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9 Best Charity Donation Apps To Invest in Humanity

Are you looking for the Best Charity Donation Apps To Invest in Humanity to feed hungry people?🤔

You’re in the right place.

Charity and donation have always been seen as gratuitous and kind acts. Philanthropists around the world are always looking to do good and give back to society. Moreover, every person wishes to donate to a good cause to the best of his or her capacity.

However, not every person can seem to find the time to associate personally with charitable organizations. Also, most people don’t really know how it’s done.

Besides that, it may not be possible to donate money towards charity all the time. All in all, physical donations and charities have become quite challenging in today’s times.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot contribute towards charity. The world has gone digital, and you can pretty much find an application for everything. That’s true for charity donations as well.

You can easily find applications for charity donations that are not just about money but work for multiple other causes too. Donating to such applications is much easier and convenient.

However, when it comes to technology, you cannot overlook frauds either. There are many instances of fraud, especially with the things that involve money.

So, how would you know that the application you’re relying on is actually genuine and working for the greater good? Well, there are several ways to know that.

Genuine applications always show transparency in how they’re utilizing the donations and charities they’re receiving.

You, as a contributor, would know where your money is being put to use, and you can even contact the recipients of your donations when you make donations on a genuine application.

But there’s still this question as to how you’d find the perfectly genuine application among the swarm of hundreds and thousands of applications available over the web and play stores?🧐

Well, luckily enough for you, we’ve made things easier by compiling a list of some of the best charity donation apps that are 100% transparent and genuine.

Have a look at it and make the philanthropist within you contribute towards a good and genuine cause.

Best Charity Donation Apps – Our Pick👌👌

With so many applications available and the risks of fraud when it’s about money, you might not be able to put your heart into these applications.

You may always worry if your money is actually used for the cause towards which you donated it in the first place. But with the right knowledge, you never have to worry.

We’re here to help you gain that knowledge. Here are some of the best charity donation apps that you could trust blindly for contributing towards all good causes and the greater good of society.

1. Share the Meal: Charity Donate

Have you ever felt guilty about ordering too much food? Well, it’s always very convenient for us to order our meals, put in as much as our stomach can take, and then just leave the rest to be thrown away into the trash bin. But wasting food must not even be the last thing any of us should be doing.

While we dump this food into the trash, there are many who struggle to get their meals and feel lucky even if they manage to have it once a day.

In fact, many people almost pick up the food we dump in the trash just to satisfy their hunger.

Hunger is entirely solvable

Share the Meal is an app designed to do something to eradicate this distressing and pathetic condition and make sure that people don’t starve themselves or put themselves in a condition where they have to pick leftovers from the trash cans and dustbins.

Using this application, you can easily donate meals for children. You can simply pay for the meal on this application, and your donation will reach a hungry child.

The best part about the application is that you need not worry if your donation has been put to the right and good cause or not.

Best Charity Donation Apps

The application maintains high levels of transparency. You can easily see exactly to whom your meal was donated. So, you can be much happier to have brought a smile to a child’s face.

Even if you make a very small donation, it turns out to be enough to let one child sleep with a full stomach. With that, the application is the perfect initiative to eradicate World’s hunger with small, little, baby steps.

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2. Charity Miles

This application will not only make you happy about contributing towards a good cause, but it’s going to benefit you as well by helping you keep in better health and fitness.

Charity Miles is an application that helps you raise funds for the charity based on the physical fitness activities you perform. Many corporate sponsors are associated with the application, and the application has details of many charitable organizations too.

As you walk, run, cycle, or do other fitness activities, you score points. Based on these points, the corporate sponsors contribute money to the charitable organization of your choice.

Best Charity Donation Apps 1

It may seem a small contribution on your end considering that you’ve got to work a lot to earn a few points and every mile of your workout converts to some cents. However, the more you work out, the more you are contributing.

So, you remain fit and healthy, and others get the charity and donations they need. Considering the way it operates, this is the perfect application for those who wish to work for the greater good by giving back to society but unfortunately lack the resources to do the same.

It’s also a good way to reach your fitness goals and objectives. In fact, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, this application is something you must download right away.

After all, it’s never a bad thing to fill two gaps with one bush. You work for one cause, and you automatically achieve a second one as a bonus. Win-win!

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3. Coin Up

It has become a very common practice for the brands to mark their products with odd sale prices, for instance, $1, $10, $15, $25, and so on and so forth. But how many times do we take notice of that 1rupee change? Well, hardly ever!

Most of the time, when the shopkeepers need to pay you back some loose change, they oblige it with toffee, and we happily take it. Moreover, many products are marked for odd amounts in paisa and cents too, and we never even realize that.

Coin Up App is an initiative to help account for these small amounts of changes so as to contribute towards the greater good in the long run.

9 Best Charity Donation Apps To Invest in Humanity

With this application, every odd amount transaction you make shall be rounded off to the nearest rupee, and the change shall be donated to a charitable organization.

The application has a list of charitable organizations to which it contributes the change, and you can choose from these organizations. The app will also maintain complete transparency, and you’ll know exactly what amount you contributed to what organization.

In case you’re facing a hard time finding the right organization that best meets the philanthropist causes you want to work for, you can reach out to the help center of the app, and the experts shall be happy to help you make the right choice.

Moreover, you have to contribute only as much as you like. This means that you can set monthly limits on the change that will be contributed towards charity by the application.

So, none of your money will ever go unaccounted, and what you never took notice of will go towards a good cause if you use this application.

With that, it’s again a perfect application for those who seem to feel that they’re not able to give back to society because they lack resources.

The Coin Up App gives a simple medium to wake the philanthropist within you and contribute to charity by just doing your daily transactions.

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4. Donate A Photo

Another application designed for those who don’t have the resources to contribute money directly, Donate a Photo (Visit Here), is something that can be used even by children over and above the age of 13years.

All you need to do in this application is click a photo, and you get money for the same to donate to charity. Not that you’ll directly get the money, but the application works in the manner that for every picture you take in this application, an amount equal to $1 goes into charity.

It’s an application created by Johnson and Johnson to help raise funds for multiple causes. So, all you need to do is go to the application, select your cause, click a photo, and contribute towards the goal of raising the money.

You can even share the pictures and the cause you’re raising the charity funds for on your social media handles and with your other friends. This way, you can inspire, encourage, and motivate more people to contribute.

In case your donation doesn’t reach the desired amount at the end of the period for which you clicked the photo and shared the cause, you get a donation from Johnson and Johnson itself.

Moreover, the application maintains perfect transparency by letting you know where your money is going and how it’s being used.

The best part is that it’s built for use by even teenagers. This way, it’s easier to inculcate that giving and sharing value and nature in children and help them understand the importance of giving back to the society they live in.

With all of that, Donate a Photo Application is a perfect initiative to do the greater good for society while also helping inculcate good values in children.

5. Charity Monk: Donate to Charity for free

Are you a fan of online shopping? If yes, then Charity Monk is an application you must have on your phone. As you spend hours scrolling to find the perfect products to buy online, you can keep contributing towards charity as well.

There’s nothing extra that you’d have to do except for directing all your online shopping from the Charity Monk application.

It has many online stores integrated into it, and as you make online transactions in these stores, whatever the discounts and offers you avail of during your shopping go towards charity.

CharityMonk: "Giving made easy" | Shop Online | Donate to charity for free

Don’t worry; you won’t have to let go of the discounts or offers either. The application is designed to credit the donations based on the transactions you make and other discounts and coupons.

In case you want to ensure that the money is actually credited to a charitable organization, you can check it within the application settings.

Another benefit of using Charity Monk is the tax benefits. The taxation laws in our country have provisions to provide exemptions and deductions for the amounts you contribute towards charity.

When you do that using the Charity Monk application, you can avail of these tax deductions, exemptions, and other benefits as against the amount that you contributed.

So, the application not only makes you feel good about contributing towards the greater good, but you even save the money you might have paid as taxes.

The best part is it doesn’t take anything from you except for the money you spend on shopping. So, everything is simple, and you give back to society without actually needing to do much.

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6. GiveTide: Donate Spare Change

GiveTide is another one of the best Charity Donation apps just like Coin Up App. It gives you a platform to cash in your spare change and donates it for a good cause.

Now, the application will not literally cash in the spare change and give it to you. Instead, you just have to do your transactions normally, and whatever be the rounded-off amount of change that you generally ignore to collect is transferred to a charitable organization of your choice.

Best Charity Donation Apps 3

You can even donate the spare per transaction to different organizations. Moreover, you can set monthly limits on the spares that will be donated.

Once the monthly limit is reached, your spare changes will stop going to the charity. This also helps keep a tab on the purchases and transactions you’re making.

The best part about this application is that you don’t have to go through the hustles of adding your card or setting a UPI ID in this application.

Instead, the application automatically connects and integrates with the banking applications that you’re using on your phones, and the amount towards the charity goes right from there.

So, you need not do anything additional on your part. You can just keep engaging in your daily transactions and be happy that a part of it is going towards doing good for the society you live in.

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7. Cheerful – Give Spare Change

Being able to donate towards a good cause always makes you feel happy and joyous. Considering that this application is rightly named Cheerful.

It’s like many other charity donation apps that help even those with limited and lacking resources to contribute towards a good cause.

The application doesn’t ask you to contribute the money out of your pocket. It just takes the money that you seem to forget and ignore and donates it to the charity. Yes, we’re talking about the spare changes here.

9 Best Charity Donation Apps To Invest in Humanity

We never seem to get the change back, not unless it amounts to a lot. So, when the spare change amount is low, rather than letting it stay with the bigger organizations that are already playing in money and profits, how about you let it go to a charitable organization that’s working for a good cause.

All you’d need to do is tie up your payments and transactions to the Cheerful app, and whatever the spare change amounts to in your transactions will directly go to a charitable organization of your choice.

Not only could you choose the charitable organization here, but you can choose the cause you want to contribute towards as well. It could be anything, eradicating hunger, contributing to better healthcare, environmental contribution, or any other social cause at all.

Also, you need not worry about the security of your bank accounts and transactions here because the application never stores any of your personal data.

Also, the payments are made separately by the application itself. All it takes from your transactions is the change.

Additionally, you can really make sure that the amounts collected as change are actually donated as the application has a very transparent system of showcasing all its activities and donations.

Considering all this, it’s a great app for those who’re looking forward to working for good and social causes with limited resources in their hands.

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8. RoundUp App

Last on the list is simply another one of the best Charity Donation Apps that helps you manage and donate your spare changes. You can just link your card with the application and make payments for your transactions using this application.

The application will round off the transaction value to the nearest rupee or dollar or other currency based on your location, and whatever will be the spare amount will get collected in your RoundUp App account as a donation amount.

Best Charity Donation Apps 5

At the end of the month, you can see the total amount of donation collected and contribute it from within the application itself to a charitable organization of your choice.

Also, even though you put in your card details here, you can be sure of the safety and security of your transactions, considering that the application is backed up with encryption and other security protocols.

With that, it’s another application that’ll help you contribute towards good causes for society just by doing your regular transactions and activities.

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9. Zakatify: Donate to charity

We have yet another one of the best charity donation apps available for iOS users. You can tap on the link we have mentioned and download it directly on your smartphone.

It is easier for anyone in any part of the world to get associated with the platform. Once you have downloaded the app you can choose to sign up or log in using your email, Facebook, and Twitter account.

Since this is a US-Based platform, you can find over 1500 or more charities listed on the app. Some of the major features of Zakatify include setting a Goal aligning with the income you earn.

Welcome to Zakatify

If you are unaware of the term Zakat, it refers to an Islamic Financial term where an individual is obligated to donate a small portion of their income for charitable causes. With this calculator, you can easily calculate how much Zakat you need to donate.

Moreover, every charitable cause has a meaning that might align with your value and something you follow. Pick them out and create your own portfolio.

You can either choose an auto donation drive through the app or do it manually. To make things even more interesting, you can even earn points and track your progress on the leaderboard.

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Final Words

Charities and donations are the perfect way to give back to society. They definitely make the world a better place and even put a smile on your face. You always feel proud to be able to make a donation, no matter how big or small it may be.

All the best Charity Donation Apps mentioned in this list have even made it easier to contribute towards charity. They don’t even require you to put in your money. Just do some activities, and you’re able to contribute towards the greater good. Now, what could be more convenient than this?

Besides these applications, there are always applications like Google Pay, Paytm, etc., where you can find ways to donate money towards charity.

But what makes the applications on our list some of the best charity donation apps is the fact that they provide a medium to every person to make donations, irrespective of whether they have the money or resources or not.

With that, these are applications every person must use so that the world can grow out to become a better place to live for every person out there.