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Career Prospects of a Business Analyst in Digital Age


In the 21st century, a business analyst has multiple roles to play. Based on the requirement of the project an analyst shuffles his or her role, a connector, mediator, communicator he can fit into any of these.

To excel as a business analyst in this digital age one needs to have great communication skill and a proper educational qualification. You can get an online MBA from Aston University for Canadians to develop your communication skill and gain credentials you’ll need to qualify to become a business analyst.

“Change is the only constant”, the phrase seems to be absolutely apt if we look at the rapid change in the economy and business prospect. Business analysis is one of the smartest business intelligence tactics which plays an integral role in the growth of a business.

The career prospect of a business analyst profile is extremely bright. Business analytics consists of various things such as apt technologies, proper resources, proper business culture, proper business objectives etc.

Renowned companies like IBM, INFOSYS are implementing smart and effective business analytics tools to assemble constructive business solutions.

If you want to ace in the domain of business analyst then you should keep yourself updated with big analytics tools and tactics which are implemented by the successful companies. Also, it is important to have a business analyst certification from a certified institution.

Why is a Business analyst an important job profile in this digital world?

  • Business analysts provide a cutting edge to every business, which is something that every company will always require.
  • The analyst put his heart and soul to observe the opportunity of the enhancement in the business
  • The analyst partakes in almost everything, from communicating with the stakeholders to interacting with SME.
  • In order to run the business smoothly and to make sure the system is rightly administrated, the analyst communicates with the developers.
  • For the purpose of financial gains, the organizations will have the facility to monitor their data.

Let us take you through the career prospects of a business analyst:

  • To start your career as a Business analyst, you need to have a strong and extensive IT or business background. Your basic job will include assembling, communicating, analyzing, user-testing etc. You can become a subject matter expert after a few years of experience in the field. You need to have a clear approach to your areas of interest and work on them according to in order to achieve more powerful positions.
  • Once you have the experience, you will reach at the stage where you will have the opportunity to choose amongst the roles you are offered. After five years of experience, your position will be elevated to the roles of IT business analyst, product manager or lead business analyst.
  • After a decade of experience in several spheres of Business analysis, you can elevate yourself to the positions of chief consultant officer or a consultant. You can explore your career as a business analyst as far as you wish to.

Working as a business analyst can fetch you a lucrative amount of salary. Look at the salaries we have mentioned below to give you an overview-

  • An information security analyst is likely to earn $92,700 per annum.
  • A computer system analyst is likely to earn $87,300 per annum.
  • A management analyst is likely to earn $81,400 per annum.
  • A financial analyst is likely to earn $81,780 per annum.
  • A Budget analyst is likely to earn $73,900 per annum.

We spoke about various niches and career prospects of a business analyst. A business analyst is a prosperous job profile.

To become a successful business analyst and to expand your career opportunities, you must opt for a business analyst certification from a well-designed institution.



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