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How to Check Your Windows startup programs are malware-free


Lots of programs set themselves to start automatically alongside Windows. Some, such as your antivirus software, are vital for the safe and efficient running of your PC but others will unnecessarily slow it down and may even be considered unsafe. Autorun Organizer keeps an eye on these programs for you. Make sure you decline any extra software offered during installation.

Check your startup programs are malware-free

Run the Autorun Organizer to display a list of all the applications that start with Windows. By default, it shows entries from the primary startup locations (ones which need the most optimisation),

but you can switch to ‘all startup locations’  if you want to be more thorough.

The ‘customize view’ option lets you specify startup areas to include, such as Registry, ‘Startup folder’, ‘Tasks scheduler’, Services and Drivers. You can also hide all
system applications. This is the default option and stops you accidentally disabling important Windows components.

Items marked with a down arrow have a big impact on your PC’s startup speed. Click an entry to see info about it below, including its path and name. All entries are checked for malware by Google’s VirusTotal service, which flags suspicious entries and highlights them in the list.

You can temporarily delay the application’s startup, so Windows gets into a usable state faster, by ticking the ‘Disable temporarily’ box. By default, the delay is 30 seconds but you can click the down arrow to choose your own delay time. You can also Remove the program entirely.

To provide guidance, the Disable/Delay Frequency sidebar shows the percentage of other users who disabled or delayed an entry. Autorun Organizer can also optimise your PC’s boot-up for you. Click the Show Details button, Then click ‘Perform the Optimization’.

Click the Recent System Load Times link to see how long previous boot-ups have taken. If you’ve installed new software, or removed or delayed startup entry, this will give you an idea of the impact that action had. Restart your PC to get the current load time.

Check your startup programs are malware-free

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Final Conclusion of this article is Autorun Organizer is a really awesome program which is useful for Checking Windows Startup applications, running malware applications and also you can easily optimize your Windows 10 PC startup.


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