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How to cast keypresses on Mac screen with Keycastr


Whenever we type on our smartphones or tablets with touchscreen every tap on the keyboard is highlighted. The key is highlighted in a box for a couple of seconds and this usually helps our subconscious mind confirm what we are writing.

This is indeed a very clever feature as it lets us verify what we type and perhaps also help reduce the typing errors or Typos.

Things get slightly different on desktops. I usually type without seeing the keyboard and this sometimes leads to errors.

In such cases, I wish the key that I pressed was displayed like on the smartphones. Sadly, macOS doesn’t come with a feature that will highlight the button you press.

It is, for this reason, I started searching for third-party apps that would allow me to cast the button presses on the screen.

After trying out a couple of software that show on-screen presses on Mac, I settled in for Keycastr.

This particular program not only offers the right set of features but it is also pretty stable and doesn’t really slow down your system. In this segment, we will help you install KeyCastr on macOS.

Before we begin please note that Keycastr needs accessibility permissions and please proceed with the same only if you are fine with it. Keycastr will display your keystrokes in a small section on the display and this should help you to verify every keystroke.

First things first, you need to download the Keycastr app from the GitHub

  • Once installed you need to give the app “Accessibility Access
  • In order to do this head over to Apple>System Preferences
  • Click on “Privacy and Security

Now click on the Privacy Tab and select “Accessibility” on the left-hand menu

Click on “+” and add “KeyCastr.app” to the list

Depending on your security settings the macOS might ask you to enter the user account password before making changes to the accessibility lists.

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Once the KeyCastr.app is installed restart the app. As I said earlier the app comes with a good set of customization options. You can also change the visualizer to display keys like CMD, Control, Fn, and Alt. This is how you can change the visualizer preference,

  • Open the Preferences menu on the app
  • Go to the Display tab
  • Now you can choose the visualizer from the drop-down menu

The Keycastr is an open source software which means you don’t need to pay for it. That being said please ensure that no one is peeping at your screen while you are entering passwords! We hope that this guide is useful and if you have any other tips please let us know in the comment section below.

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