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11 Best CamScanner Alternatives For Perfect Scan Quality

Those who would have used CamScanner might have fond memories of it. The scanning app could do it all.

What is a scanning app? Using a scanning app, you can scan the documents, convert them into the format you need, and store it safely. 

Using these apps, you can work efficiently, even when traveling. There is no hassle using these scanning apps because you need to download them and begin scanning your documents. 

In today’s hectic work environment, having shortcuts for everything is a boon for any business, whether you are a small-sized business or a full-fledged one.

Using a document scanner helps you scan documents that could be receipts, whiteboard notes, printed documents, and others. 

CamScanner was one of the best scanning apps released on the market. It was flawless until Google found out that there was malicious malware in it. This could intrude on your smartphone and cause issues. 

Currently, CamScanner cannot be found in the store as it has been removed permanently. You, too, should uninstall it from your android device if you are yet to do so.

You have come to the right place when you are looking for a worthy alternative.  

Who is this article for

You could be a university student, a working professional, maybe a teacher or lawyer. Having a scanning app on your smartphone is smart to do when everything is evolving around you. 

People want to go digital, and so should you. Anybody can benefit from having a scanning app on their smartphone. This helps you completely replace a physical scanner. As you know, smartphones come with many features, including a sublime camera. 

It is perfectly capable of handling scanning needs. With the help of these scanning apps, you can get them done anywhere you want.

You never know when you might need that medical certificate, necessary receipt, real estate document, etc.

Best CamScanner Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

We have researched to ensure that the scanning apps discussed in this article are suitable CamScanner alternatives. Most of them are developed from reliable names like Abode and Microsoft. 

They have been well-received in the market and come with no malware. We were also stunned by the positive feedback received them.

Until there is some development, we have some of the best alternatives for document scanning. 

Some of them offer you exceptional features that even CamScanner did not possess. Let us start the article and explore the scanning apps that have similar functions to CamSanner.

1. Adobe Scan – Camscanner alternatives PDF & OCR Scanner

Adobe Scan is ranked first among some of the best CamScanner alternatives. There is no denying that it is the best in the market currently. Adobe products do not generally go wrong because they have plenty of features. 

Meet Adobe Scan. The free scan app with text recognition superpowers. | Adobe Document Cloud

In today’s world, you wish you did not have any paperwork. Sadly, it is a necessity.

Hence, using a scanner app helps you transition paperwork into documents. These documents can be stored safely in your cloud account. 

Using the scanner, you can easily scan documents, notes, ID cards, and receipts. The kind of document that you want to scan does not matter. Not to mention, you save time because the app can enhance the quality of scanned documents.

Texts can be scanned from the OCR, and you can export documents in JPEG and PDF format. You will want to know that no watermark is found in the scanned documents. Since this is a product from Adobe, storing files in PDF format is simple. 

You can preview the dimension of the file you want to store on your device. The scanning app also lets you have an in-app subscription available $9.99 monthly subscription. Would you deny using this scanning app?

There is nothing unusual about this app, but it has many features on CamScanner. Some are automatic edge detection, supports OCR, saving as JPG and PDF, and so on. 

Perhaps, the only flaw in the scanning app is that you need to create an account. This is free and easy to use; Adobe Scan is one of the best apps for a clear scanned document converted into PDF that is stored safely.  

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Download on Apple App Store

Adobe Scan vs CamScanner (2020) - Which One is for You?

2. ScanPro – Google Editor’s Choice camscanner alternative for android

ScanPro is a popular app and one of the best CamScanner alternatives. This scanning app can quickly create and scan documents, including PDF files. The features are excellent and on par with some of the best scanning apps in the market.

Best CamScanner Alternatives 

We were quite happy with the ability of Scanbot to flawlessly scan whiteboards, QR codes, receipts, ID cards, documents, and others. The tool also comes with smart edge detection. This enables you to take images efficiently. 

Using the auto-crop functionality, you can modify the images as you want. There is also the multipage scan and OCR text recognition. You can also search for files using the text present in documents. 

You can also create a subfolder inside a folder. This is something that is lacking in most of the scanning apps we read about. Your documents are also safe when you use this app because you can use the code or TouchID for sensitive information. 

Do you want to use Scanbot? When you have a tool that offers you decent document scanning, automatic edge detection, batch scanning, export as PDF and JPG, and OCR, you know that you have something good in your hands. 

The scanning app also helps you with document annotation; there is no watermark. Sadly, we felt that the scanner app is slightly more expensive than the premium version. Overall, you can scan and export documents using JPG and PDF formats. 

With the integration, you can do so when you want to upload files to the cloud. ScanPro is on par with CamScanner because most features are found here. You cannot go wrong with it.

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3. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens is third on our list of CamScanner alternatives for you to choose from. Why this scanner tool? This provides you with an exceptional working experience, not only in the Microsoft environment. 

Best CamScanner Alternatives

The scanner app can quickly scan notes that are even handwritten and provide you with crisp images for you to download and use.

Not to mention, whiteboard tables, diagrams, and other forms of printable material can be scanned for your use. 

Users can export the scanned files into Word or Powerpoint. Common features like OCR, auto edge cropping, and ID card scanning are provided for you. The documents can be stored on the cloud, and you can access them anytime. 

However, that does not mean you cannot work on other ecosystems. Users do not have to worry about what happened with CamScanner on this Microsoft app. We also forgot to mention that there is no watermark when you use this scanning app. 

The only drawback of this scanner app is that it has no batch-scanning feature. Those with heavy use might want to look elsewhere if you want to.

But, with an excellent scanning app, storage modes, and easy export methods, you will find it hard to give it up. 

Summing up, Microsoft Office Lens is a robust scanning app with many features for you to work with.

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4. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is fourth on our list of alternatives for CamScanner. This scanner app is ideal for Apple users. This will be the best choice if you own an iPad or iPhone. Most of the features are quite similar to that of CamScanner. 

We all have the dream of living in a paperless world. Perhaps, that day might come soon. However, when you are given cards, brochures, and notes everywhere, it can be hard to track them. 

Using Evernote’s, Scannable app, transferring paper to your iPad becomes accessible and useful. The scanning abilities of this app are exceptional, with several features available. The format of the documents you want to scan is several. 

They could be receipts, business cards, notes, or images. It comes with smart edge detection that allows you to crop the images, as you won’t automatically. The scanned documents can be saved on your device or exported as PDF files. 

You have cloud integration, where you can send documents to your colleagues or friends. There are also additional features like annotation and OCR. We were highly impressed with the working of the scanner app on the iPad. 

Scannable by Evernote - Capture Everything Easily

Even when you are on the go, taking a scan of an important, sharing it, and storing the file becomes simple. You can let Scannable do the rest of the work. Users feel that the manual mode works efficiently; we agree with that. 

Typically, the camera on the iPad is outstanding. Those who find it hard to hold the steady camera need not worry because it comes with a tool that identifies the borders.

It helps you take a clear image, and you can automatically look at LinkedIn for business cards. 

We liked the feature in this app, where you can digitize everything and convert that into a PDF file. You can email or share it with others through text. The file can be exported into a JPG and added to a Camera Roll. 

The highlights of this scanner app are that it is suitable for your iPhone and iPad. It comes with smart edge detection and batch scanning, allowing you to work effectively. Users can share files seamlessly on the cloud. 

You can save images or PDF files; there is no watermark on the scanned documents. Having said all this, you may want to choose the scanner app to have a seamless scanning experience. 

Though it is not the first iOS app that allows your iPad to work as a scanner, it is the best today. Not to mention, it comes for free. The scanner app also has no advertisements. 

What more can you ask for? You might want to do yourself a favor and download it today to experience it yourself. 

Download on Apple App Store 

5. Google Drive

Google Drive may be a surprise on our list of CamScanner alternatives in 2022, and rightly so. In case you didn’t know, it comes with a built-in scanner. You can easily scan documents and notes when you tap the plus button. 

The things you can do with Google Drive installed on your smartphone. It works with iPhones and iPad too.

It is no surprise that this is one of the best, most highly featured, and generous cloud storage, which also offers you excellent productivity capabilities. 

Using Google Drive to scan documents on your phone

We will be honest with you here. Users have felt that Google Drive may lack some features, and right they are. However, what better option do you have if you want a scan feature and storage ability? 

Many times, people tend to look for a scanner. Something that can easily get the job done without hassle. Most of us already have Google Drive readily available on our smartphones. 

Hence, the need to roam around in the store is not required. It is simple, enabling you to complete the task instantly. According to one user, she had a PDF with text in the file. 

She searched for it and was delivered the right result immediately. It also comes with crop functionality that allows you to edit images. Not to mention, it is one of the safest storage options.

You cannot deny that. 

When looking for a barebone scanner, your best option is Google Drive. You can also access your documents on the go due to Google integration. 

Can Google Drive beat CamScanner? It has all the necessary features and abilities, but users felt it does not come packed with powerful features like CamScanner.

Hence, this is a good bet when looking for a simple document-scanning app with automatic edge detection and storing files directly on the drive.

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6. Notebloc – Camscanner alternatives to get perfect scans

Notebloc is a suitable CamScanner alternative developed by a Barcelona-based firm, which has done a fantastic job. You will be stunned by the positive comments if you read the reviews. 

11 Best CamScanner Alternatives For Perfect Scan Quality

This scanner app allows you to click images and import them from the gallery of your smartphone. The app comes with a scan mode that lets you crop the pictures. But manual editing has to be done. 

Different filters can be used for a document that you want to scan. Some of them include documents, images, photos, and others. Those who want black-and-white images will be happy to know that this scanner app lets you do it. 

Yes, it comes with the OCR feature, on which you can type text for more than 16 languages. With the help of the scanner app, you can instantly scan documents and save them using several formats like JPG or PDF. 

The edge detection feature in this scanner app is one of the best. The scanned documents do not come with any watermark on them. We are saying this because users frowned at CamScanner’s large watermark. 

Some other minors but vital features in this scanner app include renaming documents, choosing the size of the PDF files, extracting text from images with OCR, and copying pages in the same document. 

According to a user, who is a professor, he installed this app recently and found no reason to complain at all. The highest point about this scanner app is that you can perform several scans. He also liked the user interface, which is super quick to learn. 

We also liked that documents are stored so you can edit them whenever possible. This is where some scanner apps cannot convert documents into PDFs. Not to mention, you can have a backup on Google Drive. 

The free version comes with advertisements. If you are alright with that, then it is alright. Does this scanner app come with any flaws? According to some users, it is slow on devices. Perhaps, you may want to run it on Apple devices. 

We feel that it is slower on android devices. Then again, you always have an alternative to choose from when unsatisfied with it. We can say that Notebloc is a strong contender as a CamScanner alternative.  

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. TapScanner

TapScanner is next on our list of the best CamScanner alternative in the market today. What makes this scanner app unique? Firstly, the scanned documents come out clear and with sound images. 

Several users have commended the scanner app for that ability. The post-processing is robust, and you can easily fill in more than two images with clear images. This is mostly lacking in the scanner apps found in 2022.

TapScanner android 2020

The app comes with many filters that let you choose your setting. Based on that, the scanning is done. For those of you who are heavy users, this feature is important. It also comes with OCR support. 

You can also export scanned documents in several formats like JPG, PDF, PNG, etc. The borders are detected automatically and edited likewise before the scan is done. You can also have the document integrated into the cloud. 

We liked the sign-up feature on PDF documents. This feature was not available even on the CamScanner. As you can see, this is a feature-rich scanner app. It also comes with batch scanning of close to 3 images at once. 

This is suitable for teachers and professors who often mess around when they cannot take quick scans. This app is a boon for them. We also liked the detailed scans of the documents. 

The app runs well on both android and iOS. Some users said the app is slow on several devices due to functions. So, what did we like about this scanner app? We want to highlight a few notable features for our readers. 

The app comes with a barrage of filters to choose from. The post-processing function is useful, and automatic edge detection is one of the best in the segment.

There is ample support for OCR; you can scan three images at once and save files in many formats. 

The best was signing PDF documents digitally. This feature suits teachers, lawyers, professors, and the medical profession. As we said, it is a tat slow on some devices due to a massive amount of functionalities. 

Summing up, this is a good scanner app with excellent features. When you want a stable smartphone app, then it is TapScanner.  

Download on Google Play Store

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8. PhotoScan – Camscanner alternatives For Easier capture and save

It is safe to say that mobile photo scanning is here to stay. Search engine giant Google came up with a fantastic scanner app called PhotoScan. It has a decent 4.2 rating on the store and more than 26,000 reviews. 

PhotoScan is the most suitable CamScanner alternative. That is because the features and the operation are more or less the same. This fantastic app, designed by Google, has excellent clarity and is ideal for scanning printed photos.

Best CamScanner Alternatives

The algorithm of Google is used here to design the photo as it retains originality. Of course, the other scanner apps we came across are useful, but they result in a blemish. The scanner app has automatic cropping, which is ideal for heavy users. 

The scanner app uses scan points and blends the scans with the help of computational photography. Then the images are straightened, and the glare is removed from the photo.

All you need to do is click on the shutter button, and as the dots become blue, you receive the digital version of the photo on your smartphone. 

Yes, it works on your iPad or iPhone as well. Did we like anything on this scanner app? PhotoScan is most suited for scanning printed photos. 

The details and originality are retained immensely, the photos come out free from glares, and they also have edge detection capabilities. Do you want to use PhotoScan? Yes, you can use this amazing scanner app for appropriate reasons.

You will be happy with the results. It is simple to use; the one-click function is evident and suitable for documents. However, you must make sure you plan before using it. That is because it is ideal only for printed photos. 

You may want to see other options for scanning old images or pictures. You want to use a decent smartphone for a better-quality scan.

Download on Google Play Store

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9. Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

A fast scanner is another good CamScanner alternative free app. The scanner app enables you to scan various documents, from printed pages to notes. At times, you can even scan multiple documents if you want to. 

We were quite satisfied with the speed of this scanner app. The document came out neatly, and the details are astounding.

There is edge detection, and it works just fantastic. However, you may have to adjust the borders depending on the document’s format. 

They allow you to share scanned documents through the cloud or email. You can choose the one that is convenient for you. The documents can be saved as PDF or JPEG if you want to. 

Can we recommend Fast Scanner? We suggest you use this brilliant document scanner with automatic edge detection, allowing you to save documents in several formats and share files on the cloud. 

The only flaw of this amazing scanner app is that it does not have batch scanning. Otherwise, you are literally in beast mode using this app. The speed and clarity of the documents are amazing, and you can export them to a PDF file. 

The app’s working is as smooth as you need to use the buttons neatly placed on the screen. We also liked the multiple editing options where you can modify the document according to your requirement. 

You can fax documents via the Easy Fax app. We highly recommend Fast Scanner because it is an excellent alternative to CamScanner in all aspects. It provides you with great features, including OCR and cloud storage.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

10. TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF

TurboScan is last on our list of CamScanner alternatives. This is a good scanner with many new features that make it a robust app. Users can scan documents of all kinds. This is a very advantageous thing for you. 

The documents can be notes, whiteboards, or even printed pages. It does not matter. They are compatible with this scanner app.

The sharpening mode of the app provides you with exceptional-quality scanned images of the documents. 

TurboScan: Document Scanner

We were astounded by the pictures received using this scanner app. If that is not enough, you can export the scanned files in JPG, PNG, and PDF. There is also multipage scanning, auto edge detection, email integration, and integration with Dropbox.

These features can be found in most of the scanner apps listed here. Sadly, you cannot find the OCR feature in this app. Unless you are a heavy user, you may feel the loss of it. Otherwise, it is passable for most people. 

There are some rumors about the safety aspect of using TurboScan, but we found it safe. The developers won’t be able to see the documents you are scanning. They can be sensitive too. 

You have no problem with that. You can also create an account so others cannot view your documents, even by mistake. This is for your safety. You can use an OCR scanner to help scan your documents. 

We were not surprised one bit by the positive feedback about the TurboScan. According to one user, who is a teacher, she found it useful not only to upload documents on Google Drive but also to help her grade assignments read notes from students and chalkboard images. 

We found this extremely fast and accurate for use. Not to mention, the scanning tool comes with a host of options. It is suitable for students, IT professionals, teachers, accountants, professors, and the like. 

When you search for a simple-to-use scanning app, you can opt for TurboScan. This decent scanner seamlessly shares documents on the cloud, and you can export them in JPG and PDF.

Unfortunately, it does not offer support for OCR, has no batch scanning, and the automatic edge detection sometimes does not work properly. You won’t be disappointed.

Download on Google Play Store

In conclusion on the camscanner alternatives list

We have ended our discussion on some of the best CamScanner alternative apps in 2022. Most share similar functionalities and are stable enough to get the job done. Some of the scanner apps mentioned on the list are scanners themselves. 

Simultaneously, some scanner apps are useful for scanning and allow you to export files in various formats.

Not to mention, they offer endless sharing options for you. We cannot pick out the best from the CamScanner alternative list because all of them are powerful in their way. 

We are sure that you will find something that suits your requirements. The nature of your profession does not matter. The scanner apps work efficiently and are quite similar to the functioning of CamScanner. 

Do you miss CamScanner a lot? Then make use of the above alternatives. Download them today and find out which suits your personal or professional needs. 

Enjoy scanning!