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Cloudmounter: Mount cloud drive as local disk on Windows


Cloudmounter is now on your computer and you have like an extra and secure local drive for your computer. You can easily connect your cloudMounter in the explorer to the Amazon S3, (S) FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, and also with the Google drive. Cloudmounter is the best tool for your computer or laptop with the low capacity SSD drives.

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You don’t need to download the online files you can easily use the cloudmounter to mount clouds as your extra disk. Cloudmounter secures your data or cloud files without any damage. Select your account of Dropbox, google drive and manage your account with the cloudmounter in free. With the help of cloudmounter you can manage your cloud storage account on your computer Windows or MAC.

CloudMount as a Local Disk on Your Computer Windows:

Mount cloud drive as local disk on Windows 1


Cloudmount is also called network drive and you have the easiest access to your PC with the help of the Cloudmount. First, you have to connect and then upload the files in exploring to your Amazon S3, (S) FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, and google drive the process is like just copy and move files on your computer without online downloading.

What Is Cloudmont and Characteristics of Cloudmount


Amazon S3:

Cloudmounter take your work to the high level with Amazon S3 storage. Cloudmounter provides you the facility to manage your data selecting it doesn’t matter that you are connected to your account or mount Amazon S3. Cloudmounter supports all countries like Canada, London, China, Asia, Frankfurt, US East Beijing and many more.


Clountmounter is a storage drive without installing it on your laptop computer and with the help of this; you can easily save your files. With the help of cloudmounter you can easily upload your files to the dropbox.

Google Drive:

Cloudmounter gives you permission to map cloud drive because of this feature you can work with the docs Cloudmounter is the best client for google drive. You have the opportunity to mount too many google drive accounts and work with all your accounts CloudMounter for Windows.

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Characteristics of Cloudmounter:-

Cloud Data Encryption: Cloudmounter protects your all online files with the advanced features and there is a minimum risk of encryption. Cloudmounter is the safe, secure and solid bridge between your cloud storage and your computer.

Updates: The team of Cloudmounter always works on cloudmounter and always provides you the new version of Cloudmunter with the new version. Support service is available 24/7

Explore integration: Cloudmounter provides you the integration of cloudmounter with explore and this feature makes cloudmounter easy and simple in use.

More Space to Your Windows Computer: With the help of cloudmounter you can easily use your cloud files online without downloading it into your hard drive. You can free space on your hard disk by mounting Google drive, dropbox, and OneDrive.

Cloud Services at Your Fingertips: Cloudmounter is the one and only best client with the help of cloudmounter you can connect your computer with the too many cloud storages like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and you can use or worked with your files online like you work with your local files.


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