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9 Of The Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen

Are you planning to become a professional artist or graphics designer? Then you will need to use a cheap drawing tablet with screen. Luckily for you, you can find some amazing tablets that come with exceptional features embedded with them in todays market.

In this review, we will be reading about some of the best drawing tablets for you in the market. There seems to be no shortage of digital art. The profession is gaining immense popularity all over the world.

It is not surprising to note that educational institutions all over America have their sights set on digital art courses and degrees. Such is the demand for it. However, you can only succeed when you are making use of the right kind of equipment.

That is why we have compiled some of the best cheap drawing tablet with screen units. Using these units, you can edit, animate, and draw top-notch images. There is no doubt that the digital age is evolving for the betterment of humanity.

You can just about find out anything that you want using your devices, whether it is your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, and so on. These devices are manufactured for your comfort.

You can find a device for any kind of requirement that you want and need. We want to emphasize the ultimate drawing tablets with screen and pen that are suitable for artists and graphic artists.

As a budding artist, you may know that is an abundance of drawing tablets that help you enhance your productivity that you most probably cannot do using pencil and paper. In our review, you will find affordable tablets and some of them priced slightly higher.

We did not have to heart to miss them out because of their top-notch features. We understand professional artists and users might want to cut short on their budget, but these devices are fascinating and outstanding to use.

You just need to try them out to believe us. They can satisfy any skill level and come made from many makers. You can find some new names and popular brands like Samsung. Most of the cheap drawing tablet with screen units come with the Stylus pen.

Our research team has also ensured that you get the best deals on the products. We have left no stone unturned for you. At the same time, some of you may want to push yourself to accept the extra dollars on the product.

Cheap drawing tablet with screen buying guide

This guide can immensely help you to narrow down on the cheap drawing tablet with screen that you want to purchase. Since each of them come with their own unique feature and specialty, you must be aware of what you are purchasing.

Size of the drawing tablet:-

The first thing to note would be the size of the drawing tablet. Few of them come with 10, while others can be found in 16. You also have dimensions that are larger than 21. When you are alright with a 14 15 monitor, then you can choose one of them.

This usually depends on your personal needs and wants. You can find professional artists using drawing tablets of size above 15. Besides, the size of your table or work area is crucial. You do not want to end up purchasing a device that is larger than your desk.

The price range of the drawing tablet:-

The price range of the tablet depends on your capability. In this review, we will be mostly reading about cheap drawing tablet with screen devices. These units are priced between $100-$200.

However, we have included a few deserving units that are priced slightly higher. You never know what you might miss out on.

The connectivity of the tablet:-

The drawing tablet can be connected to several devices to enable you to work efficiently. They are usually connected with the help of Bluetooth. Wired devices are suitable, but they can immensely limit your movements.

You have to be seated close to your monitor or PC. This does not necessarily have to be the deal-breaker, but having a wireless device is always beneficial. They are designed and produced for your convenience.

The pressure sensitivity of the S pen:-

The thickness of your drawings depends on the pressure sensitivity of your devices, including the S pen. Most of the drawing tablets come with the S pen along with the package. However, products like the Apple iPad Pro do not come with a pen.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen: Our Pick

We are not ready to begin our quest for the cheap drawing tablet with screen devices. Without wasting any more time, let us get started with the products. We can assure you that you will find what you are looking for.

1. Huion Kamvas Pro 12

Our first product is the Huion Kamvas Pro 12 is a product from Huion. It weighs just 0.7Kilograms and is reasonably priced. We found this unit infused with several features that can help professionals and novices enhance their creativity in drawings.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen
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The unit comes infused with an anti-glare glass layer. This ensures that your device is safely protected and durable. We found that the unit can withstand falls and high impacts without damage occurring to it.

It comes with a decent 11.5 monitor that is viewable. We liked the opulent image quality produced by the device. That is because it has auto-toned visual graphics for giving you exceptional visuals without distortion.

A notable feature in the unit was the 4 customized shortcut keys. You can easily zoom to your images drawn on the device. Its pen is also powerful and offers you the exquisite pressure sensitivity of 8192.

It is priced at less than $251. Consumers have spoken highly about this product. Hence, we decided to write about it. We found the pen to be sublime and highly smooth. There was no delay in the drawing speed.


  • It is very lightweight and highly portable.
  • The pressure of the pen is top-notch.
  • The tablet provides you with an opulent HD display.
  • It is compatible with Windows, MacBook, and the MS office.
  • The product works sublimely on several digital art software.


  • Not suitable for professionals

Huion Kamvas Pro 12 is one of the best cheap drawing tablet with screen unit. The size of the monitor is not too large or small for doing professional work. You can effortlessly set up and begin your artwork using the magnificent pen.

Huion Kamvas Pro 12 Review

2. Wacom Cintiq 16

Wacom Cintiq 16 is suitable for a professional artist. When you want to give a new dimension to your artwork, you may want to look at this product. It comes with a massive 15.6 monitor that enables you to draw images effortlessly.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen 1
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We begin with the display monitor having 1920x1080 HD resolution. You are provided with opulent images providing you with pleasant viewing. You will adore the pen that comes with the device as it enables you to draw accurate pictures.

This would be suitable for illustrative work. The pressure sensitivity of the device is 8192, offering you eloquent movements. The pen provides you with a stunning grip with the help of the Electro-Magnetic Resonance (EMR), removing the need for battery use.

Sadly, it comes with no touch input, which we felt was quite unusual. Otherwise, this is a stunning device capable of offering you a foldable leg for optimum flexibility. You can now perform your artwork with intense mobility.

It is priced under $650, making it one of the expensive options on our list of cheap drawing tablet with screen devices. But when you want a large monitor embedded with remarkable features, then you need to be willing to pay the price.


  • The unit is lightweight and suitable for a professional artist.
  • The display is quite large, offering you extensive viewing.
  • The product provides you with several options to connect.
  • It comes with a pen that does not require any battery use.
  • The pen pressure is exceptional, providing opulent art.


  • Unfortunately, it comes with no touch input.

Wacom Cintiq 16 is truly a phenomenal product that comes with incredible pressure sensitivity, a stylish pen, and a large screen for optimal drawing work. It is on the expensive side, but if you can afford it, why not place an order today itself and enjoy its features.

Wacom Cintiq 16 Review + SKETCH!

3. VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet

VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet is a cheap drawing tablet with screen. We found several features infused on it that make it stand out. The device comes with a full screen embedded with an ultra-narrow border for enabling you to use the complete 11.6 screen.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen 1
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The design of the tablet is elegant in looks coming with a metal body. That ensures it does not break upon falling from your table or your bag. Besides, you will admire the curve that is opulent to look at.

So, you are covered in that aspect. Now, you can fully concentrate on your work. It comes with a laminated screen. This means you can effortlessly do your drawing work.

The pressure sensitivity is a massive 8192 for ensuring that you get a paper feel when drawing. That is the hallmark of any pen. Professional artists have commended the tablet for this amazing capability.

It is infused with 6 shortcut keys that you can customize accordingly. The unit is also highly ergonomic and easy to work with. The makers have been generous with the accessories with the product.

You get an artist glove, clean cloth, and a pen holder. A notable feature of the tablet is that the maker provides you with 2 Stylus pens. That is right. Professional artists love this approach from the manufacturer as it helps them save money.

It is priced under $200, making it quite affordable. This is a sublime option for anybody who wants to upgrade to a decent drawing tablet without having to break their bank account.


  • It comes with a sleek and lightweight design.
  • The unit has no large adapters as it comes with few cords.
  • The surface is smooth for your drawing professional work.
  • It provides you with a powerful pen that is responsive.
  • The drawing tablet is priced cheaply, under $200.


  • The pen pressure takes time to adjust for some users.

VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet is your alternative unit when you cannot afford the Wacom Cintiq or Apple iPad Pro. For $200, we did not feel as if the device lacked anything. It is stylish, offers immense specifications suitable for professional drawing work, and comes with 2 Stylus pens.

4. Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet

Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet is another exciting cheap drawing tablet with screen. If you are a beginner who wants to delve into the world of art, then this product would be the ideal way to do that.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen 3
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It comes infused with a decent 13.3 monitor that is suitable for beginners. Besides that, it also has the Wacom One pen. The design of the unit is sleek and compact. You can effortlessly fit it inside your backpack and take it around with you.

We noticed that the tablet comes with opulent surface friction. This enables you to do your drawings efficiently using the device. You can effortlessly transition to your digital artwork without much hassle.

You will like the fact that you can install a barrage of design software like photoshop, Bamboo paper pro, and lightroom. Using them, you can effortlessly proceed with your artwork. You are given a shot in the arm for enhancing your digital art.

Not to mention, you can also learn new techniques in your art drawings. Sadly, this has to be connected to an OC at all times. Users can also utilize the HDMI and USB cable connections. Besides, you can also connect to your laptop using your smartphone.

Students will find this tablet extremely useful as they can write, edit, and modify their documents. Teachers can also consider using it as they can convey their thoughts to students. It is most suitable for conducting online conferences.It is priced at less than $400.


  • The unit is portable and compact in design.
  • The 13.3 monitor is exceptional.
  • It offers you with stunning pressure level.
  • It provides you with a terrific user interface and suitable for students and teachers alike.
  • This is a suitable device for novices to delve into the art world.


  • Unfortunately, it is not a standalone device.

Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet is a cheap drawing tablet with screen that comes embedded with several magnificent features. You can effortlessly draw using it, a battery-less pen, compact shape, and affordable price.

5. XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Tablet

XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Tablet is another cheap drawing tablet with screen. You may want to consider it for amateur as well as professional purposes. First, we will look at its stunning battery-less pen that comes with pressure sensitivity of 8192.

9 Of The Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen
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The pressure is suitable for the right kind of drawings that you would want to do. You will be delighted to know that the package comes with 20 nibs. It also comes with 12 customizable shortcut keys enabling you to improve your productivity.

The system enables you to do what you want quickly and begins work. Here is a small idea. You may want to connect the tablet to your laptop and then start the installation. It comes with a barrage of uses.

Users can also use the aluminum plate stand that can be adjusted depending on their height requirement. You can operate it using most of the Windows and Android devices effortlessly. We cannot say the same about Apple products as it will not work on them.

Besides, it is compatible with popular graphic designing software like FlipaClip, Photoshop, SAI, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom. It is priced less than $80 making it one of the cheapest tablets on our list.

However, some professional users complained that the product felt too light as far as the features were concerned. If you plan to upgrade to a better model, you may want to choose the Wacom Cintiq 16.


  • For a 10.6 tablet, the work area is massive.
  • The pen is quite durable and workable.
  • It has 12 customizable keys.
  • The package offers you with many accessories.
  • It is priced under the $100 range making it affordable.


  • The product does not have support for Apple devices.

XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Tablet is purely meant for beginners. You can consider if provided, you are not too keen on using Apple products because it wont work. Apart from that, you would be stunned at the features offered for just under $100.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a solid cheap drawing tablet with screen designed for artists, programmers, and other users alike. This stunning model from the Korean manufacturer comes with a stylish design.

9 Of The Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen
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The 10.4 tablet has an ultra-screen display providing you with opulent images for viewing the content. The various modes of viewing enable you to use it likewise. The audio features on the tablet are mind-blowing.

It comes infused with the Dolby Atmos surround system. This is a quad-speaker system providing you with outstanding sound quality. We noticed that users had commended the unit because of its processing speeds.

The battery life is terrific, providing you with a USB-C port for a quick charge. If you have your Samsung account, then you can log in from any Samsung device and begin your work. You will have to purchase a Stylus pen separately, like the BoxWave Stylus Pen.

It is priced less than $230 making it reasonable. The unit is available in 3 colors, namely, gold, gray, and silver. It is a decent product that is suitable for drawing and learning artwork. You can also use it for reading documents and watch movies.


  • The design is quite compact and convenient to work with.
  • It comes with sublime build quality.
  • The audio speakers are exceptional in performance.
  • It has an exceptional battery working life.
  • The product is infused with a headphone jack.


  • The screen was found to be reflective.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a cheap drawing tablet with screen that is feature-rich. For the price of $80, you get a workable monitor of a decent size of 10.4, decent build, outstanding audio, and a sublime battery.

7. Graphics Drawing Tablet

Graphics Drawing Tablet is from the makers of Frunsi. It is an exciting product that has to be used to be believed. This unit has a 10.6 space for drawing your artwork. You will like the surface of the tablet as it is smooth and offers you with intense space.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen 6
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Unlike expensive models, the Stylus pen provides you with pressure sensitivity of 8192. Your drawings are immensely accurate and stunning. You can quickly draw thin as well as thick lines depending on your requirement.

We noticed that the tablet comes with 8 customizable shortcut keys. Using them, you can perform a wide range of operations. They offer you immense comfort and enhance your productivity.

The unit is highly compatible, providing you with the ability to operate on a wide range of operating systems. Additionally, you can work with Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Photoshop, and Pixologic ZBrush.

We found that the instruction manual was missing from the package. You will have to find your own way to set it up. However, you can obtain the software drivers and drawing diagrams from their website.

It is priced less than $60 making it relatively cheap and affordable for students and working professionals. You will be delighted to note that it comes with several accessories like a pen, a pair of gloves, a pen holder, a cord, a brush, and 8 spare pen tips.


  • The unit has a large 10.6 monitor.
  • It provides you with 8 customizable shortcut keys.
  • It works stupendously on several devices and operating systems.
  • The battery life of the product is quite stunning.
  • The product is extremely cheap and affordable.


  • It comes with no tutorial.

Graphics Drawing Tablet is a cheap drawing tablet with screen capable of meeting all your artwork needs. Though it has no tutorial, you are offered a barrage of features and accessories as well for merely $60.

8. 2021 HUION KAMVAS 12

2021 HUION KAMVAS 12 is a fully laminated 11.6 monitor that offers you with complete control of your artwork. The screen provides you with 1920x1080 full HD image quality. Users can see crisp details of their artwork.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen 7
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We also liked the fact that it comes with an anti-glare film offering you with a natural feeling. The cheap drawing tablet with screen operates with the help of Huion PenTech3.0. You can instantly notice the control and dimensions provided with it.

Users were also happy that they could use the device on any operating system device. You can make use of the stand that is adjustable. Besides, you can also download several tools, including Lightroom, Illustrator, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and others.

You can use this tablet as an alternative to edit or sign your documents. The precision of the Stylus is genuinely admirable. The tablet also helps students have confident online sessions with their teachers.

They can work using several tools and software without a glitch. It is priced under $250. All in all, the device comes with the excellent build quality, smooth texture offering sublime drawing capability for your stylus pen to move around with a purpose.


  • The unit comes with a sleek and sublime design.
  • The monitor offers you eloquent image quality.
  • It provides you with stunning features for artwork.
  • It has a top-notch pen enabling it to create unique pictures.
  • The product is priced reasonably under $250.


  • Many users recommend this product as a second product.

2021 HUION KAMVAS 12 is a cheap drawing tablet with screen that every budding artist should be considering owning. Users who own top-end models like the Apple iPad Pro have written very highly about the product at a lower cost.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Our final product is a bit of a surprise here in this cheap drawing tablet list. You cannot have a list without the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 included in it. The tablet is available in 3 stunning colors, gray, blue, and rose.

9 Of The Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen
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We liked the gray color as it brought out the best from the unit. Since we are discussing a drawing aspect of the tablet in this post, we will begin with the S pen included with it. The S Pen can be attached thanks to the magnet on it.

We found that it was quite smooth and helps you write seamlessly and draw pictures and images quickly. Besides, you can also personalize pictures and videos using it. The monitor is sleek and provides you with opulent paintings.

We found it to be exceptionally lightweight, meaning you can take it with you wherever you want to. Users have commended the AKG dual speakers that come with surround sound. You can listen to your favorite songs while doing your artwork.

Additionally, clients call or talking to your loved ones is now a pleasant affair. The battery life was stunning as it could work for more than 12 hours. That means you can now work more than one day using a single charge.

You can connect to several devices using the wireless hotspot. It also comes with the ability enabling you to control several windows from your device. This is a helpful feature for any working professional artist.

Finally, we come to the book cover that is also provided with the unit. It is lightweight and durable. The cover effortlessly protects your monitor from getting damaged. Did it come with any drawbacks?

Sadly, it is the TFT screen and not the AMOLED screen. However, the image quality is eloquent and smooth. We do not find any reason to complain about that on that aspect. It is priced under $430, making it slightly expensive.

However, if you keep your eyes open, you stand to get a massive discount on the product. At the time of writing, it was priced at $320. We strongly feel that all professionals must consider using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.


  • It comes with a sleek display that stands at almost 10.4.
  • The unit offers you stunning image quality.
  • Its battery life provides you with 12 hours of operation.
  • The tablet is infused with AKG dual speakers providing you with smashing audio.
  • The S pen embedded with it is simple to use.


  • The unit has a TFT-type screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 should be on your desk if you can afford more than $300 at the most and dont mind using the TFT type screen. The device comes with several features that are too hard to ignore for around $400, making it a worthy investment.


(Q) What is the difference between a drawing tablet and a graphics tablet?

Both are suitable for drawing. While the graphics tablet enables you to draw images and pictures, you need to be connected to a monitor. The drawing tablet has a monitor that helps you to design images efficiently.

(Q) Is a graphics tablet required for professional graphic designing?

A graphics tablet is not a necessity for graphic designing. You can get the same done using a mouse and keyboard. Using the cheap drawing tablet with screen, you can enhance your creativity. A professional artist will immensely benefit from using it.

(Q) Why are drawing tablets challenging to use?

For many artists, the transition from paper to a tablet can be challenging. Luckily, the tablets come with a Stylus pen that enables you to draw images sublimely. With time, artists can effortlessly draw on the drawing tablet, and besides, it comes with several additional features.

(Q) Is a drawing tablet durable?

A drawing tablet is highly durable because it comes with several features infused in it. Besides, tablets come with more than 10 hours of battery operation time.

Though we are discussing cheap drawing tablets with screen devices in this review, we have provided you with slightly costly but outstanding tablets that have stood the test of time.

(Q) What should be the ideal budget for the cheap drawing tablet with screen?

Manufacturers mainly design tablets to enable users to draw on them flexibly. Some tablets are priced cheaply and developed opulently such that you can effortlessly draw on them. We would suggest you go for devices that are priced less than $200 $400.


This is it. We have come to the end of our discussion on cheap drawing tablet with screen units. As we saw, there is no need to make a considerable investment in your drawing tablets. The above products discussed in the post are not only affordable but come infused with terrific specifications.

The unit should be efficient and responsive to your drawing requirements. We highly recommend the Huion Kamvas Pro 12, Wacom Cintiq 16, and VEIKK VK1200 Drawing Tablet. The other models discussed including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are also good enough to meet your needs if it meets your budget.

Make sure that you measure your work area and which size you want to opt for. Besides, you will also want to note the tablets weight, cable management, drawing surface, OS, and drivers. Additionally, you may want to keep an eye on the accessories, like a stylus and digital pen on the tablet.

Whether you are a novice artist or a professional graphic designer who wants to impress one and all with your artwork, choosing the right kind of unit is essential for your work. You can now do that by selecting from the barrage of cheap units in the market.

Do also take the time to consider your requirements that blend with your drawing needs and budget. Remember, you are purchasing a cheap drawing tablet with screen for you, not anybody else.