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11 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives To Optimize Your Mac

If you own a Mac, you might have a lot of unwanted files and data on your system that immediately needs to be cleared out.

But to be fair, no one can manually do such a tedious task. You might be unaware of hundreds of caches, junk files, etc., on the system.

We have one software, i.e., CleanMyMac, for it, but it has shortcomings. So, we have listed the best CleanMyMac alternatives in this blog to make things easier.

One of the significant reasons that CleanMyMac isn’t for everyone is that it can be a little expensive. You can get the free version of the tool, but it is only available for a limited period and with fewer features.

Instead of buying a tool to clean your mac, you can choose to go with something better that fits your budget.

So, here is an extensive yet detailed list of all the CleanMyMac alternatives you can find on the web.

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. CCleaner – Cleanmymac alternatives To Automate your Mac Cleaning

You might have already heard about the first one on our list. CCleaner is the best ClearMyMac alternatives currently on the web. It will be unfair to mention that it is something we also use on our system quite frequently.

You can get their free version and use multiple features that might be just enough for you and your Mac. Not only will your system run faster, but it will also keep it secure.

As we said, you can never know the number of junk files you might have on your system. Even though you have deleted tons of those files manually, some data files are still not visible to the naked eye.

Hence, this tool can clear out all such files and reduce clutter. Every site you visit is either directly tracking everything you do on the site or asking your permission in the name of cookies.

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives

With CCleaner, you can simply remove the browsing history from your browser. Moreover, all the cookies that eat up the space on your system, making the browsing speed even slower, are deleted directly through this software.

If you do not like the auto cleaning mode, you can choose to customize everything on this software and make your selections.

Furthermore, the premium paid version of this tool is super cheap, and anyone can afford all the benefits, including real-time monitoring.


  • Highly customizable
  • Multiple features are available for both free and paid version
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Keeps all your data safe and secure


  • The interface could have been a bit better

2. MacKeeper – Cleanmymac Alternatives To Optimize and protect your device

Next up, we will be talking about MacKeeper. It sure is a keeper to sound a little bit cheesy here. This tool is famous for multiple products apart from simply cleaning the Mac.

You can use it to find duplicate files on the system. For example, if you have downloaded multiple files for the same purpose, you can use the tool and get it all in a single place and wipe them out from your system to get more space.

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives 1

Using the Safe Cleanup feature, the software can help you get rid of logs, caches, cookies, and other junk files. Also, you need not worry about cleaning the system every single day.

Instead, the tool will send a reminder when it’s time to free up some space. Speaking of the Duplicate Finder, you can look at multiple files and detect duplicate images that might take up the most space.

Next up, we have the Smart Uninstaller on the same tool that keeps track of all the apps you have used the least and that you might need to uninstall.

Furthermore, it also finds the right plugin extensions you had no idea about. You can surely use the free version for a month and check out the features. If you still love it, get the monthly subscription for your Mac and keep it safe & secure.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Use VPN and browse anonymously
  • Provides daily auto-scans
  • Finds and removes any duplicate files easily


  • No protections against any malicious URLs

3. DaisyDisk

Let’s talk about DaisyDisk and why we chose this as one of the Best CleanMyMac alternatives on our list. One of the best things here is its great UI. It is innovative and entirely different from any tool you will come across on this list and on the web.

After you have downloaded the software on your system, you need to scan any external or internal disks. Once done, it will show you an interactive visual map of all the files and folders on the disk.

If you find a massive file on that map, you can pick it out and check its contents. After that, you can permanently remove or delete those files to empty the space.

Undoubtedly, it is probably amongst the fastest scanners we have used till now. Moreover, it has drag-and-drop features right on the screen where you can collect all the files you need to observe and filter the content.

Since it is a group makes it of Mac enthusiasts, you can expect more upgrades in the future, and it even supports the latest M1 Macs that people love.


  • Open Source Software
  • Highly secure and safe to use
  • Interactive and Innovative
  • Cost-effective tool


  • Lacks certain significant features
  • Does not find duplicate files

4. Nektony – Cleanmymac x alternatives For App Cleaner and Uninstaller

Nektony has multiple products available, among which you might be interested in the App Cleaner and uninstaller for your Mac.

It is designed especially for all mac users and has many features to keep it clean and secure. Here you can easily uninstall any app and remove all its traces and data from the system.

11 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives To Optimize Your Mac

This very lightweight app is recommended for beginners who might not need a fully functional tool for multiple purposes. This might be the right one if you have not used any such tool before.

Also, if you have a lot of browser extensions or even on your Mac, the tool will help you to remove especially those you have never used before.

Now, you do not need to look all over your Mac for software that is creating issues and has never been used. Simply scan the disks and get hold of such plugins and software.

After that, you can enter the expert mode and delete everything associated with it.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Overview


  • Lightweight application
  • Beginner and user friendly
  • Easy to remove and uninstall an app
  • It helps to scan and delete Plugins


  • Limited features only
  • No customization

5. MacBooster 8

We could not have left out MacBooster 8 on our list. It has everything you can ask for or an all-in-one CleanMyMac alternative.

MacBooster 8 helps you clean all the junk files, optimize the hard disk, and provides complete security protection. If you are still using the old MacBook with low storage, this tool might be the one you need right now.

It can remove over 20+ types of junk files to give your system the speed it needs. Similar to what we have found in only selected tools, the duplicate finder searches the entire system and helps you to remove such files with ease.

11 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives To Optimize Your Mac

Besides this, MacBooster considers all the startup items that open up when the system boots. Sometimes, these apps might slow down your system, which you may never want.

Hence, using this software, you can optimize your Mac better while starting up and removing these apps you do not need.

Similarly, you can also get other products here that will give you complete internet security in a single software.


  • Increases the overall performance of the system
  • Provides full security protection
  • It helps to increase the startup speed
  • It also features an uninstaller to get rid of unnecessary apps


  • Expensive
  • Ads can sometimes be unnecessary

6. Avast Cleanup Premium

You might have already used the Avast Antivirus security on your systems earlier to protect them from malware.

Now, we have the Cleanup Premium product that is specially introduced to get your Mac back on its feet and increase its speed overall. With this software, you can clean out all the junk files from the system and provide automatic updates.

Other than that, you can even use it to clear out unwanted or duplicate photos and files from the system, helping to clear the disks, and use the uninstaller to get rid of unused apps that are taking up all the space, and much more.

11 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives To Optimize Your Mac

There are a lot of times when you might have deleted the app from the system, but all their junk data and cookies are still left behind; for such purposes, Cleanup Premium is of perfect use.

You can eliminate multiple files such as Junk, crash reports, browser caches, trash files, external drive junk files, and other unnecessary items. With just a single click, you can scan all the files and get rid of whatever you wish.

Furthermore, the tool is pretty simple to use, the overall cost is very cheap, and anyone can afford it.


  • Provides good storage space
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Available for free for 30-days
  • It gives cleaning alerts easily


  • Limited features on a free subscription

7. MacCleaner Pro

We have another product from Nektony that will give you everything you need to clean your MacBook. MacCleaner Pro (Download Here) is more of a professional tool that costs more than usual but also has a lot more to offer.

Some of its features include Speeding up your Mac by getting rid of plugins, disabling browser extensions when not needed, disabling startup programs, rebuilding the Spotlight index, and other similar aspects.

MacCleaner Pro Overview

Moving on, it works on cleaning your Mac in every manner possible. You can choose to clean the download folder, remove unnecessary localization files, remove.dmg files, and eliminate screenshot files that are not needed anymore.

All of this falls under the same category you can easily customize. Also, we have to manage the disk space feature where you can find and remove duplicate files, remove any large video and audio files, uninstall unnecessary apps, etc.

Other than the most basic functions, professional tools might help keep your Mac cleaner in a much more advanced manner.

Furthermore, the tool has an incredible team with 24/7 support, regular updates, one-time payment, etc. It is free and safe from any malware or virus and is also notarized by Apple.


  • Ensures performance boost
  • Provides full system cleanup
  • Features duplicate finder to delete duplicate files
  • Provides free technical support


  • We need to purchase other professional tools separately.

8. MacFly Pro

Moving on to our next CleanMyMac Alternative, we have MacFly Pro on our list. It is one of our favorites and the easiest you will come across.

This tool uses an intelligent assistant that enables all the features to act according to your Mac needs.

Similar to the other tools, it helps to scan your entire system and provides intelligent suggestions as well to keep your Mac well optimized.

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives 5
Handpicked Essentials for Cleaning up Mac

This intelligent assistant has many features that make it worth every penny spent on the tool. Firstly it keeps a watch on your system’s performance 24/7.

It provides timely advice and suggestions to keep your Mac optimized under all circumstances. And never fails to function at any time of the day to keep the Mac clean.

Besides this, the tool deletes unnecessary and old email attachments that might take up all your space.

You do not need any additional tools anymore on your system. With MacFly Pro, you can eliminate hundreds of duplicate files and delete them all at once with a single click.

Instead of uninstalling apps, you do not need them one by one; use the tool and uninstall them all at once, along with their data. It even works as a file manager for large files that take up huge space on your system.


  • Super easy to understand and work on
  • All-in-one tool
  • Removes duplicate files in seconds
  • Acts as a reliable file manager


  • It can be a little expensive

9. Disk Drill 4

Disk Drill is the perfect tool and acts as one of the best cleaning software for Mac. You can choose between the free and premium versions, where the difference is based on the number of features you can access.

11 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives To Optimize Your Mac

If you are unsure about spending money, you can always use the free version and the tool as much as needed. To access all the essential features, visit the official site and buy the license key.

Once you have downloaded the tool, go to the disk section and choose the disk you want to scan. You can start the clean-up mode and eliminate large and unwanted junk files for more space.

This tool mainly helps to sort out all the folders and files that might take up the most space. Moreover, this intelligent tool ensures you do not get rid of any critical system files and thus resist you from deleting those.

With the recent update of this software, there are many more features you can look into compared to other CleanMyMac alternatives. The app interface is a lot better and improved than before.

You can make the best use of a Deep Scan. The scanning process stops immediately after the FAT32 disk is removed from the system.


  • Provides faster and quick scan of the files
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Better support for compressed NTFS volumes
  • The free version is available


  • Not compatible with macOS’s latest version

10. MacClean360 5.0

This Mac cleaner is probably the only one on our list compatible with every version available on the web, including macOS Monterey.

As the name speaks, it is an all-rounder capable of handling everything on your system. It gives everything you need from scanning junk files to managing all your other files on the system.

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives 6

You can go with the free trial, after which you can buy the premium version. If unsatisfied, you can cancel and not go on with the paid version. With the help of this tool, you can clean up the App junk files, system junk, email junk, trash, and much more.

All of this takes one click. This software consists of 9 other tools, all under a single price tag. You get junk cleaner, Uninstaller, Duplicate file finder, disk manager, memory manager, internet cleaner, file shredder, giant/old file cleaner, and startup items manager.

It is one of the best CleanMyMac alternatives and quickly has the best interface. You can even get the drop-down buttons on your desktop for this tool, where you can operate each function much easier without having to open the tool every time.


  • Features a Smart Menu Bar
  • It supports all versions of the Mac Operating System
  • Free trial available
  • It consists of 9 other tools within it


  • A little expensive
  • Not for beginners

11. Gemini 2 

In addition to finding duplicate files, Gemini 2 organizes your files and helps you to clear up gigabytes of storage space in just a few minutes. 

Fast and efficient, it analyses every area of your Mac for unwanted files and removes them in each case, whether it’s an audio or video file.

In all likelihood, Gemini will find it; when the scan is complete, you may delete the duplicates with a single click. It’s also a good idea to check the findings too. 

Gemini 2: The Duplicate File Finder for Mac OS X

Even if you accidentally delete something, restoring it with a single click is easy. You may also exclude particular files and directories from scanning to prevent this from happening again. Right now, you may try out the free version. 

Major updates were made to the app in 2022, including a real-time duplication monitor feature. You’ll be alerted as soon as a duplicate is made on your Mac. 

✅Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac?

The first thing to note is that CleanMyMac is not endorsed or recommended by Apple. The app is also unavailable in the App Store, so it can’t be downloaded from there.

The primary reason is that Apple does not generally ask or even wish users to download any third-party app on their system. Furthermore, you can easily do it all by yourself, and it does not require an app. 

What are alternatives to Cleanmymac?

There are many alternatives to Cleanmymac. One of the most popular ones is MacKeeper. It has a similar interface and offers similar features as Cleanmymac.

Another alternative is MacPaw’s cleaner utility, which provides a more lightweight solution for cleaning up your Mac. 
Cleanmymac has been around for years, but it’s not the only option anymore. Other alternatives offer more features and provide more value for their users. 

Can you get CleanMyMac for free?

Yes, there is a free version that you can download to your system to test out all the features provided by this software.

Moreover, the paid versions have a lot more to offer. You can start with a year subscription based on the number of systems you want to clean or protect. 

Does CleanMyMac detect viruses? 

Yes, apart from cleaning your system CleanMyMac also detect viruses. It will help your system and protect it from viruses, malware, adware, and others that might harm your Mac.

Moreover, it ensures to check your Mac regularly, and all the viruses are immediately deleted if detected. 

Is CleanMyMac Safe?

CleanMyMac is notarized by Apple, which means it is safe to use by anyone and everyone. Yes, you may still not find it on the app store since Apple does not endorse third-party apps to remove junk files or even protect the system.

However, it cleans over a million Macs every day worldwide and is trusted by millions of users using it regularly.  

Does CleanMyMac slow down the computer?

Well, many users have reported that CleanMyMac does slow down the computer. Even though the software is meant to speed up your system by removing all the junk files, reports have come in for quite the opposite.

But it could be for multiple other reasons, and you can try it out for yourself using the free version. 

How do I clean junk files from my Mac?

You can manually do it by visiting the ~/Library/Caches from the Go menu on your Desktop.

Or else, we have a list of the best CleanMyMac alternatives that consists of all the tools that include free and paid versions suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Simply use the tool to scan all the junk and duplicate files and delete them with a single click.

What is the best Mac cleaner software?

Generally speaking, when cleaning your Mac, it is a good idea to utilize trusted applications from reputable vendors.

To keep your Mac operating efficiently, it is also critical to routinely clean it by deleting unused software and unnecessary files.

Free alternatives to cleanmymac x?

Without specialized cleaning software, you can take a few general measures to assist clean and optimize your Mac.

These comprise:-

Clean up the trash, delete unwanted apps, and remove any outdated or huge files. You don’t need to remove unnecessary files and folders from your Mac.

Use the built-in Disk Utility application on your Mac to check for and correct faults and the “Optimize Storage” option in the “About This Mac” menu to automatically delete unused files.

Check for and apply any available software updates to keep your Mac’s operating system current. This can assist in enhancing your Mac’s performance and resolving any bugs that could be troubling it.

To free up space on your Mac and save some of your data elsewhere, think about adopting a cloud storage service like iCloud or Google Drive.

Your Mac will function more smoothly and efficiently if you were regularly clean and maintain it.

Final Verdict

Here we are with everything you need to know about the best CleanMyMac Alternatives you can find on the web.

We recommend these because they are tried on multiple systems and have proved to be good enough and less buggy than the former.

They are easy to work on with a simple interface and have everything you need to bring out your system’s best performance.

Moreover, read everything about these tools since some may not be compatible with Big Sur. You can use these tools for the free version first and then decide whether they are worth spending money on.

It is practically impossible for anyone to clean their system’s junk by themselves; this is where such tools work as a savior. Furthermore, if you have any doubts about these tools, let us know in the comment section below.