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9 Best Car Customization Apps For Android and iOs

Individuals interested in automation, maintenance, and installation are often looking for the things that make them more information regarding this field.

Many startups and small organizations are competing with each other to launch robust, responsive, and loaded with features car customization apps. It makes no surprise that both the Google play store and the App store are now overwhelmed with these apps.

Significantly car customization apps are valuable to install and access. It lets you learn about car customization and keeps you updated about the latest auto trends, tips and tricks, and even games.

One of the significant benefits of downloading the customization apps is that you will get an idea of what it looks like in a car before you buy it.

If you are a car enthusiast and want to fill your smartphone with the best automation apps, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you the best car customization apps that will make your smartphone more valuable.

Best Car Customization Apps – Our Top Pick 👌

1. FormaCar

Formacar is a fantastic platform for car enthusiasts. It allows you to not only check the latest features of the cars but also communicate with friends and experts about the car models.

It always keeps you updated with the latest global car news. Plus, help you purchase a new car by allowing you to explore the new catalog and parts in a 3D model.

Formacar Intro ENG

This full-fledged automotive platform is the first choice of every car enthusiast. It supports Augment Reality mode, which lets you see the cars, wheels, and other real parts.

Features of FormaCar:-

  • It has the best car configurator that allows users to see what they can do with cars in reality.
  • FormaCar developers tried to make everything offer a real experience to the users. Its Augmented Reality feature lets users see the car and its parts in 3D mode. This mode helps users to analyze the parts effectively.
  • You will be glad after knowing that this app comes with a dealer map; if you are happy with the customization and improvements you have made, you can bring them into reality.
  • Whether you want to see what rims look good on what car or configure every part of the car, you can do it with this app effortlessly. All in all, it’s a must-have app for car enthusiasts.

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2. 3DTunning

More than 10 million users support 3DTunning. This app has become one of the most popular and best car customization apps. If you are looking for an app that helps you in modifying a car, then download it.

Almost every user is satisfied with its features and functionality. There is no doubt that in the upcoming years, this app will become the leader in its industry. With this app, you can modify, enhance and update thousands of cars.

3DTuning Mobile Application Preview

The significant thing is that the customized models look very realistic. It is available on both android and ios. If you are bored with some basic features-based apps and looking for an app that offers advanced modification features, download it.

Features of 3D Tuning:-

1. When you download this app, you will see there is nothing compared with other best customization apps. You will love the games; they are so real. If you love to play real-experienced based car games, then 3D Tuning is an ideal app for you.

2. Its advanced modification features like exterior color change, suspension level, car painting, and many more offer you a seamless customization experience.

3. You choose the car you want to modify. It’s a unique collection of wheels, front and rear bumpers, headlamps, and wide range air intake making your modification smooth and hassle-free.

4. The developers of this app don’t restrict the app to offer only limited features to the users. 3D Tuning has a lot of new products in the car market.

5. All the cars you have modified are available in a virtual garage so that you can always modify them again. Imagine you are modifying thousands of cars in one place.

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3. Fix My Car: Custom Mode LITE – Car modification app for android

Are you looking for an app that can help you customize your own car model? If yes, then Fix My Car is the ideal solution for you.

It is one of the best car customization apps which is designed and developed by FireRabbit and has been downloaded by over 5 million users so far.

Have you ever desired to participate in street car racing? As well know, we need a suitable car that offers a seamless racing experience and defeats opponents.

Best Car Customization Apps

With this app, you can improve the level of a street racing car; you can modify the car until it suits your needs. For street racers, it’s an ideal car customization app.

Features of Fix My Car: Custom Mode LITE

1. This car customization app has 60 features and dozens of tools that make your modification process seamless. If you are looking for an app that offers a 360-degree modification of the car experience, then download this app.

2. When you play, you will experience the cars available in the real world as well. You can also change the car in the game; you will know how it is done in life and what modifications can be installed.

3. You can upgrade your existing car model with the latest parts. This app provides you with a huge number of tools. Plus, it will give you hints about what to do if necessary. The LITE version of this app gives you plenty of tools to improvise the existing model of the cars.

4. This app allows you to find the tools, use them and buy them. You will be required to upgrade the cars with purchased tools and make them perfect for street racing.

Additionally, more features are coming, such as a cool environment, a built-in system, and after-markets pads.

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4. Car Mechanic Simulator

This app is free to download and available on both google play and the app store. It is a perfect app for users who want to stimulate car custom and modification.

To enhance your skills in auto custom, the developers have integrated many features into this app. The interface of this app is user-friendly and based on real graphics.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

The expanded view of the car components isn’t matched with any other game; the PC version of this game is also amazing. Hence, we say it is one of the best car customization apps for users who want excellent simulation games.

Features of car customizer Mechanic Simulator:-

1. Talking about this game, by far one of the most amazing and engaging, super smooth best car customization apps. Buying and modifying is fun here. If you are a car enthusiast eager to learn about car mechanisms, download this app.

2. When you play this game, you will be an auto engineer because here you can also fix the other cars. Driving a car is another level of experience.

In this app, you will find the old cars inside old barns—all you need to do is choose your favorite car and be ready to modify and fix it. Do your best when repairing the parts and stimulate their features and functionality by adding the latest technology-based parts.

3. To enhance your racing and mechanic experience, this app comes with a parts market where you buy spare parts, warehouse features, and a task list.

4. What has taken Car Stimulator out of the crowd is that it allows you to sell modified car models. All you need to do is find interested buyers and sell them at the best rates. All in all, this app gives you an exceptional car customization experience.

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5. NFS Heat Studio

NFS Heat studio is another one of the best car customization apps. It allows you to visit the showroom and choose your favorite car. After that, you move your car to a classic workshop where you can modify it.

Once you customize or modify your car, you can add in your game and get ready to show your riding skills. If you are a car enthusiast and want to fill your smartphone with an interesting customization car app, then download NFS Heat Studio.

To play this game, you must log into your EA account to obtain a custom design. It is one of the most interesting racing games set in the open-world environment called palm city.

Features of NFS Heat Studio:-

When you access this app, you will find the car tabs that help you access all vehicles. To find the latest and hottest release, you can visit the containers tab.

The game features 127 cars and 33 manufacturers. Its in-game map features diverse geography, including mountain areas and open fields.

Unlike other best car customization apps, this app doesn’t include a 24- hour-day night cycle, but players can switch between day and night.

You will love the workshop place, where you can further customize or modify your car. There are plenty of tools and parts available that help you in modifying and fix the issues in a car. By using a color selector, you can give a finishing touch to the car as well.

People passionate about cars and who love to play car racing games can download this app. It lets them own as many cars as you want and customizes as they desire.

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6. Car Master 3D – 3d car customizer

Car Master 3D is one of the best car customization apps, with nearly 5 million users. Because of its advanced features and seamless car driving experience, it has become one of the highly recommended car customization apps of this era.

Best Car Customization Apps

The user interface of this app is friendly, and the graphics are very responsive. You will love it when different people come to your garage you have to fix their car-related issues with handy tools and techniques. All in all, Car Master 3D is a real master car repair app.

Features of Car Master 3D:-

1. If you have an excellent mechanical skill and want to test it before implementing it in the real world, then download Overdrive City. It comes with plenty of car fix tools and modification techniques that help you in making an old and damaged car into new one.

2. If you are bored with some serious apps that have only heavy modification facilities, then Car Master 3D can be fun for you. This game is awesome and addictive for the one who loves car fixing

3. Its VIP fire car feature allows you to paint the car in two colors. Plus, you can wash and clean the car as well.

4. By repairing a car, you can earn money and become a real car master.

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7. OverDrive City

Overdrive City gives an opportunity to build and collect favorite cars and develop a custom car town and become a global motorsport enterprise and top car racing champion.

Overdrive City - Game Preview Trailer

Whether you want to show off your sports car, vintage or classic, this app has over 50 famous models, including Lamborghini, Ford, and other top brands. It is one of the highly popular and best car customization apps.

There is no limit to creativity; you can customize your car beyond until you get satisfied with the results. OverDrive city is the only app that lets you become a town tycoon if you modify the car effectively and win the race.

Features of OverDrive City:-

1. Are you looking for a car customization app that lets you produce a car without limits to your creativity? If yes, then Overdrive City is a must-have app for you.

It allows you to customize your car, make it stylish with a Vinyl editor and choose endless paint colors.

2. You will be glad after knowing that you can upgrade the car’s speed and performance on the street and race tracks. That means, after modifying the car, in case you feel you are losing the game, that point you can improve the speed effortlessly. This feature is hardly available in other apps.

3. To enhance your motorsport business, you can also transport the car and manage mechanic repair orders effectively. If you want to improve your mechanical skills, then Overdrive City is an ideal solution for you. Here you can build your business, do repair tasks and win the race.

4. Satisfy the needs of the car racer by customizing the car with endless creativity. Right from painting to upgrading the car speed, everything is in your hands.

5. Unlike other car customization apps, Overdrive city allows you to set up a business and export and manage car repair services.

Plus, you can visit a friend’s town to know their latest car models and explore the city. All in all, living in an Overdrive City virtually is a real-life experience for any car racer and mechanic.

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8. Tuning Car Stimulator – customize your own car game

If you are one of the users who cannot live without car racing, the sound of the engine, and love car repairing so bad, then Tuning car stimulator is the best car customization app for you.

9 Best Car Customization Apps For Android and iOs

This app lets you prepare your car for a race and enhance your experience by giving a real driving sound. The interface of this app is user-friendly.

Plus, it is loaded with impressive car racing and mechanical features. It supports beautiful graphics and HD support, as well as realistic physics. You will be glad after knowing there is an immediate process for racing for you.

Features of Tuning Car Stimulator:-

1. With this app, you can enjoy lots of car racing and repairing features. Pick your favorite color to paint the car, upgrade its speed and make it powerful so that it can beat your opponents in the racing.

2. The car customization app lets you enjoy the car preparing and tuning features so that you can drive the car smoothly. It doesn’t like a car repairing store; Tuning car Stimulator redefines your experience not only in Tuning and crushing and drifting.

3. You can control the driving speed with a touch button. The realistic sounds of the engine and that’s the reason why users love this game.

4. You will be glad after knowing that you can see every activity from your cabin on the road. This app allows you to choose one or many apps and start modifying them. Each race allows you to earn money that you can further invest in the improvements in the car.

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Is there an app to customize your car?

There are various car customization apps available for Android and iOS devices. You can opt for apps like FormaCar, 3D Tuning, Car Mechanic Simulator, NFS Heat Studio, Overdrive, Custom Mods Lite, and Car Master 3D.

Is there an app to see what my car would look like painted?

Yes. You can use the Paint my Ride app to see what your car will look like after a paint job.

You can simply take a picture of your car and apply the color you want. With this app, you can find your desired color before going to the mechanic.

What websites let you customize cars?

Several websites let you customize your cars and relieve your creative prowess. You can opt for online customizing websites like Bug Selecta, HModder, Audistylz, Morgan Online, and Smart Brabus for your car. These websites offer a great deal for customizing without charging a hefty fee.

Is there an app where you can change the color of your car?

According to user ratings, the Paint my Ride app is the best app to understand how your car looks after a paint job. You can also opt for other color apps like RelayCars, Color Splash, and Car color changer.

What mobile game has the best car customization?

Various games allow you to customize your cars during racing. Therefore, you can achieve a spot while looking stylish.

Some of the best racing games with car customization are Forza Horizon 4, Automation, Forza Horizon 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Need for Speed: Underground, and Car Mechanic Simulator.

What games let you build your cars?

Several games like Automation feature designs and simulations from 1946 to 2020. You can build your car using design tools and customized engines.

These design simulators also allow you to market your design to the public in its campaign mode.


We hope this comprehensive guide on the best car customizations apps for android and iOs helps you a lot. With these apps, you can enjoy many features to enhance the car racing experience.

Nothing can beat when you repair your own, make it, and then set for the racing. Let’s tell us which app has satisfied your racing and mechanic needs.