application is suitable for file management and extracting metadata. You can also read eBooks in the most popular formats, including EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, and AZW. 


  • The tool can be downloaded effortlessly. 
  • The application enables you to read e-books in all formats. 
  • It comes with an easy UI. 
  • It has an application that several users and authors can use at work. 
  • You can update book data from a barrage of applications. 


  • More features are found on the paid version of the tool. 

Alfa eBooks Manager is a stunning e-book library management that can be downloaded effortlessly. The application allows you to read e-books in all formats and comes with an opulent user interface to organize your books as you require. 

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3. Hamster

Hamster is an e-book library management application helping you to read e-books on your device. It is the most suitable calibre alternatives because of the similarity in functionality. You can convert the e-books in the kind of format that you want.

You can have more than 200 devices that the application can work on. A few include Kindle, the Nook, Sony, iRiver, iPhone, iPad, etc. We liked the fact that you can convert the e-books into the format that you want. 

The format includes TXT, PDF, PDB, LIT, FB2, PUB, and other formats. You can then move them between the devices as and when you require. The application also converts multiple files into the batch with the mode enabling them to be compatible with other devices.

As you can see, it allows you to read the e-books on your reader in the format you prefer. It cannot get simpler than that. You need to choose the output of the format, and you are done. The application converts the e-book into it, and you can operate in 40 languages. 

Though many apps allow you to be readable on several branded devices, you can now set them free using the Hamster free e-book converter. You can make use of the application’s soft drag-and-drop video converter. 

With the help of that, you can drag and drop e-books into the app. Then you need to be able to choose the destination of the device and format. As we mention, the application supports batch file conversion. 


  • The application supports batch file conversion.
  • Users can read in any given format. 
  • It supports close to 200 devices. 
  • The app is very user-friendly. 
  • You can use and convert it into over 40 languages.


  • Readers felt that it could have come with more features. 

Hamster, overall is an exciting e-book management tool that you can consider for your reading needs. It comes with opulent features like multiple batch file conversion, you can read the e-book in any format you want, and it works on 200 devices flawlessly. 

4. Kindlian

Kindlian is an e-book library management tool with several features making it an exciting prospect for calibre alternatives. It helps you work on the use of a Kindle that does not support folders and supports your collection. 

It copies all the books into your PC and lets you design collections, search, organize, and sort books. You can also select the library layout and the color scheme of the management tool which fits your style. 

Readers can view and edit the book data using common features like the cover, title, author, series, and description. The app also has a built-in e-book reader allowing you to preview and read Kindle books. 

How to manage your Kindle library

It lets you open the non-DRM-protected AZW files, .txt, MOBI, and PDF books. If you want to add the non-Kindle book from the library, then the program converts it to MOBI. This feature lets you convert popular e-book formats like FB2, HTML, and EPUB.

Readers can search and download catalogs of the books using Kindlian 4.0 through OPDS. You can use OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) catalog that contains free e-books. The OPDS catalog can be added to the list.

The tool enables you to manage kindle books effortlessly. You can also manage non-kindle e-books. It provides adequate support for MOBI, pdf, and non-DRM-protected AZW books.

Readers can add and change the book cover by opening a book card and clicking on the icon.  You can manage the library on your PC when Kindle gets discontinued. You can effortlessly search and download books from the OPDS catalog. 

The only drawback of an otherwise sublime e-book library management tool would be that it comes in a paid version of $20. Sadly, the premium package has more features than the free version, which consists of few features. 

You can also get eBooks in other book formats when you add non-Kindle books to the Kindlian library from your computer. The tool enables you to manage the Kindle Touch and use it on your PC to manage your e-book collection.


  • The app is open-source and elegant to look at.
  • The tool has support for pdf, MOBI, and non-DRM-protected books. 
  • It is infused with the ListView. 
  • It comes with an abundance of features. 
  • The software helps you to manage the Kindle Touch on your PC.


  • The premium package offers you lots of features. 

Kindlian is a paid app that comes with stunning and phenomenal features for you to use. The tool enables you to manage the Kindle Touch and use it on your PC to manage your e-book collection. 

5. KooBits – Calibre alternatives For mac

If you like your e-books and want to organize them well, then we have something for you. You can use the iPad that provides you with adequate software to work on. The charm of the e-book is always there, and that is when KooBits can do the trick for you. 

KooBits is a drastic but elegant digital shelf for your collection of e-books. We felt it could be one of the best calibre alternatives as you can open e-books and read them. Though calibre can help you open famous e-book formats, this is not much of a reading app

You may want to consider it as a tool for opening books. When you want to read books and open them, you can use this management application. This is more of a collection manager where you can place all your e-books in a single place. 

Users may consider the software a centralized library for organizing and managing e-books. It offers a free download of 12.3MB and works flawlessly on Windows PC and MacBooks. 

You will want the abode air installed on your system for the tool to work splendidly. Users might want to know that adobe air comes with an eloquent appearance. The tool provides you with a slick interface, making you want to put all your e-books on the shelves in a single shot. 

The e-book library management application can open popular e-book formats like pdf, ePub, XML, HTML, and other animation formats. When you have your e-books in the folder, then it makes your reading quite pleasant. 

This is something that most readers would agree on. The cover thumbnails come large enough for you to glance at the collection without going through the titles. The order of the books can be rearranged with the drag & drop feature. 

It comes with 3 default categories, and when your reading interests are spread on the board, you can design your categories. Unfortunately, you may be left disappointed with the fact that it cannot add more to each book’s description. 

The app is compatible with most formats. The e-books can be personalized with the help of tools like Highlight or Stamp. This makes it easy to highlight important sections. It also comes with an extraction tool to copy content and then piece whatever you have copied together, similar to in a scrapbook. 

You will be glad to see that the tool has the basic functions of annotating symbols and bookmark them. 


  • You can efficiently place all your e-books in one place. 
  • The app provides you with immense capabilities. 
  • It offers you an open popular e-book format. 
  • It comes with fewer downloads.
  • The app comes with basic functions to annotate with symbols and bookmark them.


  • It cannot add more to each book’s description.

The KooBits is a one-of-a-kind e-book library management tool that comes with outstanding features for you.

Besides, you can efficiently place all your e-books in one place; it offers you immense capabilities, opens popular e-book formats, and occupies fewer downloads.

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6. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is software to catalog your e-books and network with other readers. This is a very interactive tool that lets you work opulently. It helps you create a catalog of e-books of your own, read what you want, and e-books lent to others having library-quality.

The tool gives you a place for keeping all your e-books so that you can enter what you are currently going through. It could be done for your library, network, or community on the app with more than 2.5 million readers. 

Similar to calibre, you can catalog the e-books, movies, and your music too. The books can be cataloged on Amazon, The Library of Congress, and more than 5,000 other libraries. You can also freely use it and find new books to read and talk about what you like doing.

Readers can mingle and share their thoughts and ideas with others. They could be similar like-minded, and committed bibliophiles from more than early releases in a month. Additionally, the e-book library management tool enables you to track and lend music, books, and movies. 

The tool is available in 28 languages and provides you with a dozen languages. Besides the personal catalog, you can view tags, reviews, ratings, and common details about the author. There is information about the books, tags, series, and more.

The tool also provides you with a feature called TinyCat. Using that, you can find it helpful for your community, church, or office. The professional catalog is then made into circulation and patron browsing. 

You can also use the app for browsing libraries with OPAC enhancements for a more informative and engaging library. On the whole, the tool enables people to catalog their favorite books. 

The e-books can be accessed from anywhere you want, including your smartphone. As each catalogs is together, the apps also connect you with the same books. The best feature found in the e-book management software would be providing you suggestions on what to read.


  • Readers can make use of 5000 e-books.
  • The tool comes with 2000 early-release titles monthly.
  • The app is available in 28 languages.
  • It has a community of 2.6 readers.
  • It can help people catalog their books easily.


  • Like all e-book management tools, its premium package has more features. 

LibraryThing is one of the best calibre alternatives that is more of a social cataloging web application. Using that, you can store and share book catalogs and several kinds of book metadata used by readers, authors, librarians, and publishers. 

7. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a free tool enabling you to read e-books and download them easily. You can also purchase digital content if you want. You can read e-books in both online and offline modes.

Not to mention, you can search for the keywords across the chapters and proofread the books when you are a publisher. You can optimally experience reading your e-books. This can be done on major operating systems and devices like Windows, MacBook, smartphones, and tablets. 

Best Calibre Alternatives 1

The tool provides you with ease of user experience. This is something you cannot find in calibre. Besides, the book purchases pop up automatically across your devices, similar to the syncing function found in calibre. 

You can borrow e-books easily from public libraries and organize your digital publications if you feel like it. The best calibre alternatives allow you to access all your e-books in multiple formats, including pdf, epub, and epub3, providing you with a rich experience. 

The adobe digital editions can be used with jaws, nvda, Window-eyes, and voiceover on macOS and other reading devices. It can be used in several languages: English, Italian, French, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, and others. 

You would use the app to note, bookmark, and highlight important and favorite parts. You can borrow from the libraries and systematically organize your e-books.

If you want, you can print the e-books using the tool. When you are a publisher, then you can consider going in for restricted printing.


  • The app comes with a flexible UI. 
  • The tool has a good amount of features. 
  • It has read your e-book options. 
  • It comes with borrowing e-books easily from public libraries.
  • The app lets you note, bookmark, and highlight vital things. 


  • The tool comes with a minimalistic design. 

8. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is our final product on the calibre alternatives. You would be delighted to know that it is one of the most popular e-book library management applications. The e-book is designed for readers. 

Using the Kindle, you can now place several e-books that include textbooks and comics. Similarly, you can also place several e-books in many languages within your reach. You can purchase as you want and review it anywhere. 

You can also look inside the guide to find a topic of your choice and personality. There is also the section that you want to go to. You can also change the background shape, font style size, and review column. 

The tool enables you to highlight, include bookmarks, and make notes in any book. The Amazon.com kindle applications will allow you to check out the first chapter free before deciding to buy it.

Though Kindle may not be the best e-reader, it certainly is one of the best e-book management tools in the market. There is no need to purchase an expensive e-reader if you are comfortable with the Windows PC or MacBook. 


  • The Kindle comes with a backlight. 
  • The display is exceptionally clear. 
  • You can now listen to audiobooks. 
  • It also allows you to look inside a guide to find a topic.
  • It allows you to change the background shade. 


  • It does not come waterproof. 

Amazon Kindle comes with a backlight, and the display is exceptionally clear. Besides, readers can now listen to the audiobook, and you can also look inside the guide to find a topic. While it may not be the best e-book management tool, it has made its mark.


Is there anything better than calibre?

There are over 100 alternatives to Calibre for Android, Windows, Android Tablet, iPhone, and Linux users. MuPDF is among the best; other options are Moon+ Reader, Polar, ReadEra, Foliate, etc.

Is calibre still good?

There are several great apps for reading books for free. Calibre is among the best and an open-source platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Is calibre for free?

Calibre is entirely free and great for computer experts and casual users. The user interface is as simple as it could have been. It is also an open-source platform.

What is Readarr?

It is an ebook collection for BitTorrent and Usenet users. One can use it to monitor several RSS feedbacks and sort and rename them.

What is Kindlian?

Kindlian has a built-in ebook reader used to read and preview kindle books. One can open PDF, MOBI, textbooks, and non-DRM-protected AZW files. You can increase the font size and zoom pages for better readability.

What is Calibre of Kindle?

Calibre is an open-source and free e-book manager that individuals can use to convert EPUB  files to Kindle-readable MOBI ones. It will ask the language you want to use when you begin.

Which is the best ebook reader software?

Some top software includes Calibre, Sumatra PDF Reader, Epubor Reader, Freda, Neat Reader, BookViser, Kobo, Icecream Ebook Reader, etc.

Should I download Calibre?

Calibre is safe to be installed on the PC. It is a part of the open-source community, and anyone can view the source code. It is nearly impossible for the author of any malware without others noticing.

Can I transfer ebooks to Kindle?

You can use Amazon to transport ebooks to Kindle. Ensure that the device is registered to the same Amazon account. Select the books by opening the content library on the browser and clicking deliver.

What app is best for EPUB?

Moon+ Reader is the top EPUB reader app. Other options include ReadEra, Lithium, PocketBook Reader, FB Reader, eBoox, eReader Prestigio, Google Play Books, etc.


There you go. We have provided you with some optimal calibre alternatives. Using them, readers can now pursue their favorite reading e-books. Though calibre can help you read and work on most e-book formats, you may use better e-book library management applications.

When you have other tools, you might as well use them for your convenience. We have provided you with some of the best options in the market. You can make use of them depending on your comfort and preferences. 

Our winner for the calibre alternatives would be Delicious Library. You can do an abundance of work using it. Readers can add the files they want, archive their book collection, and seamlessly scan the barcodes with the built-in iSight camera.

It has calendar loan tracking and an e-book library management application-friendly UI. Choose the application that you feel can meet your requirements and purpose. Reading e-books can be a lot of fun when you have the right kind of application to do so.