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How to use Continue on PC in windows 10


Seeing this in Microsoft for someone like me that has stuck with the brand forever is just so relieving. Continue on PC simply means you can be reading something on one device and pick up exactly where you stopped when you turn on your PC.

This cross-device web browsing functionality works for both iPhones and Android phones. There are basically just 2 things to keep in mind before we go into the steps.

1.It really doesn’t matter what internet connection you use on the different devices (WiFi or cellular networks), just ensure your phone and computer are connected to the Internet for Continue on PC to work.

2.It also does not matter what browsers you use on your phones, but they will always only open in Microsoft Edge. So if you are not a fan of edge, you may not love this.

That said, here are the steps for “continue on PC” in Windows 10.

Step-by-Step Process to use Continue on PC in windows 10

The first step is to navigate “Settings -> Phone” on your Windows 10 computer.

In the newly displayed window, choose to add a phone. Note: You need to update to a recent Windows 10 if you do not have this phone option.



Once you try to add a phone, you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account if you already have not signed into one. After you sign in, enter your phone number and click “Send.”

Once sent is clicked, you will receive an SMS on your phone with a link to install an app.

On an android, the link directs you to Microsoft Launcher on Play Store.  On an iPhone, it redirects you to “Continue on PC” app in the App Store.

Install the App

continue on windows10 4

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Sharing your browser on Android

On your Android navigate “More (the 3 dots ) -> Share.

Continue on PC Next select “Continue on PC”. The phone displays a list of your PC(s).

continue on windows10 6

Choose one and you will get a message that the page has been sent to your PC. A few moments later, the page will open up on your Microsoft edge.

Continue on PC

Sharing your browser on iPhone

Open any web browser on your phone. Navigate to whatever page you want to view on your computer. Tap “Share” and choose “More” to open your Activities list.

Continue on PC
The “Continue on PC” app must be enabled in Activities before you can send pages across your devices. Scroll down on the Activities list until you see “Continue on PC” and turn on the toggle. Continue on PC Now this option will show whenever you open the share menu. Hit done to exit Activities, and then tap “Continue on PC.”

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Continue on PC is a definite necessity for Windows users and is quite simple to set up. It is a great productivity hack, so if you have not been up to speed with this feature, well, I highly recommend it.


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