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5 Common Errors found in WordPress and how to Fix them


WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) which has made the process of sharing content online simple and quick. However, like is the case with any platform, WordPress is prone to errors too. But the good news is that most of these errors can be resolved since the active developer community around the globe works non-stop to keep it error-free. In this article, we will talk about 5 common errors found in WordPress and look at ways in which you can rectify them.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Common Errors found in WordPress and how to Fix them

There are many times, WordPress users face the error shown above – Error establishing a database connection. This error looks self-explanatory, but can be a tricky one to solve. Usually, you can face this error if you have modified the database credentials like the username/ password of the database, host, etc. Another possibility is that the database server has become unresponsive or corrupt.

Re-checking the username/ password and hostname generally rectifies this error. However, if the error persists, then the best recourse is to contact the host.

White Screen of Death (WSOD)

The White Screen of Death (WSOD) is a confusing one since there is no error message. All you see is a blank white page without any indication of what went wrong. Users who receive this error can get locked out of the WP Admin panel and this can affect the entire site or even parts of it. So, as an example, you might receive this error only on the Admin panel whereas everything else works absolutely fine.

There can be many reasons that can cause this error to appear like a faulty plugin, exhausted memory, faulty theme, corrupted WordPress core, etc. Unless you know where the problem might lie, it is recommended to get technical support to rectify this error.

Internal Server Error

Most WordPress users have experienced this error at least once in the lifetime of their site. Unless you or your IT team have handled such errors before, it is recommended that you contact the server administrator for a resolution. Since this is a common error, most issues have already been recognized and the administrator should be able to solve it soon.

Syntax Error

This error occurs when your code consists of an incorrect syntax. It can also occur if you miss out certain syntaxes while adding code snippets into WP. This error specifies the location and the line number where incorrect or missing syntax has been found. The error looks like this:

To rectify this error, go to the location mentioned and correct the syntax.

Sorry, no posts match your criteria

Sometimes you can’t find posts even though you search with the right criteria and get the message – “Sorry, no posts match your criteria”. Such errors usually occur when there is a problem with the browser’s cache. First, clear your browser’s cache and cookies and see if the problem is resolved. If not, then you might check the search.php and index.php template files or get technical assistance to check the same.


While no platform can be truly error-free, when it comes to WordPress, keeping the WP core, plugins and themes updated is one way to minimize errors. Also, ensure that you take regular backups so that you don’t lose data due to any error. All these aspects can be taken care of by a good WordPress hosting plan which offers automatic updates and backups along with latest security tools to keep as many of these errors at bay, as possible. Are there some other errors that you would want to share with us? Please feel free to mention them in the comments below.


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