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Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting


Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting

You probably have come across the hosting services like- Cloud hosting and VPS hosting. But what do these terms mean? Let’s have a look at these hosting services in detail as well as the difference between them.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a single physical server that is further divided into multiple virtual servers. Each server has its own dedicated or shared resources like memory, CPU & disk space. They are not scalable. This means you have to buy more space, if you reach the maximum limit of your server capacity.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers are generally confused with VPS, because both of them are virtually based. In reality, cloud hosting is a method of constructing a server in a flexible way as per your needs such as scalability and affordability. The websites that are hosted on cloud runs on numerous web servers which are associated with each other. Many business owners and IT infrastructure choose cloud hosting platform in order to maintain affordability as the cloud hosting works on pay-per-use model.

Key differences between a VPS and cloud hosting:-


Cloud server hosting solution offers more scalability. As your website data is not saved on a physical server you can easily scale your resources as per the need. The cloud server lets you utilize resources with minimum and maximum scaling limit. With VPS hosting, one needs to upgrade the resources manually by contacting the hosting provider.


A fixed dedicated resource is allocated to your VPS server. High usage by your server or other virtual servers may affect the performance of your server. Cloud hosting ensures high availability and uptime as there is involvement of multiple servers. If one server fails, it immediately switches all the functional responsibilities to another server with no downtime.


The security of cloud hosting is much higher than that of VPS server. Because of the custom infrastructure having own specific operating system, network firewall and network architecture make the cloud servers more secure. In a virtual environment, even if the single site is affected, all sites on the other virtual servers may get affected as well.


VPS hosting is less expensive as compared to cloud hosting. Because of the limited scalability and resources, it doesn’t exceed the predicted cost. Cloud hosting may cost you a bit more depending on the website of your traffic. As the cloud hosting works on pay per use model, a sudden traffic spike to your website may result in higher usage of resources. This means cost could be unpredictable.


The difference between the cloud and the VPS server is very minor. VPS hosting is a process of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Cloud hosting is customizable and scalable as per the requirement that runs on multiple servers.

Which Server to Choose? Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting

VPS is recommended for smaller sites for those who are looking for more control (root access) with the customized environment.

Cloud hosting is best suited for larger websites that need complete customization and load balancing to increase performance during the website traffic spike.



  1. Hey, Interesting article!!
    I also agree that Cloud hosting is more effective than VPS. As per my view, scalability is the main feature that makes cloud hosting superior than VPS and other types of hosting solutions. Thank you!!

  2. The article really helps to differentiate between VPS and cloud hosting. It gives a deep idea about why cloud is superior to VPS. Cloud offers pay per usage and therefore, it seems to be affordable for all types of businesses.

  3. Thank you for sharing the article, Choosing reliable web hosting service has become a hard task nowadays. This article helps to differentiate between VPS and cloud hosting. So, I will choose cloud hosting for my business.

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  6. Thanks for sharing the article!
    I agree with you, Nowadays selecting the cost-effective and reliable web hosting provider and service has become hard. This article gives a deep idea about why the cloud is superior to VPS. As per my research MilesWeb offers 7 days free trial period on their cloud hosting service.


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