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7 Best Clonezilla Alternatives For Disk Imaging and Cloning

The most crucial component of a computer’s hardware and software is the hard disk. When a disk is in good shape, everything on a computer runs smoothly. There are situations when having a duplicate disk is desirable. 

Clonezilla comes in three flavors, with Clonezilla Live being the most popular for single users/systems. It is an excellent tool for disk cloning and system deployment.

Clonezilla is a must-have for any Windows PC because it allows you to restore an image to several devices at once. It also works with NTFS, Chrome, FAT 12, FAT 16, and many other file systems. 

Clonezilla is the most acceptable alternative for any PC running Windows. Other Clonezilla Alternatives, on the other hand, functions on the same premise and are just as successful, if not more so.

Clonezilla’s most prominent feature is its ability to restore a system to its original state. That means that even if a virus has deleted your disk, it will be recovered. Clonezilla rivals listed below have similar functionality and a user-friendly UI.

Best Clonezilla Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

Without a doubt, it is a helpful tool, but other free Clonezilla alternative applications provide similar functionality. There is a lot of different software that are similar.

It is up to you to choose the best solution for you. Consumers can make better-informed selections with these options.

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

We begin our rundown of Clonezilla Alternatives with EaseUS Todo Backup. Working with the top disk cloning software can help you keep your important data safe, regardless of how or where it is kept.

You may create comprehensive data backups with the push of a button using high-quality, dependable disk cloning software. EaseUS Todo is one of the most respected disk copy programs in the market. 

EaseUS Todo Backup is among the most capableClonezilla alternatives or cloning tools on the market comes with a slew of advanced capabilities.

To begin with, it supports all standard disk and file copying, allowing you to generate a simple file and save it on the same device or an external drive.

Best Clonezilla Alternatives

Furthermore, complex cloning functions are performed. The recovery and backup tools for Exchange and SQL Server are some of the most notable, as they allow users to create a fully secure duplicate of all personal information.

Todo Backup, on the other hand, allows for automatic backups. Specify the type and time of backups you require, and the application will run in the background to perform them.

Finally, complete restoration tools are offered, and a variety of reporting capabilities give users an overview of the state of their backed-up files.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a simple-to-use tool for beginners, but that does not imply it lacks advanced functionality. To begin, go to the EaseUS website and sign up for a free trial.

The program runs on most Windows and Mac devices and takes only a few minutes to install and configure (as long as the user downloads the correct version for his OS).

Choosing the file, drive, or anything else users want to clone, entering the destination folder, and pressing the next button is all it takes to use Todo Backup. Its backup process is quick and easy to use, and it does not appear to use much storage or processing power.

The main qualities of EaseUS Todo Backup will please those who are worried about protection. The application is created to guarantee that one’s data is copied quickly and securely, giving you a complete, undamaged backup that users can save safely.

Furthermore, all backups have a variety of built-in security features. Users can, for example, password-protect all data copies so that only individuals with the password have access to them.

Offsite backups can be made using a variety of (FTP) file transfer protocols, and data is never kept on EaseUS servers.

2. Win32 Disk Imager

Win32 Disk Imager (Download Here) is a program that makes it simple to produce bootable ISO images from a hard drive. It is a free and open-source technology that was created by tuxinator2009 and gruemaster in their spare time.

Users can use this tool to burn their ISO files to SD/CF cards, DVDs, and CDs, among other media types. Win32 Disk Imager can be obtained for free from SourceForge.

Given its small size (approximately 44 MB), the Win32 Disk Imager is commonly acknowledged to be a lightweight piece of computer software. The elegance of the software is that it has a straightforward interface, and it accomplishes precisely what it is intended to accomplish. 

There is nothing more, and surely nothing less, to say. Boot images can be written to a USB flash drive or an SD flash drive with this program. This allows you to quickly and simply construct a bootable drive if the situation calls for it.

Best Clonezilla Alternatives 1

Even though the developers did not release the complete set of system requirements required to operate this software, you can be confident that it will not be overly taxing when run on a typical, competent computer. Concerning its operating system, it is compatible with Windows 7through to10. 

When using one of the operating systems listed above, you should have no trouble installing and utilizing this program.

In addition to Windows Server 2016, 2012, and 2008, it has been speculated that it may also operate on Windows Server 2016; however, this hasn’t been confirmed by the makers. 

However, even if you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP, an older version (v0.9) is available in the archives that support these very out-of-date operating systems.

One of the primary functions of Win32 Disk Imager is to enable users to create an ISO file to an SD card or a USB drive, creating a bootable piece of external memory from which they may launch their operating system. 

Because this procedure is rather straightforward, we will write it out in the form of a step-by-step checklist for your convenience.

Win32 Disk Imager’s limitation to Windows and Linux-based distros is a big disadvantage compared to other Clonezilla alternatives.

3. HDClone

Do you require a precise clone of a disk drive? Look no further. For copying full hard disks, HDClone is a fantastic application.

This is one of the Clonezilla alternatives you would love. With HDClone, you can generate a replica of a disk drive, which comprises SD cards, solid-state drives, external drives, hard disk drives, and just about anything else that can store data with this feature enabled. 

One of the advantages of cloning a device containing one’s operating system is that it is used as a backup drive for data. 

7 Best Clonezilla Alternatives For Disk Imaging and Cloning

To put it another way, if one’s operating system fails, rather than having to start from scratch and restore all of the software, one may utilize the duplicate made to reinstate their hard drive to the precise point at which you produced the clone image.

HDClone is also a bootable program, which comes in useful if users use it to retrieve a backup copy of their hard drive from a previous version of the software.

No backup is required since the bootable HDClone technology now features a new user interface that attempts data recovery from a faulty disk even if the user has not made a backup. 

One other wonderful application for HDClone is when you are acquiring a new pc but want to maintain the configuration of your old PC. You can copy the old hard disk and transfer it to the new device. If your new system has a greater hard drive, HDClone will allocate the extra space.

HDClone is available in several different editions to meet your requirements. HDClone is available in several commercial forms, including HDClone Rudimentary Edition, HDClone Spss Version, HDClone Pro Edition, and HD Enterprise Version. 

HDClone Basic Version is the most basic of the business variants. Each one comes with its own set of benefits. The HDClone Free Edition is also available for download, and it is entirely free for non-commercial usage. It has enough basic functionality to make it a worthy download.

The installation process is straightforward. Once set up, the system will need to be rebooted. HDClone is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012, 2008, and 2003, 2, among other operating systems.

Even complete beginners will have no trouble navigating the main menu page of HDClone once they get a grasp of it. When one first launch the Free Edition, one will be confronted with a slew of options that fall into three categories: 

Recovery, Backup, and Cloning. Each one provides a unique approach for backing up and recovering disks on a computer.

Additionally, a traditional view option is available. This view is similar to the startup screen in terms of appearance. But it streamlines the process by decreasing the number of options.

4. Minitool drive copy

Obtaining insurance for a mobile or immovable asset is regarded as a sensible decision because it protects you in the eventuality of an unpleasant incident such as a fire or flood.

In the same way, creating a duplicate of your data records is an insurance policy that you must take advantage of to avoid losing your important data. That is exactly what Minitool drive copy does.

It copies and clones NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, VFAT, FAT32, or NTFS5 sectors and detachable disks such as SATA, IDE, or SCSI drives.

MiniTool Drive Copy is among the Clonezilla alternatives that assist you in backing up your vital data. When you back up your disk or partitions, your data is protected even if your system crashes; it is booted directly from the fresh drive.

7 Best Clonezilla Alternatives For Disk Imaging and Cloning

It simply takes a few seconds to complete the installation procedure, which comprises a few easy steps. The application is ready to use after you have confirmed the generic settings, such as the setup destination point, Menu Button folder, and supplementary icon (desktop icon), among others.

These operating systems are compatible with this application: Vista, Windows 8, 7, 2000, and XP are supported.

MiniTool Drive Copy has a straightforward, respectable, and consumer interface homepage that offers two primary buttons for the operations – Partition to Partition and Disk to Disk – accessible from any page on the site. 

After selecting a button, a new page appears, displaying the disks to be duplicated, accompanied by another window displaying the target disk, as shown in the image below.

Although its functioning is relatively straightforward, it is accessed through the website link displayed on the main page if you need to view instructions.

MiniTool Drive Copy can create a disk similar to your original disk regarding content and format; however, if the data on the initial disk becomes corrupted or deleted, the duplicated disk could be used to restore the initial data.

Users should construct dedicated partitions in their systems to keep backups of crucial but infrequently used data. This is a critical precaution that they should take. To preserve this partition data, select “Partition to Partition” mode and copy the partition data to a new partition.

While cloning huge amounts of information to another drive might be time-consuming, with this application’s “Disk to Disk” option, you can effortlessly clone a disk in far less time than you would otherwise.

Given that disk replication is faster than segment cloning, you can profit from cloning disks using this tool when disk files have been lost or accidentally destroyed, and the backups of the former disk can be used to restore the entire disk.

It is not always possible to rely on the Cut-Paste or Copy-Paste options because any interruption, such as a system crash, can lead to the loss of the source data.

Consequently, using this utility to duplicate Hard Drive Partitions is preferable to ensure that all data is copied correctly and completely.

In most cases, disk image technology is dependable for the speedy and secure transfer of huge amounts of data; MiniTool Drive is one of the top Clonezilla alternatives and an outstanding drive copy application that one can use for this purpose.

5. EZ Gig IV Cloning Software

EZ Gig IV is also one of the top Clonezilla alternatives. Please keep in mind that ISO files are not required to generate bootable media for EZ Gig.

Customers who require bootable media can quickly and simply manufacture it by obtaining and executing the EZ Gig IV Windows Edition application from within their Windows operating system. 

Choose the option ‘Generate Bootable Disk’ from the program’s first window and continue the on-screen directions to complete the process.

For the EZ Gig IV File system, users will need applications to burn the image into a CD, which is not included in the package.

Although Windows 7 includes an integrated ISO burner, earlier operating systems will necessitate third-party software to complete the operation. 

7 Best Clonezilla Alternatives For Disk Imaging and Cloning

ISO burners are built into some burning software (such as Nero or Roxio), although not all burning applications will have this technology accessible.

The following link will assist you in understanding how to burn ISO files using a variety of different software packages. If users don’t yet have an ISO burning solution, there are also connections to some excellent freeware options.

It takes only three keystrokes to clone the hard drive with the EZ Gig IV software. You can create a precise clone of the hard drive, which is ideal for hard drive updates or generating bootable backups of the system.

For anyone who desires to clone to a lower capacity drive, such as a speedily solid-state drive, exclude preferred media files from the duplicating process to save space.

Just pair EZ Gig with any of Apricorn’s most recent upgrade solutions, such as Drivewire, Velocity Solo or Duo, EZ Upgrade, SATA Wire, or mSATA Wire, and you are good to go. It is part of the whole upgrade product range, making it simple to update the hard disk on your computer.

It only takes three simple steps to transfer it from the former hard drive to the replacement hard drive using EZ Gig IV. The operating system and the customer’s choices are all included in this.

All you have to do is select your Destination and Source drives, press the “Start Clone” key, and EZ Gig IV will handle the rest for you. In addition to saving you hours of rebuilding time, this advanced file transfer tool makes upgrading your hard disk quick and painless.

An easy technique to unselect data folders from cloning is provided by the Data Select function of EZ Gig; this feature is particularly useful when moving from a big HDD to a lighter SSD, and it is also ideal for generating a Boot Disk. 

In this case, you can choose to boot your operating system and programs from a faster and lighter SSD boot drive while preserving your papers and media assets on the initial hard drive.

6. Disk2vhd

Disk2vhd is a worthy entry in any list of Clonezilla alternatives. A (VHD) virtual hard disk image of an actual disk drive is created by Microsoft’s free Sysinternals Disk2vhd program, which may be used to construct virtual networks in Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual PC.

It is based on the Volume Snapshot feature that was first released in Windows XP. Disk2vhd makes use of this feature to create precise “snapshots” of the disk volumes that have been chosen for conversion. 

Disk2vhd may also build VHDs on local volumes, including those that are currently being converted, as well as on network drives.

It keeps your disk partitions intact while copying the data on specified disk volumes, allowing one to convert only operating volumes while eliminating data volumes from the conversion.

Compared to other disk virtualization technologies, the most substantial variation is that Disk2vhd is designed to work on live systems.

As a self-extracting zipped file that executes upon unpacking, this portable program has a wide range of potential applications, along with a command-line option.

A simple dialog box showing the target platform’s disk capacities with a checkbox to pick below an input field for the VHD disk Directory and name is all that the tool’s interface has to provide in terms of the user interface. 

Except for a link to the developer’s website and a Help button, the only commands are the Cancel, Create, and Close buttons. One only needs to select create a destination, the image volume, and hit Create; the program will take care of the rest, showing a green bar as it works.

We selected a Vista setup to image; a physical capacity of 150 GB takes 45GB of storage space for a VHD, which took no longer to build than a comprehensive backup and requires no more time to complete. 

The only thing you need to do to use VHDs made by Disk2vhd is to construct a virtual machine and attach the VHD to it. 

How to convert a physical PC into a Virtual Machine

Disk2vhd is compatible with versions of Windows Vista, XP SP2, and seven that include Software Assurance.

It is completely free, and it makes the task of creating VHDs for virtual machines on Windows much simpler. Disk2vhd is one of the easiest Clonezilla alternatives to use.

7. Rescuezilla

Rescuezilla is the best program you can get for your Windows-based machines. It provides a comprehensive data recovery service for any Windows-based system.

It is pre-installed with a bare-metal recovery feature that makes it simple to recover the system.

Resucezilla is the only cloning program that can also function as an antivirus, making it unique. None of the other Clonezilla alternatives has this feature.

With internet connectivity and a full browser included, this device has everything you could possibly need. It is also easy for you to retrieve documents and photographs that have been deleted. Rescuezilla can be run directly from the USB drive.

7 Best Clonezilla Alternatives For Disk Imaging and Cloning

It is feasible for anyone to have a backup of his system that is completely operational. When there is an unexpected meltdown, the device can only be operational for 10 minutes.

Resucezilla is also capable of rebooting computers in a short period. It is also possible to have access to documents even if you cannot enter them into the system.

It has a minimal download size and occupies little space on any computer, making it an excellent choice for small screens. It has been so successful, over 2,000,000 people have downloaded it. RESCUEZILA is compatible with Windows 10 and may be downloaded for free from the internet.


It is fair to claim that technology has altered the landscape of everything. As a result, even cloning technology has evolved. In the long term, this has increased the level of competition and apprehension in the industry. Now that you are aware of Clonezilla alternatives, you may get one that fulfills all of your needs.

These are the specifics of some of the greatest Clonezilla alternatives. On Windows machines, this works well.