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7 of The Best Tools To Check Mac Temperature Effectively

A lot of users have this small misconception that getting hands-on a macOS can fix the heating issues. Well, there is no about that macOS is an efficient system and might be a lot stable and better than your PC.

But, everything has some flaws too and this is something you cannot get rid of. If you own a MacBook, you probably know what we are talking about.

Have your MacBook been heating up quite a lot lately and you have no idea what is causing such a situation. We have been there too and there are a lot of apps and tools that you can download on your system to check mac temperature and increase the efficiency of your system.

For starters, you can always check the in-built Activity Monitor where you can get all the info about the apps that are running.

But the info is limited and does not effectively tell you what the temperature of your mac is. So, here are some apps that we found very useful and you can download it as well to check mac temperature. And also, you can see how the Activity Monitor can be put to good use.

How to Check CPU Temperature On Mac

To check CPU temperature on Mac, here are some ways that you can try out. Some apps have been mentioned below and the process that you can use to check mac temperature effectively.

1. Fanny App

Fanny (Download Here) is one of the most popular and highly preferred widgets to check Mac temperature and also monitor the fan. This tool runs in the background and you can check out the activity in the notification panel on the desktop.

It provides you information on the current speed, target speed, minimum speed, max speed, CPU/GPU temp, and the number of fans. You can download the app from its official site.

Fanny Widget Mac

Here is how you can set it up in your system to check CPU temperature on mac.

Download the tool from the official site.

After downloading, unzip the file and simply click on the icon. The Fanny icon will appear on your desktop upper panel.

You can simply click on it to check Mac temperature or you can add it to your macs notification panel.

Click on the notification icon. And tap on 1 New.

Check CPU Temperature On Mac

Now, click on the + sign beside Fanny to add it to your notification panel.

Check CPU Temperature On MacFanny App

You can now check the temperature and every other info about your system directly from the panel. Now, you can choose to remove the widget and also quite the tool.


We have another app or tool that can be used for the same purpose that is available on the official Mac store. Monit (Download Here) provides the most accurate data of your Mac temperature, battery, network, memory, disk, and other info in real-time.

You can add this too in the notification panel as a widget and check Mac temperature anytime you want. The only issue is that this does cost a small amount and if you are willing to pay, nothing can be better.

Monit Mac Temperature Monitor tool

There are three aspects this tool covers while displaying every information about your system.

  • Temperature and fan Speed
  • Exact Process Resource Usage
  • Disk I/O per process

All of these can be systematically bowed in your notification panel itself. This tool even has a night and dark mode so that it is perfect in every scenario.

3. Mac Fan Control

Here we have another free app (Download Here) that is pretty basic but does tell you about your CPU temperature and lets you know about the Mac fan.

You might have heard your fan running too fast during the overheating of the system. Well, you can control that by using this tool and also having proper info about how your system is running.

Mac Fan Control

Some of the features that you will find after installation on your system are here below.

  • Real-time monitoring of fan speed and temperature
  • Set RPM value or control the speed at your convenience
  • Solves overheating issues on Mac
  • Use of Auto Preset option to set the controls back to default

4. TG Pro

TG Pro (Download Here) is amongst the best apps to help you check mac temperature and get the most accurate data. Once you install the tool, it will give you every piece of info about CPU, GPU, battery, hard drive, etc.

NOt only does it check CPU temperature, but also allows you to manually control the fan to reduce the heat. TG Pro even automatically manages the fan so that it can cool down the system and it simply notifies you.

TG Pro

The best aspect is that it supports all the versions from the very beginning so it will work even after any updates come. Apple has notarized and thus there is no security concern as well.

You can use it to keep an eye on the battery’s health. There are other tools as well in-built on mac but it is a huge task to look for the tool every time and hence this works perfectly well.

5. Temp Monitor

Temp Monitor (Download Here) is a safe and secure third party tool that is used worldwide to monitor Mac Temperature.

It shows all the sensors that are present on the system and allows you to have complete access to them so that you can track them easily. This tool runs in the background and just like all the apps above, it displays every info from the panel.

Temp Monitor

To maintain the overheating issue, it has a Fan control feature. Here you can check current fan conditions and speed, minimum as well as maximum speed. In fact, you can control the speed based on your system and how it functions.

Similar to other tools, this too can be added to your notification panel on the system and directly all the info can be checked from there itself. 

6. Monity

Monity (Download Here) app is a system monitoring widget that provides you info about the system usage and network usage info of your system. You can add it to your notification as well and keep an eye on every activity of the system. 

It is available to download from the app store and costs a small amount that every user must pay in order to use this brilliant app. Apart from only the real-time CPU temperature analysis, it also gives you battery status.

Monity- Check CPU Temperature

Other than this, you can find more info about the disk usage, memory usage, network activity, app usage statistics. Temperature & sensors, fan speed, and an individual dashboard for you to control every aspect.

It is mostly compatible with the Mac versions and the company is improving it day by day to keep your data accurate and stable.

7. iStat Menus

iStats Menu (Download Here) is a paid service that provides advanced system notification on your Mac. It has several features apart from just providing info to check Mac CPU temperature or the condition of the fan.

With iStats Menu, you can know the weather forecast, multiple colors & theme options, various hotkeys, menubar clocks, etc.

iStats Menu- Check Mac Temperature

This tool gives you detailed info about the CPU, GPU, memory, disks, network, sensors, battery, and weather.

This includes everything, providing your notification when the battery is low, CPU is running hot or slow, slow internet connection, memory & disk usages, etc.

Instead of using the basic default notification panel by Mac, you can use the iStats Menus Widget to keep everything more organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my Mac is overheating?

As soon as your Mac starts to overheat the fans will automatically start to run a lot faster to cool it down. You can sometimes hear the fan running or even check the back panel of your Mac and feel the heat.

Furthermore, with help of other third-party apps that you can download pretty easily, simply by using them you can know the current Mac temperature and status of your system.

2. Why is my MacBook running so hot?

There could be several reasons for your MacBook heating up. One of the main reasons is found to be a certain installed application that is using up too much space and thus heating up the system.

You can easily check Mac temperature on your Activity Monitor which app is using the most space. Also, by using the above-listed tools, you can get more info on which apps are heating up the most such that you can stop the process.

3. Is Chrome bad for Mac?

If you have a Mac and have been using the Chrome browser you probably know the answer. There is no denying the fact that we all love to use the Chrome browser since it is flexible and much more efficient.

But when it comes to using it on Mac, it could be the worst application installed on the system. It eats up a lot of space, makes your system very hot, and also makes your system hang way too much. Hence, a lot of users have already switched to Safari.

4. How do I stop my MacBook Air from overheating?

Whether you have MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, these tips work out for any device to stop them from overheating. Firstly, it is highly recommended to stop using Chrome immediately.

It is not as harmful as a tool but for Mac users, it can be the biggest issue right now. Also, no matter whichever browser you are using, make sure that you do not have too many tabs opened.

No Matter which system you are using, multi-tasking can be a root cause of all the issues. If you start working as well as using Facebook on your browser it will likely heat up the system.

Also, you can buy an external fan that initiated the cooling process and is kept under the laptop for effective working. Lastly, it is important to keep you Mac clean. If you haven’t yet, you are never too late.

Final Verdict

Well, here are all the aspects that you needed to know on how to check Mac temperature and multiple tools that you can download.

It can either be directly available on your play store or simply a third party tool which is very much safe as we have been using too. We have tried to put every genuine answer and review for the users so that they can take on up for themselves.

Mac users love their system but also surfers from this particular issue every time. So, it is high time to address it and get rid of it. The tech giant has been trying to eliminate the issue in its new models.

Once you have chosen the tool for yourself, the process to use it will hardly take any time. In fact, the setup is very easy and within seconds you can integrate the widget to the default notification panel. Some of the tools are paid as well but deserves every penny since the tools are amazing and top-notch.