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How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

There are a number of issues you could face while using your computer. Unfortunately, some are self-inflicted due to bad use, others just come up and it is no fault of yours. Chrome not working could lie on either side of the divide, but many times a quick fix would get your computer back to perfect shape.

Why is Google Chrome not working?

Here are the major causes of your Chrome not working issue and appropriate Fixes.

1. Slow or irresponsive Internet connection

It is important to confirm that your connection is irresponsive before applying any fix. To do this, follow these steps:

– Open your command prompt by typing cmd in the start menu.
– Type the following command without the quotes “ping google.com” and click enter.
– If you have a proper internet connection you should receive 4 replies from your ping and these replies all come within split seconds.

chrome not working

If you have an internet connection problem, that is, you do not receive replies or they take too much time to come, try these:

Right-click on the connection icon at the lower right corner of your computer and click on “Troubleshoot Problems
How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

Follow the prompt and choose options as instructed.How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

If after going through the troubleshooting, your problem is not resolved, restart your computer. If you are not able to browse with chrome still, then you may need to contact your service provider.

2. Browser Not Closed Properly

If this is the case, the Chrome not working issue should easily be resolved from the task manager. These steps will fix your problems:

Search for task manager ( Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select task manager )  amongst your apps and open it up.

In the task manager, go through the list of running processes displaying.

If you see Google Chrome, click on it and on the right bottom corner, click end.How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

  • Restart your Chrome browser again. You may need to restart the computer to get Chrome working again.
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3. Chrome Extensions interfering

Yes, Chrome comes with a huge store of extensions that increase productivity, unfortunately, occasionally some extensions may be buggy and stop your browser from proper functioning.

If you just installed an extension, it could be the cause, if not an older extension could have updated to a version with bugs.

Disabling the faulty extension will restore your Chrome functionality. To do this, try this fix:

Click on the settings icon on your browser (The 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser)

Click on “more tools” then “extensions”
Chrome Not Working

In the window that opens, toggle off the switch of the suspected extension to disable it. Then check if Chrome has regained proper functionality.

How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

4. Corrupt Chrome File

If your Google Chrome file is corrupt, then there are chances that it will not open up at all. Uninstallation and re-installation will fix this issue. After uninstalling Chrome, you could download a new version HERE. To uninstall chrome, follow these steps:

Under your start menu, search for chrome

Right-click on the icon and choose the “uninstall” option.Chrome Not Working

  • Follow the prompts to uninstall it. This process will delete all the current chrome files from the computer.

5. Using BleachBit Tool to clear all data of Chrome.

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6. Pro Tip:-

Use Brave Browser ( Download Here ) which we are using it for a long time after seeing lots of memory and privacy issues in chrome and we are very happy with this browser.

Once I am using chrome, my memory and Disk are always close to 100 % but with brave, it’s not going more than 65%. 🙂

How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue in Windows 10

Below is our Some Detailed Guide on Brave Browser:-

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It is not totally uncommon to have a Chrome issue. The good news is that a technician will usually not be needed to fix most of this kind of browser problems. It is always recommended to have a really good antivirus when browsing the internet because viruses are the main culprit for many computer issues. And these are usually only resolvable with an updated antivirus or by performing a clean OS install.