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How to Choose a WordPress Theme


How to Choose a WordPress Theme

While choosing a WordPress Theme, your concern should go beyond aesthetic value. As a matter of fact, you should consider functionality over looks. Some themes may appear to look beautiful and that could just be all it does and at worse, it may not be compatible with some very important plugins. Some could appear unapologetically beautiful but could prove stubborn to change when you need to replace it and may require the attention of an expert.

To help you cut down the overwhelming distraction in selecting the best WordPress Theme, I would give you tips on what to consider before integrating any theme to your website.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme


How to Choose a WordPress Theme

This can never be overemphasized. Responsive design simply means flexibility, easy to adapt to multiple devices such as a laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone. A typical feature of a responsive theme is its ability to adjust to mobile phone screen without affecting the look or load speed of the website. Using a responsive theme is no longer optional. In the present era of app-happy internet enthusiasts, a good number of your traffic would come from mobile devices, so you would be missing out on thousands of traffic if your website is not responsive.

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Compatible with Plugins

The beauty of WordPress is in the pool of available plugins. These plugins are the major reason you can customize your WordPress website to your taste and need. In selecting a theme, find out if the theme in question is compatible with all the necessary plugins needed for the effective running of your website. If in doubt, do yourself the favor of getting a clarification from the theme developer.

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Support Options

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

This is a prominent downside to using a free WordPress Theme rather than a premium theme. Most theme developers do not provide support services for their free themes unlike excellent support options for their premium theme users. You don’t want to be stuck when a problem pops up.

Go for Lightweight Themes

Do not fall victim to slow loading themes. Research has confirmed that the loading speed of a website does not only influence search engine optimization, it improves user experience which can translate to higher conversion rate and online revenue. While looking out for lightweight themes, be careful to avoid themes that boast of multiple slides and over 15 preinstalled plugins.

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When buying a premium WordPress theme, do well to shop from established WordPress Theme shops. Some desperate developers are in the habit of integrating unsafe extensions for their personal gain, thereby leaving your website vulnerable to cyber attacks. Always look out for the number of downloads and reviews written by customers.

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