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Confidential personal privacy, shredded information with Shredder


The structure and working principle of the shredder:

The shredder has two main components, the “paper cutter” and the “electric motor”, which are closely connected together by belts and gears. The motor drives the belt and gear to bring energy. It is sent to the paper cutter, which rotates and cuts the paper with a sharp metal corner.
Knowing the working principle of the shredder can be known: Protecting the “paper cutter” and “motor” is of great significance in reducing the failure of the shredder.

Each model of motor has a limited power, just like the rated load of the car, the designer of the shredder will mark a number of broken paper to ensure that the machine does not work overload, if the user does not press The limited indicator operation, in addition to the above mentioned: the more anxious, the more you want it to break a few sheets of paper, the more overloaded the machine, the more serious the fault…

In addition to the phenomenon, the motor will be severe burn. Therefore, this index that defines the number of broken papers is to form a code of conduct from the mind of the user to actively protect the service life of the motor; in addition, the good brand shredder has some facilities for safety protection, overload protection, etc. For example, when the machine is unsafe, the machine will be forced to stop working; when it is overloaded for a long time, the machine will be stopped; and the humidity and dust of the working environment will affect the electrical components of the shredder. It is also very big.
Secondly, the cutter of the shredder is the core part and the most technical part.
Let me talk about the choice of tool steel:

a good tool is usually made of high-strength tungsten steel from abroad. This is a good choice, but it is also an expensive choice. Some cheap machines are only cost reasons. Can use cheaper steel with less hardness, the result is high failure rate and short service life;
then talk about processing technology and processing cost:

because high-strength tungsten steel is relatively hard, processing difficulty and cost will be higher than steel with poor hardness And the cost is once again widened. The sharpness and service life of the high-strength tungsten steel will far exceed the benefits of cost reduction. In addition, the reputation of the machine has a high failure rate, and the choice of cheap materials is indeed It will not pay for it;
then talk about the assembly level of the tool: because the process of processing high-strength tungsten steel is fine and accurate, the assembly is difficult, so manufacturers with internationally certified production processes will have guarantees;
Of course, what I have to mention here is that even the best knives should avoid hard objects such as broken nails. Just like human teeth, occasional sand is fine when eating. If you bite sand every day, no matter how good the teeth are. Will break.
In fact, choose a good tool, you have cut in half the chance of failure
All in all, the correct operation of the machine, to prevent fatigue and make the best use of motor cutter knives, your work will be easier and fun.

Confidential personal privacy, shredded information with shredder

With the continuous development of information technology, people enjoy the convenience brought by Internet technology, while worrying that personal information is constantly leaked and insecure, as if being peeped. Therefore, raising awareness of privacy is very important. Not only does the office need a shredder, but even one at home. Confidential personal privacy, shredded information with a shredder.

Modern young people are more and more keen on online shopping, not only because online shopping is convenient, they can buy the items they want without leaving home, and things are still very complete. In this way, how do you deal with the courier receipts received? I believe that many people just throw away at random, and personal information is not far away. So shredder  will be  Best products to smash the face sheet, this problem is solved.

The exquisite and compact appearance, which is usually placed in the study room at home, does not occupy space at all, and is economical. Built-in solid steel solid cutting tool, sharp and sharp, cut neatly and without paper jam, and with large size motor, efficient and fast cutting. The effect of shredded paper reaches the German level 4 effect, the paper recovery rate is low, safe and reliable, and can be used with confidence.

In addition to home delivery orders, such as some bills, useless contracts, etc., need to be processed with a shredder. Recommended for this Aurora household shredder, it is ultra-quiet during operation, even if the child is sleeping, it will not be woken up. One of the features that I like very much is that the operation is very simple. It only requires one-button operation, one-touch operation, and the elderly and children at home can also use it.

In addition to protecting our personal information, we often take our work home to do it in our daily lives. For example, some confidential documents, commercial contracts, etc., sometimes left in the home, it is necessary to do the smashing treatment in time, so as not to be thrown away as garbage. This golden household shredder has a built-in steel knife that cuts quickly and neatly.

With modern information becoming more and more developed, we must pay more attention to the protection of privacy and confidentiality. Don’t think that when you get home, the information is very safe. You don’t need to smash the daily bills and orders before throwing them away!



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