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Color Blind Users and Web Design: Everything That You Need to Know


According to https://www.entrepreneur.com, improved experience of the users will make the design of your website fruitful.

When you are creating a website, you have to think about both the user interface as well as the accessibility of the website. It can indeed be a hectic task especially if you are not capable of relating to conditions, which can hinder the experience of the users.

One such condition is color vision deficiency or color blindness. When you do not have this problem, there is a high chance that you are not thinking about people who are suffering from this condition.

It is indeed thought of as a mild and lenient disability, but it is also known to affect several daily activities, which include transportation, eating, cooking, and most importantly, surfing through the internet. It is important to make sure that your website is accessible to every kind of people, including those who have color blindness. Before anything else, you have to understand what exactly color blindness is.

What is color blindness?

For almost 90% of people, color blindness is not blindness, but color blind people are not able to distinguish between green, red, and blue colors. This disability is responsible for causing several difficulties in comparison to difficulties that people with a normal vision face. It is believed that colorblindness is responsible for being identical for every person but that is not true. 

Types of color blindness

Given below is a list of the different types of color blindness. 

  • Red and green color blindness: This is extremely common and happens because the red and green cone cells are absent or weak. This blindness can be further divided into protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranopia, deuteranomaly. 
  • Blue-yellow color blindness: This is a rare kind of color blindness which happens as a result of nonexistent and abnormal blue cone cells. It can be divided into tritanopia and tritanomaly. 
  • Achromatopsia: This is undoubtedly the most serious form of color blindness. In this kind of color blindness, people do not see any color. This is responsible for occurring when none of the cone cells are working perfectly. 

Web design for color blindness

On average, almost a hundred million individuals are constantly making use of the internet. These people are responsible for seeing everything, including the website, differently. It’s going to be beneficial for you if you are making it easy for color-blind people to browse your website easily. Given below is a list of tips that you can follow so that you can accommodate color blind people easily within your website.

Do not rely on colors

When you are designing any concept, you need to keep on your mind that you cannot rely on colors for conveying important information. The reason behind this is that people with color blindness are going to have a difficult time understanding the design and this can lead to unwanted user experience.

For instance, when you are trying to fill up a green field, it is going to be normal for people who have a normal vision. However, it is going to be a nightmare for people who are not able to understand the colors. Therefore, it is suggested that you use other elements like icons, texts, shapes, etc., to provide access to these people. 

Using simulators for color blindness

The ideal way of ensuring that the web design is color blind friendly is by going through the design yourself. There is different software as well as online tools, which can help you to see through the eyes of color-blind people. Make sure that you are doing this to ensure that you are not creating any problems for the color blind people. 

Brightness, saturation, high contrast, and hue

Color-blind people are capable of perceiving brightness, saturation, high contrast, and hue. You need to use this as much as you can to your advantage. For example, you have the option of using a beautiful blue background and ensure that you are partnering with several elements, which have dark blue colors. 

Try to think minimal

This tip will help you to hit two birds with a single stone. It is true that currently, minimalism has become one of the most important trends of web design; however, you also have to understand that minimalism is capable of maintaining color accessibility as well as lessening unwanted confusion. You can go for monochromatic color schemes for web design. This will be responsible for complementing perfectly with a high contrast because you are going to use a single color with different other shades. 

You can think of a white and black background when you are reading monochromatic, but that is fine. You have the freedom of using any color that you are interested to use. Make sure you are creative and trying to explore the different shades as well as how you should mix and match them. To get help, contact the professionals of Nashville website design

Avoid bad color combinations

For color-blind users, there are several combinations, which cannot be identified easily and are responsible for giving them a really hard time. Given below is a list of the color combinations you need to avoid when you are designing your website. 

  • Green and red
  • Green and brown
  • Green and blue
  • Green and grey
  • Green and black
  • Blue and purple
  • Blue and grey
  • Light green and yellow

However, if you are still using any of these combinations, you have to lessen the burden by making sure that you are adjusting the brightness of the colors ideally so that viewers can differentiate one color from the other. 


All the tips and information that have been mentioned above will help in creating an ideal website irrespective of the kind of people who are browsing your website. You can easily reach more users whether they are color blind or not and your traffic is going to increase.

Apart from the personal benefits that you are going to gain, it is going to be one of the best help for people who are going through this condition. Therefore, make sure that you are going through everything that has been mentioned above so that you can design your website by understanding the vision of color blind people.