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Config – SaaS Platform for Easier Configuration Files Managing


Software as a Service is when a software company provides their software on a hosted platform. SaaS provides the infrastructure for software so that the customer does not have to setup or maintain the software themselves. Initial setup for software can be costly and timely, but SaaS’s ‘on demand’ infrastructure reduces the cost and time for deployment. SaaS also maintains the background infrastructure, so the customer doesn’t have to, they can focus on their business. In addition, as the customer grows the infrastructure can scale effortlessly in parallel. In other words, it works exactly like a utility – for example, you use and buy as much electricity as you need, but you don’t have to maintain the power station. SaaS providers offer a very high percentage of ‘up’ time which enables customers to always be productive.

One of the best SaaS platform on the market

Config is one of the best new SaaS offering platforms for managing configuration files. This SaaS platform looks to simplify the storing and accessing configuration files used by systems, apps, modules, environments and server instance with its user friendliness and hassle free solutions. The Config SaaS platform runs in both public and private environments and supports proprieties within INI, XML, JSON, TOML, and YAML configuration files. The Config platform comes with capabilities and features such as version control, search, change review workflows and support for deployment and continuous integration. Config is available in multiple pricing plans, the cheapest one being free but with limited feature available, the most expensive one being the enterprise level plan and a few others between them.

Config’s best features and abilities

The team behind Config wanted it to work with as many applications as possible. This meant they had Config had to be a deployment time dependency, thus instead of manually editing a configuration file, IT professionals can rely on Config doing it for them.  Config is a SaaS platform secure for sensitive configurations. The Config user can encrypt sensitive information, which means no sensitive data will be exposed for a third party. With Config, users get abilities like viewing configuration by tag or version, viewing configuration differences between environments, making configuration value same across all environments with auto synching, tracking configuration changes made by others with email notifications, applying configuration versions similar to the app versions, reviewing or approving configuration changes on lock-down environments and more. All this features offer IT professionals the ability to create more configurable app. Config does not require any additional infrastructure for its setup and maintenance.

You can find more detailed information about the Config SaaS platform at their official website www.configapp.com.


Official Website Link: Config


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