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19 Best Chegg Alternatives To Get Textbook Solutions

Do You have a curiosity to know about the Chegg Alternatives that will help you in homework, exam prep, and writing support?🧐

We got you covered in this post. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Being a student is undoubtedly difficult, especially in these times when even the best of teachers are facing problems teaching online. In such a situation, online resources have been of great help to both students as well as teachers.

And one such platform that has been intensely popular amongst the students is Chegg. It allows students to find help for their homework, clarify their doubts, and prepare for examinations.

Chegg helps students to find answers to their questions as they can go through the previously asked questions that have been answered by experts. If the question whose answer they are seeking is not available then they can also ask it themselves and the experts will answer it.

Apart from such valuable services, Chegg even helps the students in procuring textbooks to buy or rent which is extremely helpful.

Chegg also offers tools like plagiarism checker, grammar checker, expert proofreading, and even textbook solutions and maths solver.

Chegg even offers a tutorship facility for the students and allows students to find an expert in the subject of their requirement to hire them as individual tutors for a fee.

But of course, Chegg is not free of cost and one needs to have a subscription to ask a definite amount of questions, if you have more questions, then you will have to spend extra money on your additional questions.

Chegg’s study offers a monthly package at $14.95 but it is not as reasonable for students on a tight budget or limited funding to spend on a site that will not even let you ask as many questions as you want.

Here is a list of the Best Chegg Alternatives.

Best Chegg Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

Firstly, it depends entirely on the type of services you use from Chegg. Some sites offer the same services at different price packages as Chegg such as Course Hero and Bartleby.

But if you use Chegg websites for just one or two services specifically then you can try various other alternatives that will be mentioned in the article now. 

1. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is one of the best Chegg alternatives for their writing services. It is possibly the best Paper Writing Service as it allows students to choose the format of the assignment or paper that they need to submit an offer relevant services. You will be able to produce original content with the help of this platform.

You can specify the deadline and you will get your paper before the deadline, the paper will be written as per the requirements specified by the student and the fees will also be calculated on a similar basis. 

Also, you can be assured that your details will not be shared with anyone else as the privacy of students is well-respected on this platform.

2. SellBackBooks

If you used Chegg mostly to trade textbooks then this is a great alternative as here, on the SellBackBooks site, you can sell the old textbooks you will never use again and earn some extra change as well.

Best Chegg Alternatives

You simply need to check the ISBN of the book and get the price. Then you can sell the book and get the money quickly with their direct deposit feature.

You don’t even have to worry about the shipping charges as they will pay for it themselves. They will pay more for the usual college bookstores for your old books and it is trusted by many students across the country.

3. BookFinder

BookFinder site started in 1997 and has been serving the students to find the book they need in their budget. You can search any book on this site and it will give you all the editions, price ranges, and where the book is available.

Best Chegg Alternatives 1

You can then choose the seller and get the book. It is a bit slow when looking for the books though. It will help to give as many details as possible such as ISBN along with the title and author to find the book quickly.

4. Coursera – Learn Without Limits

Coursera is a wonderful site that will allow you to learn anything you want from the best universities. You can search for the course or topic you want and find short-term tutorials that will clarify your doubts.

Best Chegg Alternatives 2

You can even go for paid courses at a bigger scale like a bachelor’s degree from reputed universities! You can access the tutorial videos free of cost and learn but will have to pay for the certificate of completion or offline notes that come with the course.

You can also upskill and learn different new skills that will make you more relevant in the job market for a very small fee but get a quality education.

5. Bartleby

Bartleby is another Chegg Alternatives homework help website that offers these services- Bartleby Learn, Bartleby Write, Bartleby+, Bartleby Tutor.

It costs less than Chegg Study and you have various options as well. You can get a weekly subscription for the Finals week or you can get an annual pack to help you round the clock. You will need to proofread your papers yourselves though.

And if you are looking for Q & A service then you can ask 30 questions with your subscription while browsing previously asked questions as well.

bartleby learn - an easier way to study hard

You can also find micro-tutoring services on this platform that comes with a free 15-minute trial of the tutor and you can also get AI to write your papers for a fee.

You can also get access to various textbooks along with their solutions on this site. The advantage of this site is that you only need to pay for the service you are looking for, only for the definite period of time you wish to employ their services.

You don’t need to waste your money on the services you are not using, making this site popular with students on a limited budget.

6. Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a test prep company that offers tutoring, courses, books, and admissions resources, and it is a great Chegg Alternatives if you are looking for a micro-tutor. You will get tutoring directly from reputed professionals working in the best educational institutes.

You can go through the profiles of the tutors thoroughly before you contact them and if you find it fit for your needs, you can contact the tutor and set up a session.

It can be used for students of all ages as if you are a parent with a young child then you can hire a tutor to guide your child too if you feel like you can not give sufficient time and attention.

Moreover, if you find yourself satisfied with the tutoring session then you can always go back and set up more sessions with the same tutor. You have to pay for each session so you don’t need to enter into an unnecessary and long contract with the tutor.

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7. LitCharts

Creators of Sparknotes decided to give better services to the literature students and Litcharts has now become a paradise for the literature students as it will give you detailed annotations, PDFs of literature guides, translations of Shakespeare’s works, and so on.

Best Chegg Alternatives 3

You can read Hamlet in modern English and get all the themes, explanations, and character sketches to go with it at this site. You will get the themes, explanations, background, and literary devices for poems from all time periods.

You can also refer to this site if you are looking for the meanings of various literary terms. The site uses color-coded notes to make it easier to read and you will get almost all the titles in their database.

It does not matter whether you are a student, teacher, or just a casual reader. This site will solve all your literature-related queries in the blink of an eye.

You can also upgrade to the LitCharts A+ to get unrestricted access to all the explanations and literature guides.

It will give you a line-by-line analysis and permission to download and print the PDFs of the guides.

With the premium version, you can also search the literary works by themes, literary devices and so on which will prove extremely helpful for writing papers or assignments as it will also allow you to compare and contrast the themes found in other literary works than the one you are currently studying.

The monthly subscription starts at just $9.95 and you can save even more money by getting the annual one for $59.40 if you need the site for that long.

8. Course Hero: Make every study hour count

Course Hero is also more affordable as compared to Chegg as its monthly package starts from only $9.95. But it offers the same services as Chegg like the Bartleby platform mentioned earlier.

They serve students with their vast range of services like online textbooks and their solutions, Q&A services guaranteed to be answered within 15 minutes, and so on.

If you do not have a subscription, you will need to pay for each question. However, if you prefer it to a friend, you might get a free question or two! You can also prepare and revise for the upcoming exams or tests and get feedback on how to improve your study strategy to ace the tests.

You can find study resources by school, textbook, literature title, or subject. To find resources via textbook has been a recently-added feature and will give you step-by-step solutions for the topics from the textbooks.

Course Hero even offers a wonderful scholarship program that will provide students who are eligible with a $5,000/year scholarship. You can apply for it on their official site and check the eligibility criteria.

9. Stack Exchange

If you are seeking an alternative for the Q & A services of Chegg then Stack Exchange is an excellent alternative.

Stack overflow is mostly popular with coders being focussed on programming-related content, but it is the part of stack exchange network which has over different sites and subdomains with each dedicated to queries and doubts on different subjects.

But the responses to your questions might not be too reliable as they are not always answered by an expert or are peer-reviewed so it is recommended to look for helpful answers by the responders who have earned badges for giving the most reliable answers. You can take hints from the answers you get here to follow them up with your research.

10. Brainly

Brainly is another homework help website where you can ask questions and get help with your homework with step-by-step explanations and answers from experts.

You can get a brain plus subscription for ad-free experience and priority answers verified by experts. You can search according to the topics and even pair up with other students or parents’ accounts.

11. Socratic

Powered by AI, you can get all visual explanations to clear the doubts about all types of subjects. The app surfaces the most relevant learning resources for you with the help of text and speech recognition.

Best Chegg Alternatives 4

This app is available on both Google Play and the Apple store and will bring you the explanations, notes, and related videos from YouTube as well.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

12. Photomath

This software uses AI to scan the math problem and give you step-by-step solutions. You just need to scan the question and get the solution with an explanation.

This is the best software for younger students as it helps to clear the doubts regarding the process of simple maths problems.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

13. DoMyHomeworkPaid (2.0)

The DoMyHomeworkPaid subreddit will allow you to find tutors to complete your homework assignments, essays, and more for a fee. Just browse the most recent threads in the 2.0 version of this subreddit and under this section and you will find the latest tutors who are offering their services.

You can find experts in different subjects and fields. You can contact them and hire them for the homework. If you are concerned about the fraud listing then refer to the list of scammers posted on the subreddit by the students.

14. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

Quizlet is yet another great Chegg Alternatives if you are looking for help with your homework and to revise the topics related to your studies. It is free to use but you can go for the Quizlet plus plan as well.

You can search according to the topics and find the links to notes, flashcards, students’ and quizzes made by others on different subjects such as science, maths, and even languages like Korean.

Back to school 2021: However you study

You can upload your notes and make a private study set as well on this site. You can get access to all the study material and even textbook solutions here. This site will make the process of studying more fun and productive.

You must have heard that you don’t need to study hard, you need to study smart. And this site will help you study smart in every possible way with their reliable solutions, flashcard, and study set services. You can also get answers to your questions or browse through previously asked questions.

You can get the premium version and use the app offline on your phone and study anywhere and anytime you want.

Powered by Quizlet’s new Learning Assistant Platform, you will get study plans to assure better grades as you will be studying systematically and get regular reminders for short study sessions.

15. Answers.com

Answers.com, or simply Answers, is another great alternative to Chegg. Its free plan will cover all the basic needs as you can get answers to questions from any subject- be it maths or literature.

Get unlimited, ad-free homework help with access to exclusive features and priority answers with the Answer+ service which is affordable too.

19 Best Chegg Alternatives To Get Textbook Solutions

It is planning to introduce services like notes, flashcards, Multiple choice questions, and matching to this forum-like platform where you can ask any amount of questions you want.

But it can be answered by anyone on the site so be wary of the unreliable answers and do your research before taking the answers for their word.

You also get study guides and step-by-step math question solvers on this site to help you with your studies in a more organized manner.

You can also use this site on your phone through their mobile application which is available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple store.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

16. Quora

Quora is a free forum that can be one of the best Chegg alternatives. You can ask as many questions as you want on any topic and get the answers from different experts in the field.  However, anyone on the site can answer your question so each answer might not be accurate and reliable.

It is suggested to check the background of the responder to see if they have any knowledge or experience relevant to your question or not.

You might also get answers who want to direct the audience to their blogs. But you can get various answers to the question and you can compare and learn about different perspectives on the question.

You can figure out the answer or at least get help in which direction you should research if you want to get the answer to your question. You can certainly browse through the existing questions and answers and you can also sort the questions by topic.

This platform supports various languages so you do not need to restrain yourself to English only. You can work in the language you are comfortable with and get answers in the same language.

You do not even need a different account, you can simply log in to this site with google, and then you can get recommended questions in your mailbox too.

You can also follow various topics or subjects to make sure you are getting the answers to the questions that are relevant to you.

17. Paul’s Online Math Notes

It is difficult to find resources for higher-level studies as compared to school-level resources. So if you are looking to find some help with your graduation-level maths problems then Paul’s Online Math Notes are going to be very helpful for you. 

You can not ask direct questions on this site but the notes will give you the most common questions you might have.

The site’s creator Paul Dawkins is a math professor at Lamar University so you can be assured of the reliable notes he makes. The notes he has made will facilitate the learning process for students of all the universities.

But it is free to browse and you do not even need to create an account to access the notes. It is the creator’s project and he wished to make the notes accessible to all the students free of cost since education is a basic right and everyone deserves to get quality notes.

It focuses on maths only and you can get detailed information. You can also get related practice questions, assignment questions, sample papers, and so on.

18. 24 Hour Answers

24 Hour Answers is an old site that has been around since 2005. Founded by a chemistry professor, it provides micro tutoring to students. Of course, you have to pay a nominal fee to the miro-tutors as well but you do not need to get a monthly subscription as you need for Chegg.

You can upload your question first and get a custom tutor later. If it is easy for the tutor then it will take less time but if the answer requires more explanation then you might have to wait a bit. 

24HourAnswers Promo

You can also browse through the previously asked questions and if you find a question that seems relevant then you can pay once to reveal the answer. Each answer has a different price.

You can find tutors for yourself who have a set rate per hour. These experts are well-versed in the subject matter and you can get a tutor for a short time when you might need them the most and not have to keep up with them for long periods.

19. School Solver

You must have noticed that the free forums can not give you reliable answers while to get the answers from an expert, you need to shell out a lot of money which is quite a concern when you are on a budget.

School Solver is almost like a question-answer trade place where you can offer to pay what you can afford to get the answer to the question. If the expert finds the question worth the price and time then they will answer you.

You will not need to pay for a month or a year. You will not need to pay a set amount for your single question either. You can simply offer what you wish and get the answer.

It guarantees to keep your privacy safe and even has a money-back guarantee. It is trusted by millions of students and covers all the subjects. You can be assured of getting an answer only from an expert.


The best Chegg alternatives is Course Hero for sure since it gives you all kinds of services- from textbooks to tutors, yet it is more affordable than Chegg.

But there are various sites like LitCharts for Literature or Paul’s Online Math Notes for maths that you can refer to if you are looking for more information on a specific field of study.

But certainly, as long as you have a thirst for knowledge, you can always find help on the net to get the solutions!