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9 Of The Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboard

So, why the Chromebook with backlit keyboard and not the conventional laptop? You will be amazed that the Chromebook segment is taking off quicker than the laptop. Today, consumers are particular about owning this device. 

Not everybody can afford a top-end laptop like the Dell XPS or MacBook for reliability. This is when the Chromebook comes into action. It has taken the market by storm since the first device was released. 

During mid-2010, the Chrome operating system was in much demand. Earlier, nobody was interested in the OS. It has changed today. Users are keen to work on the Chrome browser. Google services like PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and Docs came as extensions. 

There were no separate programs on the browser, and offline usage was quite limited. 

Significance of using Chromebooks in your daily lives

Since mid-2010, the usage of Chromebooks has increased. That is due to the accessibility and availability of apps from the play store. There you go. Now all of a sudden, you have access to the apps used commonly.

Apart from that, the hardware is much lower than Windows 10. Consumers are also aware that operating offline has become a breeze. In this post, we have analyzed how the Chromebook stands up to Windows 10 notebooks. 

Apart from that, we have also found out the scenarios that they are not suitable for. Today, with changing working environments, having a device with a backlit keyboard is more than essential. 

Working professionals in almost all sectors prefer using a Chromebook with backlit keyboard. It helps them to work in dark or dimly lit environments. It is heartening to note that, in a short period, Chromebooks have become popular with the masses. 

That is because of its slim design, peerless performance with the operating system, and affordable pricing. The Chromebook has become more compatible with several Android devices, making it accessible among users. 

The research and developmental team are doing an excellent job of producing Chromebooks that are marvelous. Today, you can find that most of the devices come with decent RAM and power, matching the likes of mid-range laptops. 

Owning a Chromebook does not have to be an expensive affair, not to mention it is extremely suitable for individuals who travel, blog, and design artwork often. We felt that it is still in the evolution stage. 

With the options that you have in the market, selecting the right kind of Chromebook with a backlit keyboard can be tough. Let us read some benefits of using a backlit keyboard before we delve right into the top choices; we have compiled for you.

Benefits of using a backlit keyboard on a Chromebook

Using a backlit keyboard on a Chromebook is a constant favorite among gamers, programmers, and bloggers. They are suitable to work and use conveniently during dark or dim lighting conditions without disturbing anybody. 

  • This one is quite obvious, the convenience of working in dark environments. You no longer have to strain yourself when working on it in the dark. 
  • Secondly, it comes in several colors and brands these days provide you with multi-color options. Gamers like to choose red, blue, green, and others that blend with the environment they prefer when playing games. At the moment, it does not come in those kinds of colors. 
  • The Chromebook is appealing in design, and the backlit keyboard makes it seem better. Most of them are sized between 12-14inches. 

Things to look for in backlit keyboards

  • Check the brightness levels before you purchase the Chromebook with backlit keyboard. You need to make sure that it meets your demands. 
  • You must verify the position and shape of the keyboard. Type on the keyboard and notice how fluid the keys are when typing. 
  • The quality of the keyboard is also important. The lighting should be evenly distributed among all the keys. 

Let us know. Check out some of the best Chromebooks with backlit keyboards available in the market now.

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard 👌👌

1. Google Pixel book

The first choice would be the Google Pixel book. Why is that? According to some users, this device is a feature-rich Chromebook. You can find everything that you want in there.

This high-performance device is probably the first laptop embedded with a built-in Google Assistant. 

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard
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All you need to do is press the Google Assistant key. It is ready to help you out. We felt that Chromebook demonstrates the capabilities of the Chrome operating system.

It has an i5 processor powered by Intel and a battery that can operate for more than 10 hours. 

You can charge the device in less than 2 hours. You can use this device as a tablet, laptop, and tent if necessary. We were blown by this 12″ touch screen’s design, which has some of the best functionalities. 

It is also lightweight. Now, it is a 4-in-1 device that can adapt to the apps that you want to work on it. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds and has a 360-degree display made from an aluminum body. 

Users have commended the bootup speed and virus protection. Rightly, it is the most expensive one on our list, priced at more than $1000. An Arizona user says he was searching for a small but powerful device. 

Though he owns the MacBook and is satisfied with its power, he wanted a smaller option. Somebody suggested this device, and he felt that it was quite expensive. Nevertheless, he purchased it, which is the best investment it has made. 

He felt that the pen is helpful, but he does not require it. The pen is suitable for artists and graphic designers. Overall, this is a worthy device you can get in the market. 


  • Its design is elegant and portable to take along with you.  
  • The body is made from aluminum. 
  • It is portable, and you can travel with it anywhere you want. 
  • The processor is powerful with the Core i7. 
  • The storage space is massive at 128 GB and has a resolution of 2400×1600.
  • The battery lasts for more than 11 hours, and the time taken for the charge is 2 hours. 
  • The audio output is good and decent for a Chromebook. 


  • It is ridiculously expensive. 

Google Pixel book comes as your ideal option when you are on the lookout for a powerful Chromebook with backlit keyboard with sublime performance and comes with functional storage capacity. 

You can store as much data as possible, which is guaranteed to give you the best performance. If you are a hardcore Apple fan, you have a tough choice between a MacBook and the Google Pixel book. 

Google Pixelbook review

2. HP Chromebook 15.6″ IPS FHD

HP Chromebook 15.6″ IPS FHD is second on our list of Chromebook with a backlit keyboard. When you are on the lookout for a device that can help your personal or business side work, then this HP laptop should do. 

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard
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HP has been making slow inroads in this segment. But, with each of their products, you can notice plenty of changes. That goes to show that they are serious about customer satisfaction and retention. 

You can operate using the 8th Generation, 4 GB RAM, a storage space of 128 GB, and a solid build. Users will be delighted with the number of apps you can use on their android devices. 

The performance is quite average but acceptable for regular usage. Its striking feature is the backlit keyboard that comes in-built. The layout of the keyboard is similar to Windows laptops. The design of the Chromebook is artistic and beautiful. 

We were highly impressed with the battery duration of 13 hours. It is better than high-end laptops. However, the display was not that good at 1920×1080. It is priced at less than $500, and we felt that it was a good deal for the features offered. 


  • The design is robust and stable. 
  • The screen size is 15 inches, on par with many laptops. 
  • The storage space comes at 128 GB, which allows you to store your files effortlessly. 
  • It comes with a decent 4 GB RAM. 
  • The battery life runs for more than 13 hours. 
  • The device is priced cheaply. 


  • The display is moderate, and the OS comes with limited functionality. 

HP Chromebook 15.6″ IPS FHD is a solid Chromebook that comes with decent features on it. However, you might not want to expect fireworks from it. This is an entry model that comes for a fair price, and if you are alright with the weight, it is an excellent option.  

3. Google Pixel book 12.3.” 

Google Pixel book 12.3″ is next up for discussion. This is a fantastic product from Google. The search engine giant seems to have an affinity for brightening up things in all segments. It has a 7th generation i5 processor that gets your job done smoothly. 

9 Of The Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboard
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It is ideal for artists, graphic designers, and bloggers. You can store anything you want with a massive storage space of 128 GB. The power is sublime at RAM of 8 GB. This is ideal for next-level multitasking. 

You will see that the monitor comes with corning gorilla glass that is sensitive but protected—the chances of the screen getting broken or damaged lie low. We were satisfied with the battery life of 10 hours, which took less time to charge. 

This Chromebook is durable and efficient, with 2 USB type C ports. You will like the Google cloud and apps present on the play store. It has a display of 6 million pixels that bring your screen to life. 

The audio quality also was superb. Please note that the stylus and keyboard are sold separately. Google Pixel book 12.3″ gives you another dimension towards life, priced at $800. This is another product from Google that is priced quite high. 

So, unless you are keen on a Chromebook, you may want to look elsewhere. 


  • It comes with Google Assistant, which simplifies your work and task ability. 
  • The ability to work offline was mind-blowing.
  • The hardware is excellent and supportive. 
  • You will like the display as it is excellent. 
  • The keyboard is simple to work on. 
  • The processor is powerful and matchless. 
  • This is a lightweight device that comes with ample storage at 128 GB.


  • It comes with two USB ports, which may not suffice. 
  • The pen is sold separately and is priced on the higher side. 

The Google Pixel book 12.3″ is quite flexible for tablet, tent, or laptop use. Thanks to its voice search feature, you can perform your tasks efficiently. When you feel that the price meets your needs, you may consider this Chromebook with a backlit keyboard. 

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4. ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip is an all-rounder; hence we have mentioned it here. ASUS is popular for making heavy-duty systems offering high-performance capabilities.

It has a 360-degree viewing angle and can be used as a laptop, tablet, and tent effortlessly. 

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard
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The Chromebook has a Core M processor powered by Intel 4Gb RAM and 64 GB storage space. They make it practical for several activities that include business as well as personal, to run on android applications seamlessly. 

The keyboard comes with a one-piece chiclet design for quick typing. It is the main reason the website designer is impressed with this device and prefers it. When you want to switch it to tablet mode, you can use the built-in fingerprint sensor. 

Its battery is operational for 10 hours, and the startup is slightly higher than 3 seconds. We found that impressive as it is right on par with top-end laptops. Currently, this device is the best option out there in terms of the overall package. 

Users liked the flip screen of the Chromebook for flexibility. You can discuss essential documents, files, and designs, with your colleagues or clients sitting opposite you. The audio quality is decent too. 

Briefly, we want to mention a review of a user. The Amazon customer purchased this Chromebook with a backlit keyboard hesitatingly.

The catch was that it was a refurbished product. However, the user is highly satisfied with it, thanks to the several features embedded in it. 


  • This is a high-performance device that comes with ample features. 
  • The Chromebook is portable and easy to carry around. 
  • The battery is long-lasting for 10 hours. 
  • The 360-degree hinge makes it flexible for moving around. 
  • You can install a barrage of android apps on it. 
  • The storage space is decent at 64 GB.
  • The display is alright at 1920×1080.


  • Some users felt that this device is expensive. 
  • At times, you feel that the keyboard is spongy. 

Do you want to purchase this Chromebook? As we said, a particular user purchased a refurbished product and was extremely happy.

When the price is a botheration for you, you can select it thanks to the lightweight, 10-hour battery, sturdy, powerful, and flexible performance.

Google Pixelbook VS ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

5. Acer Chromebook 514, CB514-1H-C47X

Acer Chromebook 514, CB514-1H-C47X is a high-performance Chromebook below the $500 price tag. It comes powered by a Celeron N3350 processor, 32Gb storage space, and 4 GB RAM. 

9 Of The Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboard
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You may think that there is nothing special about these features. You are right because they are typically found in most of the Chromebooks in the market. However, Acer has done an excellent job with its design. 

We found this design was probably one of the best in the market. The chassis comes produced from aluminum, giving it a beautiful appearance. The keys are firm and do not give way too much at the corners. 

It is a 14″ device and suitable for bloggers and food writers. We were also happy with the battery life of 12 hours on a single charge. This device operates on the Chrome operating system. 

The product comes with virus protection that is already installed, and it updates by itself. You can download and run the apps you prefer from the play store. Knowing that you have 100 GB on Google Drive, your information is backed up safely. 

We found useful feedback from a user in Houston. He purchased this product without the urge to own a device. He felt that the video files take time to load, but apart from that, this is the device he had been looking for for a long time. 

This is the best you can ask for in the market for this price. Of course, with time, things may improve eventually in Chromebooks. 


  • The design is good and comes made from aluminum. 
  • It is powerful due to the Intel Celeron N3350 processor. 
  • The battery can efficiently work for 12 hours on a single charge. 
  • The storage space is average at 32 GB. 
  • The resolution is excellent at 1920×1080. 
  • The keyboard stroke is firm and decent. 


  • The Chromebook is heavy and large. 

Acer Chromebook with backlit keyboard 514, CB514-1H-C47X is the ideal choice for a Chromebook with a backlit keyboard as it is straightforward and seamlessly works with your Google account. You won’t go disappointed if you decide to buy this Chromebook.  

Acer Chromebook 514 Unboxing & Hands-On

6. Asus Chromebook C425

Asus Chromebook C425 is another powerful Chromebook we thought we would add to this list of Chromebooks with a backlit keyboard. This device has an 8th Generation core M3-8100Y processor, 64Gb storage space, and 8 GB RAM. 

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard
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This is a lightweight device and is suitable for travelers to work with. They can check their emails and perform a wide range of tasks. The design is good and well-crafted. We must remind our readers that the ASUS is the only Chromebook with 8 GB RAM. 

When you are particular about performance, you know the device to choose. It is a large 14-inch product having a NanoEdge display. It also comes with a 6-inch trackpad that is suitable for accurate movement. 

It is more extensive than most of the devices in the market and is quite responsive to your commands. The Chromebook comes with a 180-degree hinge design that is suitable for viewing. It weighs less than 3 lbs, and the design is sublime. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Asus Chromebook C425 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboards in 2022.


  • Its design is probably one of the best, despite being made from plastic. 
  • The keyboard is smooth and responsive. 
  • The Chromebook has a powerful Intel Core M3-8100Y processor. 
  • The RAM of the device comes at 8 GB. 
  • The storage space is good at 64 GB. 
  • Its display is 14″ at a resolution of 1920×1080. 
  • The battery life runs for more than 12 hours. 


  • Few users felt that the performance could have been improved. 

Asus Chromebook C425 is a worthy purchase. When you are looking for a no-frills device that can help you perform your tasks with ease, then it is this product.

The performance and colors could have been improved, but it is suitable for writing and drawing. 

7. Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C25-K01US

The list could not be complete without the Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C25-K01US. Samsung has paved its path in almost all segments as far as electronic goods are concerned. 

9 Of The Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboard
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The device is slim and lightweight. It makes it suitable for frequent travelers and workers. The Chromebook with a backlit keyboard comes with a Core M3 6Y30 processor, 32Gb storage space, and 4Gb RAM.

This is a 12-in-1 Chromebook that can be used as a tablet and works on Chrome OS. That means you can install and operate any app from the play store. The design is modern and elegant. 

The product’s color is right, and it has a good battery life of 8 hours. You can also make use of the stylus and a built-in pen. This helps you to design beautiful drawings and illustrations. 

This is thanks to the QHD touchscreen display. You can sync your account on Google Drive if you are a blogger. It comes as 12.3″ and has a powerful resolution of 2400×1600 pixels. It weighs only 12 pounds, and you can work anywhere you prefer. 

The Chromebook is priced slightly high at $650. Here is what one user had to say about this product. The person is a college-going individual. She needed a Chromebook of its size and average features. 

She was highly impressed with the stylus and the price, which she got for a massive discount. The user also liked the keyboard’s performance and was negatively stunned by it. 

We felt that the touchscreen tends to become susceptible to fingerprints. When you are not carefully using it, it can become an issue. The Chromebook also gets warm pretty fast during high usage. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The samsung chromebook with backlit keyboard that earned it a spot in our list of Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboards in 2022.


  • The chassis of the Chromebook is reliable and robust. 
  • Its display is beautiful. 
  • It comes with support for apps on android devices. 
  • The processor is a powerful Intel Core M3 processor. 
  • The storage space is alright at 32 GB. 
  • The display of the device is sublime at 2400×1600. 
  • The battery can work for more than 8 hours.


  • The keyboard feels slightly cramped at times. 

Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C25-K01US is one of the best Chromebooks in the market. Made by a reliable manufacturer, coming with decent features, flexibility, sturdy design, and a powerful battery, there is no reason why you should not go for it. 

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8. HP X360 14 2-in-1 Touchscreen Chromebook

HP X360 14 2-in-1 Touchscreen Chromebook is one of the high-end models from HP. Analysts were left wondering why HP did not make a powered inroad into the Chromebook segment. The manufacturer has made the right decision with the release of this device. 

Best Chromebook with Backlit keyboard
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It has an elegant design, and the product’s durability is commendable. The Chromebook has the 8th Generation Core i3-8130U processor, a storage capacity of 64 GB, and 8 GB RAM. 

The device’s design is solid with an aluminum body, giving it a premium look. It also has a great battery life that can work more than 13 hours. HP has done an exceptional job in that aspect. 

We found that the HP Chromebook comes with a slight glare when you work under the sun. If you are somebody who works outdoors often, then you might want to reconsider. The performance of the device is sublime. 

The audio quality is excellent and sounds better than most of the devices in the market. We also felt that the hinge is better on this product. When you move the Chromebook, it moves along with you without resistance. 

According to one user, a Dell fan, he felt that this Chromebook is by far the best device in the market. It is lighter than Dell products and comes with better features. His deal-breaker with his favorite product was displayed. 

Many users have agreed that the screen display inclined them to this device. They tend to interact with it for many hours regularly. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Asus Vivobook S530FA that earned it a spot in our list of Best Chromebook With Backlit Keyboards in 2022.


  • The RAM is 8 GB which allows you to do your tasks effortlessly. 
  • An Intel Core I3-8130 powers its processor.
  • The storage space is 62 GB, which is ideal for most devices. 
  • The battery usage is more than 13 hours on a single charge.
  • The Chromebook has a good resolution of 1920x1080IPS.
  • The screen size is 14″, which is sufficient for viewing.


  • It is slightly overpriced at above $650. 

HP X360 14 2-in-1 Touchscreen Chromebook is one of the best for entrepreneurs, with its above-average features and long-lasting battery of 13 hours. If you intend to become one or already are, you might want to consider using it. 

You can order it yourself when you are not bothered by the price. 

HP Chromebook x360 Review - 14" 2-in-1 Chromebook - 14-da0021nr
In summary

It is safe to conclude that the backlit keyboard is the most crucial feature of a Chromebook. This is one of the useful devices for frequent travelers and business individuals who are on the go most of the time. 

Apart from that, this kind of device comes in handy when you have to work in dark environments. Users might want to review and go through the features before making up their minds. Chromebooks are delectable, reliable, and highly operative. 

These devices are designed mainly for users who want more space in the cloud and are flexible. You can use the device on Google Drive; it is workable on android devices, and lots more. 

In the end on the chromebook with backlit keyboard list

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different kinds of Chromebooks with backlit lighting. When you want to purchase a Chromebook with a backlit keyboard, you must be aware of the device’s different types of apps available. 

We would also like to mention the operating system of the Chromebook is different from Windows. This means you must think hard about the programs you want to install and use for your tasks. 

Thanks to Google services, you can log in using the connection without installing software on your device. Using the play store and emails, you can easily download and access all the vital tools that you want to be installed on your system. 

Can we recommend any of the above Chromebooks with a backlit keyboard? We found the Google Pixel book and HP Chromebook 15.6″ IPS FHD useful for your cause. These two Chromebooks come with top-notch features that can meet your demands. 

The other Chromebooks are matchless too, and come with their features and capabilities. Just to remind you, Chromebooks do not have to come with high memory and RAM. A wide range of tasks can be performed, like reading, chatting, gaming, browsing, and artwork. 

Enjoy your work with a new Chromebook!