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Computer Networking Basics For The Small Business


If you are running a business, you already know the importance of quality IT solutions for the efficiency of your company. Of all, it is the computer networks which are among the most crucial IT solutions that you need to implement in your organization.

What is a Computer Network?

A computer network simply defined is a host of connected computers which enables the computers within the network to share data and resources. A professional IT technician will help you set up a computer network for working on the basis that is peer-to-peer. Here the computers will directly connect. He may configure the network as well for passing through the central file server. When you hire an IT provider, you can communicate with him beforehand to guide you in making the best choice for your requirements.

Network technology additionally is evolving at a constant pace. Computer networks in the past were a bunch having similar PCs connected with a lot of cables but today this form of networking has turned more flexible. For quality, cables consult Techtree Partners. Now networking also comprises connections that have a wireless system. It means various hardware used in a business can indeed be portable and connect to the network. For instance, you can use a laptop or a tablet which you use while on the move for different meetings and desks.

Benefits Galore

If you are not aware of how computer networking can help you then keep reading further,

  • Help the Business Grow– When you choose a reliable computer networking solution it can prove immensely beneficial for a business. It will help you in storing vital business data within a centralized location. It will enable different computers within the network to retrieve crucial data from the critical location. Besides, it will give you access to the data from other computers in the same network and as per your needs to modify it. It is computer networking that will help employees in sharing ideas more efficiently and quickly. That will boost up productivity and create higher income for the organization. Computer networking will work wonders in improving the manner in which companies provide their services.


  • Affordable Resource Sharing- The right networking setup will help in cutting down the money spent on hardware. It is done by making a computer network and sharing the hardware which is already present. For instance, there may be a couple of unconnected computers in your company. Let’s consider the printer as the hardware which you desire the employees to share. They cannot print the documents unless there is a separate printer in case of every computer. Purchasing new printers will be a significant investment. By networking all the printers and computers, life will become simpler for the employees as well. There is no requirement of plugging to the USB drive, copying the files and walking to the PC with a printer and again repeating the process. Use the network solely for directly connecting with the printer. Sharing files too will be a breeze.


  • Improve Volume and Storage Efficiency- After networking all the business PCs, the nature to store data automatically will change. You will receive the storage volume combined of every computer within the network. For instance, there are 20 computers in your business with each having 2 terabyte drives. When the computers are networked, you can have a combined storage of about 40 terabytes. It is crucial because in most businesses the data is used by many employees.


  • Free to Pick the Best– Back in the yesteryears setting up any business network was quite rigid. The network had to be limited to computers and hardware that are compatible. Today IT providers are making hardware work flawlessly in a network. It means you can enjoy various operating systems on several types of devices. Today despite different devices like iOS tablets, MAC computers, Windows and Android Tablets networking together is easily possible.


  • Flexibility- The best feature about modern networking is its flexibility. One can carry a tablet to a meeting and begin writing or presenting from a document. After this, they can shift to the office PC and continue to work on the same document from where they left it. During a break with colleagues, he can show them the document from his Smartphone. It will only be possible when the document is present on the central file server while the network has a wireless connection.


  • Save on Software- Today many software vendors offer their software’s network version. That means a single license can be bought for the product and have the same running at the central server. In that network, the individual computers can run the software’s instances devoid of the need to install any separate license.


  • Centralized Database- This form of networking will offer additional perks. Along with the file mentioned above storage centralization, one can also use centralized retrieval and data entry. It means you can make the central database which is accessible to every employee on every device.


  • Secure Valuable Information- The data of a company will never be secure fully without protected access both to files and network resources. The leading IT experts can design on the network security features following the best security standards. One can pick the employees who will have access to sensitive data, tool and other forms of resources of their company. Utilizing a superior quality computer network will help one in granting access to the employees in the organization. They can also access the same from remote areas. This way one can connect easily to heterogeneous equipment situated in another place within a cohesive network. Besides one can spread the vital information, they desire to share with their employees almost instantaneously regardless of where they are.

The professional IT technicians will offer best in class computer networking solutions that will boost a company’s productivity and efficiency. With regards to security, they are immensely profound in disaster recovery services and data backup. So, do not hesitate to hire a professional to do the job for you.


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