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11 Best Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

Sometimes buying a used car can be a headache, especially if you don’t know the car’s accurate details, description, and condition. However, the internet has made it convenient to get details of any vehicle with the click of a button.  

You can easily find hundreds of websites and platforms offering details of a used vehicle in exchange for some money.

However, not all sites or platforms can be trusted, most of them are filled with false information, and the rest are full of ads, which is quite annoying. But, certain other websites are genuine and offer the required information at an affordable price.  

One such website is Carfax, which provides genuine and appropriate information about used vehicles to buyers. Carfax is one of the most trusted and helpful vehicle information providers operating on the internet.

It provides all the information relating to a vehicle, including its historical and present condition data. However, many people don’t prefer Carfax for its expensive service charges and dull user interface.    

If you are searching for Carfax alternatives, then this article is for you. Here we have provided the best and affordable alternatives to Carfax. Give the article a read and choose the website that suits your needs.  

Best Carfax Alternatives: Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

While buying a used car, it’s essential to know the history of the car, it will help you analyze the condition of the car properly, and you can quickly get the correct value of the car.

But, when we purchase used cars from dealers, most of them hide facts about the car to sell it at a good profit. But, being a buyer, it’s your right to know the accurate details of the car. 

Internet and smartphones have played a significant role in providing accurate details of used cars. As mentioned earlier, hundreds of websites on the internet offer information about used cars in exchange for some fees.

Carfax is one such website that offers the complete details of used cars right on your smartphone or desktop.  

Carfax is the most trusted website and offers the complete report of the car. Once you enter the vehicle’s identification number on the Carfax website, you get all the details right away.

The website provides information, including distance traveled, number of accidents, police ticket reports, the vehicle’s life, reports of repairs, the number of times the car has been sold and purchased, etc. In short, Carfax provides a complete package of details about the used vehicle, which is impressive.  

However, not many people prefer using Carfax because of its high service charge and unattractive user interface. On Carfax, one search report will cost you around $40-45 dollars, which is insanely expensive. Moreover, the website’s interface is not user-friendly, making it difficult for the users to operate.  

Thankfully, there are more websites similar to Carfax that provide accurate details of used cars. And to ease your pain, we have compiled the best Carfax alternatives here in this article. Let’s check out the alternatives without any further delay. 

1. InstantVINreports

At InstantVinreports, we pride ourselves on being the leader in providing vehicle reports that show detailed and comprehensive information about any vehicle. If you are looking for a carfax alternative, then you need Instant VIN Reports.

At InstantVinreports, each report costs just $25, which is way cheaper than Carfax. You get your reports instantly and the reports never expire.

How good is that?ūüíĀ

At InstantVin reports, you can easily check for any vehicle’s history using the VIN number or the license plate number.

11 Best Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

Our vehicle reports include previous owners, odometer readings, market value, vehicle specifications, record of accidents and salvage and title history. You will also be able to find information on weather damage, recalls, warranty coverage, insurance history, transfer of states, and much more data related to the vehicle’s past.

We also provide auction photos for any vehicles as this helps you see images of the vehicle and confirm if it has been in an accident.

If you are buying or selling a used vehicle, then you want to ensure that you have a detailed vehicle history report.

If you are buying or selling a used vehicle, then you want to ensure that you have a detailed vehicle history report, and the best place to get it is at InstantVinreports.com

2. AutoCheck 

AutoCheck is one of the most reliable and popular Carfax alternatives in terms of pricing and information. The Autocheck website provides you with detailed and accurate data of the used vehicles at a lot less price than Carfax.

Best Carfax Alternatives

On Carfax, you are charged around $40 for a single search; in contrast, AutoCheck offers a single search at around $25, which is way less. The platform also offers bulk searching at an affordable price. With Autocheck, you can search details of twenty-five vehicles at $50, which is impressive.  

When you want to buy a used car, you would want to search for the details of more than one vehicle for comparison, and Autocheck would provide you with the same with its affordable service charges.  

Autocheck makes searching for vehicle details convenient and straightforward, and it even offers free search, which includes the basic details of the vehicle.

Under free search, you can get the vehicle’s engine details, models number or name, and country of initial purchase, which is excellent.  

Autocheck provides you with all the features similar to Carfax and includes some extra features, giving it a competitive edge.

Autocheck’s comparison feature is fantastic; it allows you to compare more than two vehicles belonging to a common class or price range. The platform even scores the vehicles according to their performance and reliability, and it can help you easily identify the condition of the vehicle, which is a unique functionality.  

The platform even operates through a mobile application, which is impressive. You can download the Autocheck application from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store and get vehicle information instantly.  

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

3. VINCheck.info 

Want to search for vehicle information for free? Here is the best vehicle information provider that offers vehicle information at absolutely zero cost ‚Äď The VINCheck.info.

The VINCheck.info is one of the superb Carfax alternatives in terms of service charge; the platform provides free yet quality information to users.  

To get the complete details of a used vehicle on VINCheck.info, you need to enter the vehicle’s Identification Number or VIN correctly in the search bar.

VINCheck.info provides complete details of the vehicle including, its model, specifications, engine number, engine type, a record of sales, and other relevant information.

Best Carfax Alternatives 1

With the website, you can also check on the burglary report of the vehicle, which is impressive. The platform provides information on all the theft reports of the car with their complete details.  

VINCheck.info also allows you to track the police tickets and towing events of the vehicle. The platform provides a sleek and user-friendly interface, making it a popular vehicle information provider.

With the platform, you can quickly get an accurate valuation of the vehicle you want to purchase. It even offers a checklist of all the items you need to check before you make a purchase offer on the vehicle. With the help of the checklist, you can easily predict the condition of the vehicle yourself.  

The platform does not have a mobile application, which is a significant drawback. However, you can access the platform using any standard web browser, which is fantastic.

So, with all the excellent features and no service charge, VINCheck.info is the most recommended web-based platform to get vehicle information.  

4. Driving-Tests: Best Carfax Alternatives in India

Driving-Tests is another fantastic Carfax alternatives, which is similar to VINCheck.info. The platform also offers vehicle information for free, just like VINCheck.info.

The Driving Tests website is known for its reliable and trustworthy information. You can quickly get the information of any used vehicle on Driving Tests without spending a single penny. The interface of the website is quite simple and easy to use, making it popular among users.  

Best Carfax Alternatives 2

To get the vehicle details on Driving Tests, all you need is to enter the vehicle’s Identification Number and click the search button. Once you press the search button, you will get all the related information about the vehicle.

The search reports on the website are well organized and help provide helpful knowledge about the vehicle. The search report even comes with a 3-Dimensional image of the vehicle, giving you a better perspective.  

The search result includes basic details of the vehicle, its life, recent sell records, complaint and theft reports, and the vehicle’s present value.

The information available on the Driving Tests website is acquired from the Government’s official records, making it reliable and trustworthy.  

The web-based platform also offers state-wise practice tests to help you get through your driving test and acquire a driving license easily. You can visit the Driving Tests website for more information.  

5. VINSmart 

Want to acquire vehicle information that is reliable and quick? Here is the best you can opt for ‚ÄstVINSmart.¬†VINSmart¬†is a web-based portal that provides relevant and reliable information on used vehicles within seconds.

The platform’s service charges are a bit expensive, but the information provided is trustworthy and fast. VINSmart is a perfect example of skill and teamwork; the employees of the platform are committed to their work and communicate information faster and in a detailed manner, which is very impressive.  

VINSmart is a well-organized and easy-to-use platform that offers a user-friendly interface. The search result on VINSmart is displayed in a structured manner and with every minute detail.

The website even offers initial searches for free; you can search up to five reports on signing up on VINSmart, which is remarkable. 

In terms of price, VINSmart can be regarded as one of the best Carfax alternatives, and it charges around $10 for a single search, which is way less as compared to Carfax.

The price per search on the platform decreases when you opt for its nine searches plan, under which it charges $6-7 per search. The price per search further goes down if you request more than nine searches, which is an excellent and pocket-friendly deal for the users.  

All the details and information you get on VINSmart are from the official records of NMVTIS, which is the most trusted vehicle information provider.

The search result on VINSmart contains all the vehicle details, including registration number, model, year of purchase, history of sales, engine type, and much more.

The website even offers official police reports of the vehicle, making it easier for users to know the complete history of the vehicle they want to purchase.  

The VINSmart website even offers a complete refund on the service fees if the vehicle report is missing or incomplete, which is quite impressive.

The website does not have a mobile application, which is a significant drawback of the platform. However, you can access the platform using a standard web browser from your desktop or smartphone. 

6. Check That VIN 

Adding to the list is another trusted and popular vehicle information provider website ‚Äď Check That VIN. Check That VIN is so far the cheapest vehicle report provider among all the paid platforms.

A single search report on the website costs approximately $3-4, which is way cheaper than other platforms.  

Best Carfax Alternatives 3

The information provided by Check That VIN is acquired from National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or NMVTIS, which is considered as legal and most trustable authority for vehicle information.  

The search report on the Check That VIN website includes vehicle registration number, model number or name, engine number, initial purchase date, place of initial purchase, reports of theft, police records, etc.

The website also offers a checklist, under which it mentions all the parts that are to be check before making a purchase offer. The platform also offers excellent tips on maintaining a vehicle and how to get the vehicle at a good value.  

The platform does not have a mobile app, which is a significant drawback. However, you can access the website using a standard web browser, making browsing smoother.

With all the advanced features and low service charges, Check That VIN can be regarded as one of the best Carfax alternatives. Go check out the Check That VIN website without any further delay. 

7. AutoFax 

Are you tired of looking for reliable websites to get vehicle information? Here is one that will provide you with the best service at an affordable price ‚Äď The¬†AutoFax.¬†

AutoFax is one of the most effective Carfax alternatives that provide you with vehicle information at cheaper rates. The website also offers a refund of the service fees if the search report is missing specific details of the vehicle.  

11 Best Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

The website offers a fast and user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to search for information. The website has simple and easy-to-use functionalities but provides the best information at an affordable price.  

AutoFax charges approximately $10 from the users for a single report, cheaper than Carfax and AutoCheck. Furthermore, you don’t need to sign-up on the website to get the information; all you need is to enter the seventeen-digit VIN and click on the search button.  

AutoFax has started an excellent offer for its users, under which you can get a chance to win free searches by referring AutoFax to friends or relatives, which is impressive.

The search reports provided by AutoFax include vehicle’s odometer reports, present & previous owner’s information, reports of accident and theft, etc.  

AutoFax is a great platform to obtain vehicle information, and it also has an app supported on IOS devices. But, the platform does not offer an application for Android users, which is a significant drawback. We hope AutoFax will roll out its Android app soon on Google’s Play Store. Visit the AutoFax website for further information. 

Download App on Apple App Store

8. VINCheck 

VINCheck is an incredible portal and one of the most fantastic Carfax alternatives, where you can quickly get details of used vehicles; the website obtains its data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau or NICB, making the information reliable and trustworthy.  

11 Best Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

NICB makes sure that the data provided to the users are relevant and not fake; they also take the responsibility to ensure that the vehicles are not stolen.

The VINCheck website offers free service to all its users, but you can only search for five vehicle information within twenty-four hours, which is a significant drawback.  

The search reports offered by VINCheck include every minute detail of the vehicles. The website focuses more on stolen reports of the vehicle.

So, if you don’t want to know every detail of the vehicle, then VINCheck is the best option. The website does not have an app, but you can access it with the help of any standard web browser.  

While exploring Best Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History for our readers, I found an awesome video on ‚Äú13 Car Tips That Will Save Your Trips‚ÄĚ

13 Car Tips That Will Save Your Trips

9. VINAudit.com 

Are you looking for cheaper Carfax alternatives? VinAudit.com is the best you can opt for. VinAudit is a web-based platform that offers used vehicle information at cheaper rates than Carfax.

Best Carfax Alternatives 6

The website promises to offer the most accurate data on the vehicle’s history. The website is legally approved and operated in accordance with the terms of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or NMVTIS.  

The report offered by VINAudit is considered the most reliable source of information because the website claims to provide all the data directly from NMVTIS.

The website provides you with all the minute details of the vehicle, including the issues and necessary checks performed on the vehicle. The website even includes details of the odometer reading, reports of damage, etc., which is very beneficial.  

The website even helps you find the actual cost of owning the vehicle and the current market cost of the vehicle, which is quite impressive.

VINAudit charges approximately $10 from the users for a single-vehicle report, which is similar to AutoFax. Check out the VINAudit website for more details. 

10. DMV.Org 

Want a professional and premium vehicle information provider? DMV is the best you can opt for. DMV helps you thoroughly analyze a vehicle’s condition with its advanced and skilled customer support team. The web-based platform helps you to analyze the accurate valuation of the vehicle within seconds.  

Best Carfax Alternatives 7

With DMV, you get round-the-clock customer service, which is very impressive. The portal provides trustworthy information which is obtained from NMVTIS.

However, there are inevitable glitches on the website, due to which there are cases of missing data. Furthermore, the website does not have a mobile application, which is a significant drawback.  

11. Kelley Blue Book 

If you are searching for a platform that offers vehicle details and a list of used cars for sale, then Kelley Blue Book is the right place to visit on the internet.

Kelley Blue Book is a multi-functional platform that informs you about the used vehicles for sale nearby and provides detailed information on all the used vehicles. 

Kelley Blue Book can be regarded as one of the most significant Carfax alternatives in terms of operation. The website even offers the correct valuation details of the used vehicle after a proper analysis.

The website is packed with advanced features making it the best vehicle information provider website on the web. The list of services provided by Kelley Blue Book doesn’t end here; The website even helps you to find the location of the nearest service station, which is an excellent feature.  

The website is a one-stop solution for all vehicle-related issues, and it also helps you get a car loan quickly and hassle-free. With all the excellent features, Kelley Blue Book is the most recommended vehicle information provider on the list.

You can visit the Kelley Blue Book website for further details or download the Kelley Blue Book app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 


Finding the details of a used vehicle can be a real headache for many people out there. However, with the advent of the internet, things have become pretty easy and quick.

Now, it is possible to get the details of any used vehicle around you with just the click of a button. It is only possible because of the web-based platforms that offer vehicle details for some service charge. Many websites offer used vehicle information over the internet; however, not all are trusted, and only a few provide reliable information. 

One such fantastic website is Carfax; it is the best vehicle information provider operating on the web. The platform provides truthful information on used vehicles within seconds.

However, as mentioned earlier, not all of us would prefer using Carfax because of its high service fees and low-grade user interface. Thankfully, many other platforms offer vehicle information at a lower price than Carfax.  

In the article above, we have listed the best Carfax alternatives that you can choose according to your requirements. Some of the alternatives listed above offer free service, while others charge some amount of fees. But, all the alternatives listed above are genuine and offer reliable information to their users.