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10 Cheap Accessories That will Make your Budget Car High-Tech


Not everyone can afford high-end cars that include exotic luxuries and premium features, but we surely can have those features in our budget cars, thanks to the aftermarket.

With the inclusion of some accessories, you can make you budget cars and SUVs high-tech.

360 Degree Reverse Camera

10 Cheap Accessories That will Make your Budget Car High-Tech

Regular reverse cameras have low field of view and a limited vision. A proper 360 Degree reverse camera can help you gather different various views of your car from different angles. Such cameras are only available on high-end cars, but you can get a suitable 360 Degree camera from an aftermarket supplier for a much less price.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

10 Cheap Accessories That will Make your Budget Car High-Tech

Even if the objects are closer than they appear in ORVMs, there is a limited field of view. The rest of the field of view where the mirror cannot reach are called blind spots. Having blind spots while driving can result in serious accidents, as the driver is unaware of the location of other vehicles. A Blind spot monitoring and warning system can help the driver locate other vehicles in case of a blind spot, thereby reducing accidents and boosting safety considerably.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Irrespective of the roads you take, keeping an eye on your car’s tyre pressure is crucial, especially if you drive at high speeds. Low air pressure can lead to spontaneous tyre bursts at high speeds. A suitable tyre pressure monitor installed in your vehicle will help you to maintain stable tyre pressure throughout your journey. An optimal tyre pressure will also increase the life of your tyres considerably.

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Wireless Mobile Charger

Wireless mobile charging has been implemented by many major smartphone companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC, but the chargers are expensive and are only present on high-end cars. With an aftermarket wireless mobile charger, you can bring this technology on your budget car, eliminating the need of wires completely.

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Lane Change/ Collision Warning System

In certain high-end cars, you are able to let the vehicle drive by itself, thanks to the modern technology and certain devices that helps along with. There are certain velocity sensors, lane and speed cameras and other stuff spread across the vehicles to let it self-drive.

While you can’t bring that whole technology to your budget car, you can certainly improve your driving experience with the help of a Lane Change and Collision warning system. It is way easy to miss a stationary vehicle with its hazard-lamps off, especially at night. With the help of a proper lane departure warning and collision system, the accessory will make sure to warn you at optimal times to prevent any mishap.

The accessory will warn you about a vehicle up front and even when you stray between lanes. This accessory is a must-have for a long journey where certain drivers get drowsy through the journey.

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