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Clickasnap Review: Start Making an Income from your Creative Photography

In today’s contemporary world, people love to capture moments in form of photographs. We have digital cameras and smartphones to fulfil our needs. If you are passionate for photography and want to make money from the photos you capture then Clickasnap is there for you.

Clickasnap is the most trustworthy platform for novice and expert photographers who can upload their photos and can start making money from it. Let’s learn how does it work.

Clickasnap Review: Start Making an Income from your Creative Photography

About Clickasnap

Clickasnap is a UK-based photo-sharing platform that pays you for per photo view. It is world’s first and only platform of its type. It has systems in place to sell your photos as downloads, private art galleries, and physical prints. It protects your photos by using world first licensing systems. It is constantly innovating to deliver best-in-class user experience.

Clickasnap aims to ensure that its photographers chosen products reach to its clients, exactly as they are intended with highest quality standards. Here are a few extra ordinary things about Clickasnap that makes it unique from other image-sharing platforms:

  • Its printers have over 180 years of experience in photo printing.
  • All its printing materials come from environmentally sustainable and ‘Green’ suppliers.
  • Its laboratory has been awarded as the ‘Best Professional Photographic Laboratory’ by SWPP.
  • It is backed by ‘The Societies’, ‘The MPA’, and the ‘Guild’ to name a few.
  • It doesn’t track, collect, sell or process emails of its users or any other data when using Clickasnap.

There are a number of photo-sharing platforms across the world such a Flickr, ViewBug, and many others, but none of them provides unlimited storage and pay-per-image-view opportunity to its photographers. Clickasnap is the only photo-sharing platform in the world that offers that let’s photographers earn for every view on their photo. A photographer can make 0.40¢ per photo view. Once your earnings reach a minimum threshold amount i.e. $15, you can withdraw your money to PayPal account.

Clickasnap Review: Start Making an Income from your Creative Photography

If you are passionate for photography and are looking ahead to earn money, Clickasnap lets you earn for per view on your photo. You can register with this platform using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Email id.

Clickasnap Review: Start Making an Income from your Creative Photography

Clickasnap offers four types of accounts – a free account, an ad-free account at £2/month (£19.20/year), a seller account at £4/month (£38.40/year), and a pro-seller account at £6/month (£57.60/year).

Why should you choose Clickasnap?

Clickasnap is an emerging photo-sharing platform that has over 1,000,000 members signed up. More than 2 million photos are viewed on this platform every day. There are a number of reasons to choose Clickasnap and some of them are:

  • Trusted by Thousands of Users: Clickasnap has a large user base who know how well this platform can assist the careers of its photographers.
  • Quick Payments: Once your earnings reach a minimum threshold of $15, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account. The payments are made within 24 hours.
  • Free to Use: Its free account offers unlimited photo uploads.
  • Good Payouts: It pays 0.40¢ per photo view to its users. It is the first ever photo-sharing platform that pays for photo views.
  • Dedicated Support: Clickasnap’s customer support team is always there to help in case you have any queries.
  • Pro Accounts: Photographers who really want to make big can opt for Pro account costing £6/month and explore features that cannot be found anywhere online.

How Clickasnap works?

Clickasnap makes it easy to earn money when someone views photos uploaded by you.

  • Upload Photos: Its easy upload system lets you add your stunning images to its platform so that you can start earning from today.
  • Someone Views your Photos: Your photos get displayed to the users visiting Clickasnap. When someone views your photo, you make money for every view.
  • Get Paid: On reaching a minimum threshold amount i.e. $15, you can request to get paid. Payments are made via PayPal within 24 hours.

How Clickasnap provides best experience to the users and viewers?

  • Users can upgrade or downgrade their plan anytime.
  • The website content is actively moderated.
  • Browse in peace with complete privacy as the website doesn’t track its users or process their data.
  • Photo pages are SEO-optimized making your photos visible in Google search.
  • More than 100,000 images are viewed every day.
  • Clickasnap never claims any right on your photos.

Sell Physical Photos Online with Clickasnap

Clickasnap offers seller accounts that lets you sell your stunning photos as digital downloads. You can even choose to give downloads for free as well as sell physically printed products on Clickasnap’s Marketplace. These products can be prices at any price that you wish to sell at. The printed products are supplied by the OVI imaging that is the highest quality print laboratory in Europe.

Also, it doesn’t claim any rights on your photos unlike many other platforms. Anything that you upload remains totally yours.

Over to You

Clickasnap is an emerging photo-sharing platform that has gain immense popularity in just a few years. It has fast emerged as a money-making platform for the budding and professional photographers who want to showcase their work to the masses. It respects privacy and ensures that your images stay protected against the ‘Print Screen’ theft. If you are one of those photographers who want to display your art to the world, Clickasnap is the platform you should be eyeing at. Start earning from your creative photography today. Sign up with Clickasnap.