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Choosing the Smartphone Case: Types of Smartphone Cases and Their Uses

Choosing the smartphone cover is not an easy process and not a matter of minutes as some people think or feel. The reason for this confusion is because there are a lot of phone cases and making a choice is pretty difficult. 

Phone cases afterpay are a necessity because they help to protect the phone from moisture, small particles, or mechanical damage. The new phone cases are pretty fashionable and add some high levels of beauty and class to phones.

Choosing the Smartphone Case: Types of Smartphone Cases and Their Uses

For protection, it can be separated into two sets; full or partial collection. The full protection phone cases cover the entire phone and protect it from any moisture or mechanical damage while partial phone cases cover specific areas of the phone and protect it from damages.

Types of phone backs

Back-plate cases 

It is presently among the most common type of phone cases afterpay. They assist in securing the back part of the phone and the sides. The phone cases are convenient, portable, and do not block the screen. Well-selected back-plate covers will slightly shield the display, and increase the chances of protecting the device from damage if it falls.

Folio cases (wallets) 

Folio cases make the top list of safe covers. The phone case design emphasizes protecting the display and back section of the phone. They eliminate the need for a screen protector for extra protection. The wallet cases are easily transformed and can act as a convenient stand when there is a need to read books or watch movies.

Battery cases

These phone cases share a similar look with back-plate cases. They have an integrated battery which makes it to be a little heavy. Battery phone cases are bigger than the normal phone covers which makes them an occasional use. The cases are ideal for traveling and tours – they are available just for recent smartphone models which make them difficult to find.


These phone covers also share some similarities with back-plate cases but they are stronger and thicker. They provide the best and maximum level of protection for anyone who is a sports lover (running, cycling, and horse riding just to name a few), travelers, or professions in which people have a high tendency to get injured. The phone cases are always made with hard and durable materials which include; plastic, aluminum, and polycarbonate.

Armband cases

Clear representation of their name; the phone cases always come with straps that can be attached to the arm or the leg. They are durable and created with portable materials that come with a special spot to secure keys, credit cards, or earphones. They are ideal for people who love working out, people who love running, and other active activities.

Details to weigh when choosing a Smartphone case

Examine the durability

Cell phones are created with some degree of strength but falling a few times can lead to damages (screen cracks) or damaging internally in some cases. A strong smartphone case can help in limiting the effects of the damages when the phone falls.

Thermoplastics, rubber, silicon, and hard plastics are some of the materials used in making these smartphone cases which are durable and can protect the phone.


If most people are asked what they first notice on a phone when they just see it, their response will be how beautiful and attractive it looks. This aspect is a normal norm for most phone users today and they forget the essence of the phone case which is its functionality.

What are the purposes of the chosen smartphone case? Can it protect the phone when it falls and prevent it from cracking? Is it a waterproof phone case that one can use underwater? What makes the smartphone case unique are some of the points to consider when choosing a phone case and not just how attractive the case looks.

Phone case quality

The quality of the phone case is another important factor to check when choosing one. Many people just buy cases based on the description without checking to confirm if the claims are right. 

To determine this, look at the reviews of others who have bought and used the smartphone case before. From the feedbacks, one will be certain that what they are purchasing is of good condition.

The fit

Having a smartphone case that fits perfectly is another important factor that should be considered when choosing the best phone back. The fit of a phone case can decide how proficient the case is.

Having access to phone features should not be a challenging process with the right phone case fit. To determine the right phone case fit, know the measurement of the phone and that of the case.

Look up the information of the phone mark and brand on the internet and check out the phone back description before placing a command for it. That way, there will be no doubts concerning the phone case’s fit.


There is this common norm that an expensive phone case means it is of great quality. There are times when a phone case can be really costly but still of low quality. To determine how good a phone back is, ensure to check in detail the quality, features, and design of the smart phone case. This is to ensure the price matches the quality of the case.


It is pretty easy to get confused when choosing a good phone case because of the existing loads of designs. The ultimate guide will be to select them based on the environment where the phone will be used not forgetting the needs and preferences of the user. 

For daily use, a back-plate case, folio, or flip cases are ideal while the shockproof and battery cases are perfect for traveling and other hyper active holidays.

With the provided guidelines, it will not be so difficult to choose the best smartphone case from the several designs in the market.