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Construction Traffic Trends To Watch In 2019


New technologies continue to change every stage of engineering and construction. In fact, more and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of improvement in safety, efficiency, mobility, and collaboration.

Recent studies show that the new age of engineering and construction technology is transforming the construction industry for the better.

As the engineering and construction industry is entering a new era, the way companies handle project are also changing to meet the demands of the user. These improvements were all made possible because of technology— it has dramatically improved costs, efficiency, and timeliness.

Mobile Solutions to Improve On-site Execution

In the construction industry, one of the biggest challenges would be the issues that arise during the construction project. To resolve this, various mobile solutions are being developed, and these improve productivity, workflow, safety, and even the quality in the field.

Likewise, there are also innovative tools that are known for improving field productivity, and it also offers capabilities to monitor new deployment in real time, track on-site productivity, and even handle project staffing.

For example, some tools are capable of tracking active working hours of each member on site, and data are also being analyzed using GPS devices and wearables. That means workers will be able to enter information about their location, hours, and most especially, activity, into their mobile devices. Furthermore, these could also communicate with other traffic devices, and equipment, such as traffic cones to alert workers if there are any in the area. That means their safety would always be guaranteed as they will be highly aware of their surroundings.

Quality Should Be Guaranteed

There are a lot of new quality assurance solutions that make it possible for managers to asses remote sites through photos taken in the field, and they could use various information, such as coordinates while making it possible for other workers to update and track their punch lists in real time.

With the use of GPS during projects, an improvement in the accuracy of project specifications can be enjoyed. This ensures overall accuracy and efficiency during on-site executions. Shortly, we can expect that construction companies would continue to look for ways on how to create autonomous quality control systems that combine new technologies with AI, including GPS and BIM.

Enabling Digital Collaboration

It’s essential for those who are part of a construction project to be able to communicate with each other to ensure that they’re on the same page. Digital collaboration makes this possible. With mobile solutions that encourage digital partnership, it’s easier to pinpoint potential issues, which would reduce the occurrence of costly mistakes, and through this, it will also be possible to finish the project on time. No wonder why more and more construction companies are implementing this.

Job Site Safety

There are also other solutions that work great in improving safety outcomes in the field. These tools allow real-time reporting and tracking as workers could input their safety concerns into their mobile devices. Likewise, there are also other solutions that use safety warnings and tips to keep the workers alert and safe.


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